Thursday 22nd of February 2024

Halliburton.... Giving Troops The ^^^^

US television and newspapers today are dumping the story into Middle America of how, at one particular army base, Halliburton have been dumping sewerage into a river and then using it to serve U.S. troops.

While on-the-ground KBR employees emailed thunderous complaints, from deep in the bowels of Halliburton Headquarters the stamdard response was trotted out- Halliburton stood firmly behind the statement that there was no problem.
While bottled water is used for drinking, the contaminated water, reportedly twice as dirty as the river Euphrates, is used for everything else, including making coffee.

Notification of the problem, including the resultant stomach cramps and diahorrea, began in March 2005

 In South Australia, Halliburton and its partners are responsible for Adelaide's water supply, including the Bolivar sewerage plant.  Last week the company was awarded the contract to operate Byron Bay's sewerage system

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