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turd-shit confidence and smirk co….

The prime minister has denied that a senior minister in his own government leaked sensitive information days out from polling day.

Cabinet’s national security committee reportedly rejected a proposition from Foreign Minister Marise Payne to double Australia’s Pacific aid funding to counter rising Chinese influence as too expensive, according to The Australian.

Scott Morrison rejected the notion that a member of his team had leaked cabinet deliberations to the press but wouldn’t comment on the veracity of the report, saying he did not confirm or deny matters of national security.

“The members of my national security committee are very, very tight … I’m not going to confirm one way or another the matters in that report,” he said.

the comic propaganda of the CIA

It is well known that the CIA and its derivatives have used many propaganda tools and techniques in its massaging and exposition of the superiority of mainly Western cultures, especially the populace of the USA. 

Quite a few of the famous writers of “spy novels” came from the dark intestines of spy agencies such as MI6, the FBI and the CIA. 

Apart from many Comics, much of Hollywood and main stream Western movie-making has been also under the influence of “intelligence” agencies. 


The FBI and the Pentagon have both engaged in decades of direct intervention with television and film. 


the vitality of fascism…...

Despite the lessons of World War II, unfortunately the author has to say that the events of the last eight years in and around Ukraine have demonstrated not only the vitality of Nazism, but also the desire of a number of Western leaders to revive it across the board.

Since early 1930s, Western ruling circles were investing huge sums to finance Hitler’s regime. It is a well known fact that in 1932 Bank of England Governor Montague Norman and the Dulles brothers held a secret meeting with Adolf Hitler, which resulted in a decision to finance the NSDAP and lend to the German Reichsbank. Even after the outbreak of World War II, American business continued to operate in Germany and assist the Third Reich, not only in supplying fuel and lubricants via Spain.


By Vladimir Odintsov


the kindness party has become the party of division, war and hate. it always was…….

Elon Musk is fully red-pilled. After months of attacks from the left, its allies in the Democratic party, and ceaseless efforts to cancel him, the world’s richest man says that he plans on voting Republican moving forward.

the jewish-will to please yetzer hara and fondle the golden calf…….

Thanks to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we indeed seem to be rushing headlong into a major war—possibly a World War Three, possibly the world’s first (and perhaps last) nuclear war. Ukraine leadership and their Western backers seem hell-bent on fighting to the last man, and Vladimir Putin, as an old-school Cold Warrior, seems equally determined to press ahead until achieving “victory.”

wapo lies….

'This is just a lie': How Jeff Bezos' Washington Post twisted a report about Donbass refugees to fit its narrative

 The American newspaper disregarded the testimonies of volunteers to support its consistently anti-Russian stance

Last week, the Washington Post published an extensive article titled ‘Ukrainian refugees in Russia report interrogations, detention and other abuses’. 

Bias against Russia is nothing new for the newspaper, owned by the oligarch Jeff Bezos. However, this particular story – authored by its former Moscow bureau chief Michael Birnbaum and reporter Mary Ilyushina (known as Maria when she worked in Russian domestic media) – appears to have gone even further than its usual [shitty] output.


keir starmer has returned western imperialism to the core of UK labour policy……..

Two years in, the Labour leader’s war on the left has shifted to ideological tests that even Pope Francis and Amnesty International would fail

Middle East Eye – 16 May 2022

The local authority election results earlier this month in the UK were as bleak as expected for Boris Johnson’s government, with the electorate ready to punish the ruling party both for its glaring corruption and rocketing high-street prices.


BY Jonathan Cook


the julian of our times….

According to UN torture expert, the UK and US have colluded to publicly destroy the WikiLeaks founder – and deter others from exposing their crimes

Middle East Eye – 4 May 2022

The British home secretary, Priti Patel, will decide this month whether Julian Assange is to be extradited to the United States, where he faces a sentence of up to 175 years – served most likely in strict, 24-hour isolation in a US super-max jail.

He has already spent three years in similarly harsh conditions in London’s high-security Belmarsh prison. 

zelenskyyy-y: a dictator and a war criminal……..

A Ukrainian officer who at one point commanded the notorious neo-Nazi Azov regiment has gloated on social media over graphic photos of dead members of an opposition party. The activists “disappeared” from the Ukrainian-held city of Severodonetsk in early March and appear to have been extrajudicially executed, with Maksim Zhorin implying such a fate awaits all “traitors.” 

“This is what the ‘Patriots for Life’ from Severodonetsk look like now,”Zhorin said in a Telegram [warning: Graphic images] post on Wednesday. “They disappeared on March 7, and now their new photos have appeared. They look like that,” he added with a smirking-face emoji.

potatoman has a leaky dicky brain….

Last week Defence Minister Peter Dutton announced that, what he called a Chinese spy ship, had been discovered off the Western Australian coast farther south than any similar vessel had ever previously been seen. He didn’t inform his public that it had been observed 250 kilometres offshore and therefore 50 kilometres outside Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone and in international waters.

But the minister described it as an ‘aggressive act’. It was just one example of ‘acts of aggression from the Chinese leadership and from the Chinese government.’ The ANU’s Professor John Blaxland observed that ‘it was right for the Defence Minister to call out the presence of the Chinese ship.’ The timing of the calling out in the middle of an election campaign did not seem to trouble the professor.

arrivederci roma… welcome CIA…...

Most Italians do not support the decisions to slap Russia with sanctions or send weapons to Kiev, an Italian independent investigative journalist, Matteo Gracis, told RT last week, arguing that Rome is acting against its own interests as it follows the lead of Brussels and Washington.

On May 9, Gracis published a video on YouTube in which he appealed to Russian government officials and ordinary Russians. “It is important that you know that Italians are not against you,” said the journalist, who has authored three books and founded the online media outlet L’Indipendente. “Our democracy is much less real than [the officials and the media] want us to believe,” he said, claiming that the actions of Rome do not reflect the will of the people.

kick king scomo in the nuts...

Australian households are suffering the worst cost-of-living squeeze in more than two decades, with real wages now falling at the fastest pace since the GST was introduced in 2001.

At just 2.4 per cent, wages growth was less than half the rate of inflation over the year to March, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data released on Wednesday.

Adjusting for inflation, real wages fell 2.7 per cent annually, meaning many households saw their purchasing power go backwards.

US can't stop meddling in central asia… to gain access to the heartland…….

Ever since the withdrawal of the last US troops from Afghanistan and the fall of the country to the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), Washington has been unable to come to terms with the loss of its influence in the region. It is therefore doing all it can to turn the Central Asian nations into geopolitical rivals of the major regional powers – Russia, China and Iran – and their allies. It is also making an effort to preserve its control over major cross-border processes in a bid to dominate world politics.


BY Valery Kulikov


mac spoof and zionist fries with that…….

The Russian Ministry of Health announced Tuesday that McDonalds’ decision to leave Russia is expected to add more than four years to the average Russian’s life expectancy.

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