Tuesday 29th of November 2022

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I was thinking about posting something new about the pathetic MMMM (the mediocre mass media de mierda). Actually I wanted to show white anger and rage at the lack of integrity, the lack of investigation and about the improper cosy relationship of the media with the governments, for profit and disinformation dissemination. 

It did not take long to get serious information on how the media is fobbing off reality of intent with distracting images of insular accidents and gross manipulation of universal events reporting. I know, journalists are not supposed to "have an opinion", but the way the reports are filed and then massaged by opinionators is more than vile. 
Ninety-nine per cent of political happenings are stage-managed in order for us to take our media pill at noon and at six o'clock — and a few moments in between on the hour. We have been onto the media drug, since "news" was invented as a mean of "information" back in the dark ages, under the spell of churches and kingdoms. Then they used to ring belfry bells in various fashions to differentiate between the time o'clock, a royal birth or a death in the village.
We could not read the small print then. We still don't, but these days it's not because we can't read, but we're lazy and comfortable in managed ignorance. Reading between the lines demands efforts we can't "afford" because of time restriction in our toil to repay our mortgage or the reality is contrary to what we have already accepted as "information".
We already have harped a tad on the way "only the nuz" is manufactured like bake beans —mostly these days with "press releases" disguised as news by PR companies — since the beginning of this site. A couple of days ago, the Clarke and Dawe Show told us about the news as an entertaining drama/comedy side-show alley while the planet is being ravaged.

