Monday 4th of December 2023

The Search for Steve.. and a letter reprint

Does anyone know what happened to Steve?  Why didn't he face trial with Lindy England?  I read somewhere that he was actually in Adelaide on secondment to the Australian Rail Track Corporation from Halliburton.. better find it, I guess.   Anyway when you know that operatives like this have been hiding in woodpiles, it makes you wonder what else is going on little old Adelaide.

Have a look at this extract from Wayne Madsen's piece on Counterpunch (10/504

A CACI employee identified in the report, Steven Stephanowicz, is referred to as "Stefanowicz" in a number of articles on the prison abuse. Stefanowicz is the spelling used by Joe Ryan, another CACI employee assigned with Stefanowicz to Abu Ghraib. Ryan is a radio personality on KSTP, a conservative radio station in Minneapolis, who maintained a daily log of his activities in Iraq on the radio's web site before it was taken down. Ryan indicated that Stefanowicz (or Stephanowicz) continued to hold his interrogation job in Iraq even though General Taguba recommended he lose his security clearance and be terminated for the abuses at Abu Ghraib.

In an even more bizarre twist, the Philadelphia Daily News identified a former expatriate public relations specialist for the government of South Australia in Adelaide named Steve Stefanowicz as possibly being the same person identified in the Taguba report. In 2000, Stefanowicz, who grew up in the Philadelphia and Allentown areas, left for Australia. On September 16, 2001, he was quoted by the Sunday Mail of Adelaide on the 911 attacks. He said of the attacks, "It was one of the most incredible and most devastating things I have ever seen. I have been in constant contact with my family and friends in the US and the mood was very solemn and quiet. But this is progressing into anger." Stefanowicz returned to the United States and volunteered for the Navy in a reserve status. His mother told the Allentown Morning Call in April 2002 that Stefanowicz was stationed somewhere in the Middle East but did not know where because of what Stefanowicz said was "security concerns." His mother told the Philadelphia Daily News that her son was in Iraq but she knew nothing about his current status.

I\d really like to know what else Steve's been up to.  I have a horrible feeling that he was placed in Adelaide to provide such commentary as he gave the Sunday Mail, a la the techniques of that other visitor to Adelaide, CIA propaganda subtractor Paul Rendon.  I have a hunch that Our Steve is a little higher in the food-chain than his public profile suggests.  Time will tell.


Oh.. the letter.  This one was in last Saturday's Advertiser:...

One month before the fith anniversary of September 11 imminent on Britain and the U.S. is discovererd.

The possible attack, believed to be scheduled for the "near future" , has caused an airport security crackdown acros Britain and the U.S.  I wonder how close to an September 11 and attack might have occurred, had terrorist plans not been thwarted.

With exactly one month to go until the anniversary of the attack, you have to wonder what other surprises await and hope that none will be fatal.

 If plans could be laid for multiple aircraft explosions, who knows what else could be planned.?

I do not like this new world we live in.  I don't know who to blame for these new worries being placed on our society, but would I like to find out.    Then I would know who to be angry with