Thursday 7th of July 2022

the ukrainian sewer is filled by US and NATO poop…….

Ukraine-Russia war live: Vladimir Putin getting exact opposite of his aims in Ukraine, former NATO commander Philip Breedlove says…..

The retired US general who led NATO in Europe from 2013 to 2016 says Vladimir Putin's aims in Ukraine are "weapons out, NATO back, and no America" — but the Russian President is getting exactly the opposite. Why?


In some way this is true, but far from settled…. Eventually, it is likely Ukraine will fail in stopping Russia getting what it wants: SECURITY. So what is the game of NATO and the USA? They both are prepared to sacrifice more Ukrainian lives for their little game of Empire. They are both ugly fascist hypocrites.


Russia would have to know they can’t let the Donbass situation continue as per Zelenskyyyy-y desires to dump the Minsk agreements. In order to convince Europe and the US that these agreements did not work, Ukraine has fabricated some fake documents and some false flags while also preparing to invade the Donbass. The Russian saw through this little games.


At this stage the military incursion has gone “according to plan” though made tougher by NATO and the USA HAVING (un)DECLARED WAR ON RUSSIA by providing weapons to Ukraine. This could blow up badly and NATO and the USA are quite cautious they are not “fighting on the ground”…. though some of their mercenaries have been caught.


This won’t be good in the long run for NATO, the USA  and nor for Europe. Macron, here is your cahnce to shine, but we know, you’re only good at turd polishing….


Eventually, the information war which the West was winning hands down at the beginning will go apeshit like when the US did not find any WMDs in Iraq and most of the public found out that the whole things was a hoax created by the CIA. At present the Western media disinformation is still winning but the truth is slowly seeping through the cracks. 


It’s time for the Washington hawks to be muzzled — and for Europe to tell Washington to go away. As this won’t happen, more Ukrainians will die needlessly. Please comply with three simple statements demanded by Putin:










If these are not met soon, then the entire Donbass region will become RUSSIAN, and Ukraine will loose all its ports…. NATO AND THE US won’t be able to do anything about it, except being nuisances.



Yes, the Yanks and NATO always want their cake and eat it. They want to destroy Russia (and China) to conquer the HEARTLAND (since 1919). So they have their puppet Zelenskyyyy-y trying to look like a statesman, but in this case, statesmanship would be to make a deal with the Russians, who to say the least HAVE RESTRAINED THEMSELVES in term of military operations...


At this stage, the US and NATO are loosing nothing, except a bit of weaponry that gets blown up by Russia in Ukraine. This is why the US and NATO are chest-beating, but at some stage, something will happen to turn them into donkeys. 


I could be wrong, but I can’t see why Russia would give up what it has started, despite NATO and the USA being little shits. 


This is why I recommend for Zelenskyshitty-y to make a deal with Russia NOW… Things will get worse for Ukraine otherwise. Let’s hope that fascist NATO also makes a proper deal with Russia. End the hostilities. 



US, NATO and Ukraine make a deal with RUSSIA, please. 



AND FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But I know you will carry on being little shits….