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Talking to meself in the blue corner.... a musing about the World Bank


“Although some activists remain hostile to Paul Wolfowitz, development experts and non-governmental organisations who have met him say they have been reassured by their early encounters with the urbane Mr Wolfowitz.

The selling of the war and other furphies

The Byzantine Generals

Whether Johnnee is aware of it or not, he is extremely clever... But my bet is that he knows...

Clever in the sense he is equipped with a natural ability to chameleon-like change the spots of his rhetoric yet achieve the same original desires: mesmerise the punter and catch the voters with a lash of the tongue and a puke of the lips...

He has an innate ability to solve the algorithms of politics... this great mystery of maintaining a straight face while telling a maximum amount of porkies and furphies, in so doing managing to keep his generals loyal to him, not so much because of the trustworthiness-or-bunkiness of the words but because of the “important

Cover up covered up

When the prime minister rejects accusations from a former SAS officer that Australia's Defence Force was involved in a cover-up over a special forces operation in Afghanistan which ended with the deaths of 11 civilians, he added:
"I think the SAS is a fantastic unit of the Australian Defence Forces... Can I just make the general statement (he always asks permission to hit us in the guts with a generality that is cleverly associating a reasonable concept with total crap)... that we expect these incredibly well-trained and able men to undertake life-endangering missions in our name and on our behalf."

Hard hat area in IR

Hard had area in IR

Bagdhad and Syderney

Bagdhad and Syderney

London * New York * Baghdad * Sydney

News flash: twice as many arrested in Sydney...

Potato blight

Potato blight



Corby Blues

Anyone out there a lawyer? If Chapelle is innocent, could she sue Qantas for not providing the necessary security on the luggage for which they are responsible while in transit? If the evidence is about to be destroyed by the Indonesian justice system, can they do this before the appeal?

Talking to myself #2

Prime Minister John Howard has outlined sweeping changes to the laws governing Australian workplaces. I DON'T HAVE TO BELONG TO THE STREET SWEEPER'S UNION ANYMORE

Whale meat

Whale meat

Bipartisan goonery...

From the Moscow Times Global Eye Motion Sickness By Chris Floyd Published: May 20, 2005
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