Thursday 28th of September 2023

Rebellion in the ranks


"If I am to die politically because of my stance on this bill, it is better to die on my feet than to live on my knees," Government Backbencher Russell Broadbent during debate on the governments Asylum seeker bill.


 SMH August 9, 2006 - 5:26PM

Liberal backbencher Petro Georgiou has described Government laws that would send all asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat offshore as the most "profoundly disturbing" legislation he has ever encountered in Parliament.

Mr Georgiou has vowed to cross the floor of Parliament to vote with Labor and to oppose the laws.

At least two other Coalition backbenchers, Russell Broadbent and Judi Moylan, are likely to join him.

And at least two other Government MPs - Bruce Baird and Senator Judith Troeth - have defied Prime Minister John Howard and said they also oppose the new hardline policy.


 Backbenchers defy Howard on asylum bill


 Flea: I watched this debate this morning via the Parliament website and found myself cheering as Broadbent made the above statement. Could this signal the end of the lap dog's control via "undated letters of resignation" it is alledged he keeps in his desk? You can be quite sure that my first vote as an Australian Citizen will NOT be used to put that man back into power. Not even on preferences.