Sunday 25th of September 2022

the surreal desire of the US empire to own everything…..


As against all this emotional talk there is need to point out again: praxeology and economics, its up-to-now best- developed branch, are neutral with regard to any moral precepts. 

They deal with the striving after ends chosen by acting men without any regard whether these ends are approved or disapproved from any point of view. The fact that the immense majority of men prefer a richer supply of material goods to a less ample supply is a datum of history; it does not have any place in economic theory. 

Economics neither advocates capitalism nor rejects socialism. It merely tries to show what the necessary effects of each of these two systems are. He who disagrees with the teachings of economics ought to try to refute them by discursive reasoning, not by abuse, insinuations, and the appeal to arbitrary, allegedly ethical standards.


[This paper was originally presented at the Volker Fund's Symposium on Relativism, 1960.] “La Condition Humaine" by René Magritte (1898–1967): Epistemological Relativism in the Sciences of Human Action


Here we have only reproduced the conclusion (according to Gus, the rest, like the conclusion, is wafty)… René Magritte was a “surrealist” with a purposeful notion of being a surrealist, not an accidental dreamer.




Praxeology is a big word that defines the notion that humans engage in purposeful behaviour, contrary to reflexive behaviour and other unintentional behaviour. The main fuel for this praxeology is DECEIT. The price of fish is negotiable. We will haggle and fight like dogs about a bone. This is called economics.


We are pushing our madness to the limit of brilliant stupidity. We fill our existence with purposeful delusions. We have invented “morality” and its many derivatives such as sins, “rules-based-order” and “control” in order to justify the scope of our acts of robbery. We, humans, belong to our own futilities and, apart from a VERY FEW decided praxeological acts outside the “square”, we cruise on traditional behaviours in a reflexive manner. 

One US Empire is trying to control everything on planet Earth. It decides who lives and who dies, who belongs to whom. This is the way Empires operate using many tools from cajoling, fear mongering to waging wars. Presently the US Empire does not want the Russians in the Donbass area, Ukraine, to belong to Russia, because of “territories”… The US Empire wants Ukraine to be a unified block of Ukrainians with the same nazi goose-step all-over in order to destroy Russia next. 

Previously, other nations, such as Yugoslavia, got divided by the Empire to suit the momentum of its conquests. Other nations got destrloyed: Iraq, Libya, etc… The Irish got lucky… They escaped the wrath of the US Empire for going at it alone because, strangely enough, many chiefs of the hypocritical hegemony like to boast some “Irish ancestry”. Who knows why… May be they express their vicarious rebellious desire for freedom thus. But they don’t want others to be free. “If you’re not with us, you are against us and you will pay the price of being independent…” In this context, freedom is not independence. No choice. 

The Empire conquests have had nothing to do with a moral democratisation, but thinly veiled acts of bastardly, designed to own everything that moves under the sun.


The largest bits of this conquest still to be acquired by the US Empire are Russia and China. We are in the penultimate phases of this assault on the Heartland. This has taken 117 years of deceit and wars to get there. Recently, the Hydra of the US Empire has baited the bear and the dragon. The bear and the dragon are going to defend their patch to the last human on earth, but we will define this act of resistance as being against freedom and a threat to our own values — which are deceitful and crooked, but we wrap them in morality to hide the stench. 

I say the Hydra of the US Empire because it has many heads — from all the European countries to the pacific rim islands of Japan and Australia. This is typical of the MacKinder geopolitical conquest by the Anglo/Saxon/Zionist of the entire planet. 117 years since he devised this plan.

Who is going to blink first? The deceitful Empire will find ways to goad the others into a wrong move. It’s the specialty of the CIA and other disinformation channels of the Empire. Humans aren’t nice. We’re animals fighting over a bone. 

Xi and Putin are the defenders of their patch. Presently, economically, they are trying to ignore the US Empire or disengage from it. But the Empire will use fear and DECEIT to trick people to believe that the aggressors in this next move are Russia and China. 

It’s clear as spring water, but our media and our politics throw mud into it. Beware. THE US EMPIRE IS THE AGGRESSOR. DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING ELSE.