Tuesday 26th of September 2023

Monarchy and Suggestibility- God Save The Queen By Hypnosis?

There's a young bloke who calls himself a "comedy hypnotist" who occasionally does shows at our family's pub.  It's been interesting to watch him over a couple of years and see his practice and confidence evolve him into a clever portrayalist of how easily many people's behaviour can be influenced.

Watching people who would need to have been extraordinarily consumnate actors to fake their behaviours do silly stuff like lose the number 7 from their counting, thinking that you're a genius but unable to remember your name, thinking your name is E I E I O and getting more quietly  pissed off every time someone"forgets"   I watched and giggled, kept watching as, in response to the implanted suggestion, one of the hypnotised blokes remembered what had occurred onstage by raising a drink to his lips- the play of emotions across his face said it all..

Seems to me that it can't be to hard to do.   The only thing I know about such stuff is that I can cure at least 90% of those I meet with hiccups simply by talking to them.  Even the warmup to the visualisation routine does the trick with many, as they're so busy waiting for the "boo" that they forget to have hiccups.  If it's necessary to use the visualisation, it's simply of the sensation when the hiccup hits the top of your throat as a point of light, making that go down to and out through your solar plexus into the brightest lightsource nearby.  

There are another 5% who aren't subceptible to this but respond to a followup "boo".

I'm trying to keep this brief.. I do not like the fact that an Australian Prime Minister, without consulting his cabinet, has edicted that our society shall once more honour with the titles of Knight and Dame.  Deep respects should be paid to our outgoing Governor General for declaring that while she'd accept the title she would never use it.  No dummy that one. At any rate, the way is clear for the ADF man to become both G-G and Knight simultaneously.

Ok I'll spell out my worry.. I'm concerned that our PM might be using the reinstallation of Royalty-associated titles to influence our increased loyalty to the British monarchy... and at more subconscious levels than we might realise.