Media Watch was onto the "press release" "news scoop" about a particular study — all designed to make us buy a product. Very sneaky manipulation of "current affairs"...
But Clark and Dawe is clever satire... Satire is fun in telling us we are being lied to, by whatever means by the truants who run the governments, but satire stops short of showing us the pain that we should feel. Satire adds up to the comfort by promoting an uncomfortable laughter. Laughter, even if a bit sick in the gills, is comfortable. But satire on the mainstream channels can only go so far without being ejected. This has happened to a few shows on the ABC where the political satire got too close to the CONservative bone, while the satire trying to demean Julia Gillard, at Home with Julia, was actually demeaning satire itself. 
The reality of our being lied to, is very dark. People die because of these lies — but our media under the spell of the political masters and its owners will blame someone else than the real culprits: our masters. It's the name of the game. The political lies that come across our screens and papers are designed to steer our thoughts into believing that despite some very unsavoury solutions to despicable problems that are secretly set up by our masters for profit, we should feel comfortable and we are lucky: we have not been hurt because we are "protected". 
It's not us... it's them...
Of course there are major issues that are belittled by our media that mostly concentrate its energies on domestic dogs being run over by a couple of buses and on celebs spreading their legs to anyone who want to perv. The news of national importance and of international matters are brushed over into a timeframe formula and presented as if having a petty opinion or no opinion about a problem is solving the problem. 
It's not. Most problems are looked at by our media and our politicians, arse up. Donald Trump in his madness is shaking the possum out of its tree. 
One news case study here is the war in Syria. 
— in the media, at the beginning,  we were given the line that Assad was a bad man and had to go. Regime change. We know that regime change by force is illegal for external forces to implement. But regime change was the official US line and still is. So how to dislodge Assad as the main aim of the US diplomacy? Help "freedom fighters". The US did the same trick in Ukraine with oodles of cash, secrecy and the CIA. "Freedom fighters" means "thugs" who can be bought to perform a specific destabilising task. The process is not new, but the US has uses it many time. It's not fool proof though. 
— the media played its part in the big lie, by telling us how Assad quashed "peaceful" demonstration against his regime, how he gassed "his" people and how undemocratic the guy is. Assad was painted blacker than black. In fact, as a little Syrian girl said in a simple interview that never made it on the six o'clock news: "life was so nice before the revolution"... 
So what are the real motors of this war? 
— of course the media is repeating the mantra of "moderate" rebels fighting for "freedom" which in this CONtext give us a value judgement on what are "rebels, revolutionaries, freedom fighters" who are no more than full-blown religious terrorists. This lovely relationship between us and these nice "moderates", led the US to spend oodles of cash to arm and train them, without telling us that most of these guys are allied with Al Qaeda... And some of them are also allied with ISIS in a "moderate" way. 
A big part of the gifted US weapons ends up in the arsenals of Al Qaeda, our ally against Assad. Hello? Rings a bell? 9/11? Al Qaeda? Bin Laden?
The trap is set up. Assad has to fight ISIS and all these other terror groups, with varied names, which we support. Meanwhile we really don't like ISIS, but we don't do too much damage to it. We threaten it though. In reality, WE need ISIS to be an existential threat to Assad, who in the next day, as his troops are routed by whomever, would go away and capitulate and make a dignified exit. We need the Syrian bureaucratic infrastructure to stay as much as possible intact and switch despot. This is the US administration line as pushed by the media.
Then like in Libya, we would let the "moderate and ISIS either fight it over or make a pact to take the rein of the country in a dash for "freedom"... This scenario by the US administration is sold to us via the mediocre media. It stinks. "Freedom" here is moth-holed blanket hiding the real motives. It's all crap.
— as well the media, in unison with the US administration, deplores the Turkish attacks within Syria of the Kurdish rebels, whom we love because they fight ISIS at close range. 
— the media also told us that Assad's troops did not want to fight ISIS. In reality the troops were overcome by ISIS while fighting tooth and nail, but THE USA DID NOT STOP ISIS WHEN IT COULD HAVE, because the USA wanted Assad's troops to be defeated.
— the media tells us that all the refugees ( 4.5 millions) and all the dead (260,000) are the fault of Assad hanging on to power, against the will "of the people". In reality more people in Syria want Assad to stay to protect them from the abuses they get (and foresee should Assad go) when their towns are overrun by either ISIS or the nice "moderate" freedom fighters. As always it's a question of proportions of who is going to hold the stick...
— the media tends to omit that the nice "moderate" freedom fighters, Al Qaeda and ISIS are mostly Sunnis of the Wahhabi religious flavour. They are all trying to take over a multi-sect society and turn it into a strict religious fiefdom, all under the paws of bigger powers. 
The Syrian war is thus between two major branches of Islam, one moderate enough to tolerate and/or accept other religious in its midst, while the other one — the Wahhabi — will have none of that.
So why do the USA get involved?
— the media fails to let us know that most of the Sunnis who are fighting for "freedom" in Syria (and in Iraq) do it on behalf of the Saudis. The Saudis are "our friends". Such friendship has its rewards in controlling oil and gas, thus we have to help the proxy fighters of the Saudis.
— the media fails to tell us that there is a great amount of cash to be made from this oil and gas arrangement, despite the severity of the depressed prices — in this war in Syria.
— at this stage, the media fails to strongly alert us to the real Russian interests in this matter. Yes, the media tells us that the Russians have a naval base in Syria and a couple of airport bases as well, but the media already speculates with glee as to which conditions and whom — the "moderate" freedom fighters or ISIS — the Russians will have to negotiate with, in order to, we hope — no, we're sure — decamp in an orderly fashion. This is insane diplomacy alla merdiology. Insane misappropriation of "news" as US chest beating.
— the media does not ask the real questions. This is the brief that is given by the US machine to the media and the media is happy about getting the pre-digested crumbs. The US reign supreme. We are told the Ruskies will be in trouble if they stay in their little bases, because no matter what, Assad is a goner.
— the media suddenly discover that the "Russians are coming". The shit-plan by the USA is going south, down the turd-pipe. But the media still hangs on and blames the Russians for a few things. We are told the Russians don't care about collateral damage, they bomb families and children, "unlike us" who "apologise" when we do. The Ruskies don't target ISIS like we fake to do half the time. The Ruskies only target the nice "moderate" freedom-fighters that we have supported in cash and weapons (including our very sophisticated anti-aircraft rocket batteries)...
— the media, as briefed by the pentagon, believe the Russians are going to get bogged down in a war they don't want nor need. Like in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Assad is not worth the price — because he is a ruthless despot trying to stop "freedom" in his country. The Russians are on the wrong side of "freedom"... 
— the media is wanking lyrical about the USA's great plan to solve the conflict — a conflict which has now gone as long as WWII — and that fantastic US plan has been upset by the careless stupid Russians.  
— the media does not tell us much that the Russians had demanded a cease-fire for the past four years but since Assad was being routed, the USA was not keen on it or demanded unconditional removal of Assad.
— Suddenly, the Ruskies are winning points. Not only that, they give an airing to their best aeroplanes and navy ships. Suddenly the precision of their bombing changes the landscape. And they piss the turks off so much by bombing the neat trade Turkey was doing in cheap oil with ISIS, that they down one of the Russian jets "for violating the Turkish airspace"... Yep...
— the media still does not like the Russians despite starting to "admire" their gall in destroying the "terrorists", the nice ones and the not so nice ones. 
— the media is upset that the US plan of removing Assad for whatever reason is being jeopardised by the Ruskies. The "rebels" freedom-fighters are being coaxed into the negotiating table, because soon they would be completely annihilated. The Russians declare "mission accomplished.
— the Russians thus "retreat". The media sees this as a defeat, despite the Russians having won the game for Assad, so far.
— In less than four months, the Russians have achieved a ceased-fire and a re-equalisation of forces, except in the direction of ISIS. The US did not want this to happen to its "rebels", but they reluctantly agreed in a panic. John Kerry actually organised the negotiations in a hurry in order to save "his rebels'" furniture. The USA side was being routed. Assad is not going anywhere. A few days ago, on some "social" (read real news citizen) media, videos of Assad troops finalising their assault on Palmyra were aired. ISIS was in retreat. It took two more days for the mediocre media to report on it and it's still a lukewarm annoyed recognition that this jewel of antiquity has been recaptured by Assad. So soon, so "efficiently"... The US was planning for a long drawn out debacle to Assad, until he was ousted... and did not really care much about Palmyra.
— Palmyra is liberated. The Russians provided air attack ahead of the main push against ISIS. GLONASS precision prevailed.
— Not a single thanks from the UK government nor from the US administration to Assad for saving Palmyra from ISIS. The mediocre media does not comment about this outrageous silence. 
— one would not be surprised should a rogue "accidental" US drone bomb drops on Assad's "palace". Unless one of the Saudi planes, now stationed in Turkey blah blah blah... Yep. Conspiracy theories... Wait and see.
— The media has not exposed the real intent of the war yet:

