Saturday 3rd of June 2023

This Park is Your Land- the story to the song

A quick preamble to the song, which was wrtten two years agio on Woody Guthrie's "100th Birthday".  I've been a proud supporter of the campaign to save this park for a few years now.  A petition for it to become a War Memorial Park was submitted in the 1940s.  Last year's Upper House Select Committee into unethical official behavour in the swapping of this "sacred" land for a previously contaminated factory site is yet to, and probably never will, return an assessment of evidence that has mostly already appeared in an Ombudsman's Report

The SA/NT RSL have passed a resolution to support the preservation of this Park, and War Memorial Director Dr Brendan Nelson has given public support.  Given that it's now been rezoned to become a housing estate in the centre of his electorate, the Premier has declined an invitation to an Australia Day barbie next week.

It's almost funny too, that after a few years of joking that knowing my luck it would turn out to be a Halliburton job, I finally google-matched the name of the company that previously owned the land.  KBR Sheridan.. I almost fell through the couch!

As far as many are concerned the long-runnng battle to save this park is far from over, and I hope my song

reflects this.  I'll be playing it, in a lineup called the Parkland Ramblers, under the trees next Sunday week while we're enjoying what was left to us to enjoy.  There's a recording of i t under the lyrics.. pardon my wobbly vocals!

This Park Is Your Land  (Tonkin/Guthrie)

As I went walking through St Clair Parklands

I met a man there, said they were marked lands

Soon trees would fall there, and none would stop them

That man said he worked for you and me.


CH:  This park is your land, this park is my land

and if we want it, no need to buy land

It was given to us

You stole it from us

St Clair was made for you and me


Not long ago some proud protestors, thrown out of Council as interjectors

Now the head protester is the Council's Mayor

That Mayor was made for you and me.


High rise developers got lots of money, and when they need to it flows like honey

in little envelopes just like love letters

with no love inside for you and me.