Wednesday 19th of June 2024

About time we had a book like this! (Sean Brady)

Thanks for writing this book, Margo...and a big thank you to your fellow contributors and everyone who made this book possible. It's about time we had a book like this. The shelves of the Current Affairs section in bookshops are full of books alerting us to the horrors of the Bush administration, and we finally have a worthy volume about the Howard government to sit proudly with them.

What impressed me most about this book is the passion that went into its creation. Rather than page after page of dryly recorded facts, this book sure gives us the appalling facts but also engages the reader on an emotional level. The sense of anger and frustration was evident on every page, and I agreed with every word of it. Reading this book was something of a cathartic experience for me as I find that many people I talk to on a day to day basis are either apathetic about what's going in in Canberra and elsewhere or they're not taking the time to find out as much as they can, not wishing to tune their minds into anything beyond A Current Affair and the Herald-Sun. This book reminded me that there are a great many people in this country who are Not Happy, John!

This is also a book that's about hope for the future. There's a lot to be angry about, but it's encouraging to read of people like Margo who are (to borrow a quote from one of my favourite films) 'as mad as hell and we're not going to take this anymore!'. This isn't a book that wallows in negativity. It offers solutions and a great love for this country of ours. It's as inspirational as it is heartbreaking.

This is the first book in ages that I wish I had enough money to buy multiple copies of to hand out to friends and family. Thanks again to everyone involved.