Thursday 22nd of February 2024

The Win-Win War


Looking at South Australia's purchase of a new batch of security cameras for buses and trains, I've realised how well the Great Cash-In is coming along


"In the wake of the tragic London bombings last year, we have been reviewing security across the whole of government.

"Transport security has always been a priority for all governments, but this investment means every train, tram and bus can be monitored to help deter illegal activity, including vandalism and assaults."


"The military is well versed at detailed planning for massively complex operations. To ensure preparedness they exploit a variety of tools, such as planning software, 3D modelling and synthetic environments which use highly accurate immersive models against which blast modelling and vulnerability analysis can be conducted. Other technologies and capabilities such as digital mapping, multiple sensor integration and surveillance optimisation models have consistently proven their worth to the armed forces in critical operational situations and these capabilities are increasingly available to civil security operators." he said.

"Building on its defence technology research has allowed QinetiQ to develop an in-depth understanding of how this technology and science can be applied to the security market

Carlyle are about to make a fortune out of the float of Qinetiq, Remember that George Bush I was their US envoy, and that the Bin Ladens had a stake? Talk about a win-win situation.

At the same time as the Carlyle float, Halliburton have announced, on the strength of its war profits, a public sell-off of KBR. Cheney's deferred payments from his former company aren't going to run out for some time, if ever.

It's been widely reported how the Bush administration wanted Downer to head the IAEA, but failed to bully the current leader out. Now the IAEA is preparing the war in Iran (apparently without Downer, who was in London organising Afghanistan. I feel sorry for Alex. As he said recently, the only way to be publicly promoted as Foreign Minister, apart from the "top job" is to become Federal Treasurer. Costello's avoidance of swapping jobs with Downer at the last Cabinet shuffle has cut off another way out for the Foreign MInister, who now looks like being the "fall guy" for a bad deal worth comparatively little money.

The Defence Minister is out, getting ready to play in the "main game" at the U.N. and from there perhaps a "consultancy". Howard will probably retire as PM next year to enjoy the fruits of his labours.

You and I, a monetised resource yet again, are going to be walking in a world of surveillance and nervous suspicion. I hear Orwell snickering again

Do you want to know what I really think happenned to the AWB money? Not as Labor are currently stating, that it went as rewards to the families of suicid bombers, though maybe some did.

The money from the Oil For Food program, some eight billion dollars, fell into the hands of the invading Coalition. The coalitio, in the form of reconstruction contracts gave the money to its own business. Halliburton has made a fortune.

We know from AWB's attempts to recover it's bribes, that the payments were occurring right up to the point of Coalition Occupation.

If I were the US government I wouldn't give a damn about bribe money going to Iraq, as I'd would have already planned to get it back.

Consider Iraq as a drop-off point for cashbacks on the War On Terror, then have another think about Downer and Deefatt, Rice in the State Department. Compare the three hundred million to the former US ambassodor's current management of seventy five billion.

Until now, they didn't give a Saddam about the AWB money. However, new wheat contracts for Iraq are being signed, and post-war America wants the work for it's heavily subsidised farmers. Suddenly the bribe-money scandal is brilliant for discrediting your creditors, and America wins again.


As Orwell's ghost giggles, have a look at the sales pitch that Carlyle, through Qinetiq, is giving out

[extract from The Advertiser]