Tuesday 26th of September 2023


It is important that the parliament and the government of Australia start to learn about “Ukraine”. Daily on the news — the Western news — we are fed erroneous information about this former USSR country. This news is managed to frame fake premises about Russia. "WeStandwithUkraine" is a simpleton madness. Since the break up of the Soviet Union, Ukraine has been a hot mix of Western inspired fascism and alignment with Russia. It was only when the US-financed revolt against a legitimately elected government, in 2014, that a portion of “Ukrainians” decided they had enough. Here I state that the Donbass region, MOSTLY populated by Russians decided to declare independence/autonomy from the then “nazi-fied” regime in Kiev. 


It would be a good thing for the Australian government to realise that Ukraine isn’t one country, but an amalgam of regions which were attached together by the communist convenience of the USSR. Now that the USSR is no more, the ethnic split in Ukraine have become far more problematic.


In order to prevent bloodshed — something that the Australian government and the news channels tend to ignore — was that France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine signed the Minsk Agreements. These agreements allowed autonomy for two of the main portions of the Donbass region. But soon, the Ukrainian government committed what can be described as many WAR CRIMES or genocide  — killing more than 14,000 people there.


ZELENSKY was elected in 2019 on a platform of stopping this aggression of the Ukrainian government and honouring the Minsk Agreements. As well he promised to make peace with Russia. Soon, Zelensky under various influences — mainly the strong extreme neo-nazi Banderite right, the Azov battalions and the US policy of not negotiating anything that would allow Russian security — reneged on his promises and continued the bombing of the Autonomous regions. At last count, before the intervention by Russia, Zelensky’s armed forces had basically murdered more than 3,250 people in the short two years of his presidency. Zelensky is a thus a MURDERED, a LIAR and a PSYCHOPATH, unintelligent at that, but having been a rather mediocre unfunny low-brow comedian and actor, he has had the training to basically tell fibs and untruth. 


Now, at this stage the USA has been lying, as well as framing the issues, with a certain brilliance. The lies about Saddam Hussein were a bit gross. As noted on this site in regard to Saddam, there were no “intelligence failures” but a deliberate manufacture of fake information designed to go to war in Iraq. The lies about Russia and Ukraine have been far more sophisticated, but they are lies nonetheless. 


The USA is using Ukraine as a stepping stone to destroy Russia. It’s part of the MacKinder doctrine formulated as far back as 1905… If you know nothing about this, read this site. In this HEARTLAND package, China is also included. Why? Because we ARE DECEITFUL.


AUSTRALIA should realise that the USA is an Empire, always searching for trouble, creating troubles as this empire mostly robs the poorest countries while controlling all the Western narrative, under a sordid “Rules-Based Order” which has nothing to do with the United Nations charter. 


It’s time to follow Malcolm Fraser’s advice and decouple from the US, which he described as "dangerous”. The US Empire has murdered millions of people since the end of WW2. And we don’t flinch because… Yes we are told that these invasions, these wars were to protect us from this or that threat. In fact these were designed to pillage countries that did not want to be part of this tentacular hydra — the US empire that has become nasty, debauched and untruthful.… 


Now, It would be uncouth of ASIO not to know the reality about Ukraine: NATO lied, the US Empire lied, the UK lied and all continue to lie about the “naturally” divided status of Ukraine (the mention of which pisses off dictator Zelensky). We, as Australians and the Australian government, are taken into this maelstrom of misinformation to keep most of our Western populations in ignorance of the facts. 


In the 1920s, the Irish split from the UK, gaining their full name Eire by 1937. In the 1990s, Yugoslavia was bombed to be split into small countries. For this to happen, lies about “genocides”, since then dispelled by many serious journalists, were used by the Empire. Lies stick though, because we “need” to justify our decided destructions of other countries. Think Libya, Syria, Yemen, Vietnam, Afghanistan and others that we don’t know of — for profit... We invent fake pretexts to suit our duplicity. And we carry on being duplicitous while using fake morality to do our bad deeds……


In 2022, it’s time to make peace (THIS MEANS NOT SENDING ANY WEAPONS TO UKRAINE) and start finalising the Ukrainian split along the “natural” lines of the Russians in the Donbass and the Galicians to the west. 


As the West gloats about the “Ukrainian” forces having retaken some territory, one should be aware that President Putin has been far more restrained than the West and does not lie about the situation. Sure, we mention on our daily news, the “liberation of Ukrainians", without mentioning the actual genocide committed by Zelensky’s armies upon the Donbass Russians.


War is horrid. So... rather than feed an unintelligent Ukrainian resistance which will eventually collapse, we should help the split. And if this is a win to President Putin, so be it. In this situation, we should recognise that WE ARE GOING TO FAIL and that our bleeding heart is bleeding from hypocrisy.


No NATO in Ukraine? This is the agreement made to Gorbachev by the US administration. NATO won’t move “east” of Berlin, meaning that NATO won’t touch the former countries of the USSR. So no NATO in Ukraine is the honourable thing to do.


The Donbass republics, like Eire in 1937, shall be independent. The time for the Minks Agreements giving them “autonomy in Ukraine has gone”. Zelensky blew it. 


Crimea was always Russian, despite having been gifted to Ukraine by Khrushchev — without approval of the Duma. Secret documents can prove that the West also recognised Crimea as Russian — populated by Russians and a few Tartars who to some extend hated the Kiev regime.


The difficult negotiation will revolved around Odessa and the overwhelming Russian population living in the region. It is up to us to help, rather than hinder peace 


Albo, don’t be daft… Do the right thing which is NOT TO SUPPORT THE KIEV REGIME. Open your eyes: our compatriot Julian Assange is still in a UK prison. Work it out: The US Empire hates the truth.



I tell lies about my life (not about my philosophy) in order to protect the people around me, though I tell the truth about the rest of the world. I have been cartooning since 1951 about this (this is the truth). Trust me…





I used one of Leunig cartoon at top. I rarely do pithy sensitive cartoons, like he does.... He is the master of whimsy, admirably...