The US want to eat into the Russian influence in the Middle-East, in Syria and in Iran. And this is not just a Western media influence. On Yemen, Syria and Iraq, We are fed amounts of bullshit by Al Jazeera (The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera's editorial policy.)... Yes but.
— so what is the REAL intent of the war in Syria? what are the real motors of this war?
— The media would not have a clue. The media will hang on to the premise that "Assad is a bad guy". There are plenty more bad guys on this planet, but the forces of the Empire have decided to eject this one and replace him with a "friend" of the Saudis. The Saudis are far more "bad guys" than Assad. Their restrictions are draconian. Assad is tolerant. But he is allied with the Ruskies and "that's bad". "We", I mean the US administration want to encircle Russia with missiles everywhere. Once Syria is in the hands of the Saudis, this would be a piece of cake.  
— The media likes that. Because as NATO is encircling Russia — as NATO should to contain the red menace under under our beds — it reinforces our slanted views of history. The US Empire has to win (despite not having any real conflicts to win — it will invent some more), otherwise our participation in these little picnics does not make sense. It's a bit like Afghanistan... 15 years on, the war is still on. As soon as the last US trooper departs, the Taliban will reclaim the country. 15 years and nothing has changed apart from dead troops and more corruption in a country where poppies and guns still do the talking. 
So what are these wars about? And what are the motives of the participants?

Oil, gas from Saudi Arabia.
Oil and gas from Qatar interests in this part of the world
The US encircling Russia, like they also doing to the Chinese.
One can elaborate with more precise  information on these but that will be for the comments following this rant.
The plan is also designed to reduce Europe's dependance on Russia's energy supplies.
The US presidential election sewer-like debacled-circus is a reminder that the Empire is at a major cross road. Insanity prevails. It is likely that one of them elected ning-nong will declare a "just" war against someone the Empire does not like for no reason, once more, just to gilder the lily. The prepers are smart...
The US population is bonkers. Say half-mad as some support Bernie. I'd be surprised if Bernie makes it. The final point is that the mediocre media will continue to lie to us and give us plenty of justifying reasons to be arseholes to the rest of the world. 
Gus Leonisky
Your local media expert.