Saturday 4th of February 2023

the humble twins .....

‘US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister
Tony Blair, whose public support is waning due to the Iraqi War, admitted in a
Washington meeting that they had made some crucial mistakes during the war but
maintained they “did the right thing” in overthrowing Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Bush said his biggest mistake was
the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, and added that he himself learned some
lessons on “tough talk.” 

Blair admitted they made a
mistake in underestimating “the determination of the opponents” and in
predicting the power of the resistance.’ 

& Blair Admit Mistakes In Iraq


Murderous intent

The ultimate mistake the triumvirate of Blair/Bush/Howard made in their selling porkies to the world was to believe they had it all so well worked out, they did not bother sending advanced CIA scouts to plant some WMD "evidences" in the middle of Iraq, here and there just to "justify" their little incursion...

I have been waiting for these to sprout up, but on analysis, maybe the three conspirators thought someone could spill the beans and doing so, may have destroyed their carefully constructed porkies... Further more finding the elusive WMDs might have appeared too "convenient" to be true to most intelligent people, including Blix and the Europeans who could not find any WMDs before...

The post war "search" for weapons of mass destruction was thus designed to convince the rest of the world the US really genuinely "believed" there were some, but since the inspector had drawn a blank every where they went, finding something would have been quite suspect. A very tricky balancing act with mirrors...

All in all, their decision to go to war has cost many lives and unfortunately by the daily Baghdad reports, we have not seen the end of that...

The sad fact in reality is these "mistakes" are not mistakes at all but a conglomerate of lies deliberately concocted to invade a country. Thus Bush/Blair/Howard are no less than lying murderers... Not accidental mistake makers.

Shame on them. They should resign forthwith.

Noo'klar noos

From Radioactive Troika: Bush, the Nuclear Power Industry and the New York Times

... The "powers that be" have begun a new campaign to convince us that we must have dozens or hundreds -- worldwide, thousands -- of new nuclear power plants to avert the threat of global warming.

Three groups have teamed up for the campaign: the Cheney-Bush administration, the nuclear power corporations, and most recently the New York Times. ...

A sleight of the Winstonian hand, a turned page in the book of prayer, a tap of the conductor's baton, and .... whaddya know! We are having a serious debate in Oz, too.


NooKular Targetink

From the Moscow Times

Global Eye
Bleak House

By Chris Floyd
Published: May 26, 2006

It's a familiar image: the U.S. president followed by an aide with the "football," the ever-present attache case that holds the codes for launching a nuclear attack. But for years, these supposedly supreme commanders-in-chief did not have the slightest idea which targets would actually be hit at their order. This occult knowledge was reserved for a small circle of Pentagon officers who called themselves the "guardians of the arsenal" and kept the true attack plans secret from the civilian leadership.

The first civilian to see the plans, during the Kennedy administration, was, ironically enough, Daniel Ellsberg -- the Pentagon consultant who later leaked the "Pentagon Papers," revealing the disastrous lies behind America's war in Vietnam. What Ellsberg found was moral insanity almost beyond imagining. The only plan proposed by the "guardians" was an all-out nuclear strike on every city in the Soviet Union, as well as on China and the Warsaw Pact nations, with a deliberately low-balled estimate of 400 million people killed immediately. There were "no intermediate steps, no flexibility and no warnings" incorporated in the plan, which could be triggered by a range of non-nuclear provocations, some posing no direct threat to the United States at all. What's more, the high priest of the nuclear cult, General Curtis LeMay, reserved the right to launch this genocidal fury on his own, as a first strike, if he suspected the Soviets were preparing to attack.

Civilian control of the military was thus exposed as an empty myth; the center of power in the U.S. government had shifted from the decisions of democratically elected leaders to the imperatives of procurement and militarist paranoia emanating from the five-sided fortress raised up in a Virginia wasteland known as Hell's Bottom.

read the rest at the Moscow Times

Fakeman versus Truman?

From the New York Times

At West Point, Bush Draws Parallels With Truman

Published: May 28, 2006
WEST POINT, N.Y., May 27 — President Bush implicitly compared himself to Harry S. Truman in a commencement address at the United States Military Academy on Saturday, saying Truman acted boldly against the "fanatic faith" of cold war communism in the same way Mr. Bush's administration has responded to the threat of terrorism since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

"By the actions he took, the institutions he built, the alliances he forged and the doctrines he set down, President Truman laid the foundations for America's victory in the cold war," Mr. Bush told the class of 2006.

Mr. Bush has compared the struggle against communism to the current war against Islamic radicalism in previous speeches, but his address on Saturday was his most developed on the theme. He left it unsaid that Truman was deeply unpopular at the end of his two terms in office and that it took a generation to appreciate his achievements.

read more at the New York Times

Gus thinks this man, Bushy, is totally deranged... It will take at least three generations to fix all the cock ups from this little Fakeman... and no-one will ever appreciate his achievements, since there has not been a single of his action that has not been a complete balls up... To compare himself to Truman in front of future army fodder is a joke...

Shaping the future

Well, since the King of the World has declared World War Three, already, there's only one thing to do - shape up or ship out. 

Urban art in Poland.

Sean Leahy at Courier-Mail for May 29th, too. 

the truman show .....

And why stop with the "Truman Show" Gus .....


Truman Winston whatisname

Yes John,
Winston was a conservative and our little Winston (named after him) is also a conservative... One of the problems (there are many) with conservatives is the elasticity of the application of their goodness actions... Hitler did exactly the same to Poland, the Jews, etc. as what the poms did to the Aboriginal people... Had someone "altruistic enough" come along with a strong enough army to protect the American Indians and the Aboriginal people from destruction, the "stronger race "Winstonian position would not hold water whatsoever... The Poms would have been rooted and as we know race does not really exist, except in what we perceive of culture and shape. Genetically, it's a bum fight to take what someone else has. nothing more nothing less...

We only can hope that the future, will lessen the powers of one in favour of more communal sharing without the flaws of communism and with the moderate "incentive" of a tame capitalism. At the moment, capitalism is running excesses beyond imaginings.