Saturday 23rd of October 2021

ill winds .....

ill winds .....

There once was a planet called Earth,

Then, 4.5 billion years after birth,

It evolved a new species,

From DNA pieces,

That polluted for all they were worth.


This continued 'til everyone felt,

The impact of arctic-ice melt,

A global nightmare,

(Or full of hot-air?)

For many, disaster was spelt.


The science said 350 per mil,

Was the most CO2 we could spill,

If it grows any more,

We'll see famine and war,

Our chances? Effectively nil.


Our last shot to counter stagnation:

A treaty to unite every nation!

We all tried to fight,

But it wasn't done right,

Like a roll made with egg but not bacon.


The trouble was there from the start,

Wonderful Copenhagen was breaking apart,

Counting offsets, a subtraction:

A dangerous distraction,

Like methane from a cow's fart.


This cautionary tale I now tell,

Like chiming our lonely death-knell,

The science was clear,

But it fell on deaf-ears,

Humanity was too hard a sell.