Wednesday 19th of June 2024

Why is Rupert Murdoch so <i> scared</i> of 1 Citizen 1 Vote Democracy? ()

Not content with bludgeoning the leftish Greens and various centrist, NHJ!-style independents in the opening weeks of the campaign, Rupert Murdoch's propaganda 'droids demonstrate that they're just as capable of sneering loudly at rightish political players over whom they know they wield zip influence. Webdiary readers will remember how Tony Abbott's underhand and possibly-illegal 'Australians for Honest Politics Trust' role in jailing Pauline Hanson was helpfully 'explained away' in heroic 'civic-mindedness' terms by most of Rupert's senior political opinion writers - who then curiously went very quiet about 'the integrity of the electoral system' when it transpired that while Hanson was in fact innocent of any fraud, their beloved Saint Tony stank to potential AEC fraud heaven. Yes - Editorial, Kelly, Sheridan, Price, Shanahan, Milne...they just didn't wanna' know about Tony's little probbers with the AEC's donor disclosure laws, did they. And so of course it just died quietly, unresolved.

Or so they thought...

Well, she's baaaaack, and I bet she's Not Happy, Tony (and twelve anonymous AHPT chums).

Despite the underhand way that Abbott nobbled her - and all those Murchodians' best efforts to ignore it (or even assist with it - see Akerman, Coleman, NHJ! p. 304) - Hanson's dragging herself erect for yet another go at 'democracy' (this time she wants the system to 'give the girl a fair go', too). So you'd think, wouldn't you, that the rough deal she got from the political-media-business 'insiders' over her 'fraud', the electorate-wide surge of support & anger upon her release, and above all, her return for another go now...would finally convince mainstream newspapers to have a closer look at what she really represents. (Hint, Murdoch Lads: all Australian Citizens are growing very fed up with 'insider' journos like YOU allowing 'insider' pollies like Abbott to play by a set of democratic rules that are totally different to the ones 'outsider' pollies like Pauline have to cop. Capiche?) So they will at last, won't they.

Fat chance. Here's the charmless and condescending 'welcome' The Australian lobs at the returning redhead today. I'll run it in full even though it makes this a long post, because this latest stupid 'mainstream' response to the wild Hanson trip is fundamental to demonstrating that NHJ!'s key message - stop treating us 'nobody' Citizens like cretins, Big Media-Big Business-Big Parties - is yet to be taken seriously by these Canberra insiders:

No fertile soil for a Pauline revival

THE last we heard from Pauline Hanson, she was spruiking for a slime-removal company. Both those skills