Monday 4th of December 2023

Halliburton Fires Iranian Employees

If this account is true then the manner in which Halliburton's action might be perceived diplomatically by the Iranian government is of concern for us all.  If the dismissal of Iranian nationals is interpreted as possible "damage control" in the face of activities that might prove to be bad publicity for the company, then the Iranians might assume an angry bell is tolling. 

On the other hand, if the Iranians suspect that the action is an attempted act of reverse psychology then they might be unhappy at the attempted provocation and respond angrily.

Then again, if it's perceived as double-reverse psychology they might just lie low for a while.

Unless, of course, they assume that such inaction might play into the hands of the Americans.

Anyway, here's the source blog.... if anybody who can read Iranian could authenticate the primary source it would be helpful.

 From  A Daily Briefing On Iran, posted last Tuesday.

Iran Press News: translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.Regime-run news agency MEHR reported that the that American company Halliburton recently instructed its branch offices both in Iran and other countries that they refrain from renewing their contracts with all their employees of Iranian nationality. The management of this company has stated that they are unable to either employ or extended contracts with Iranian nationals and all those who are those in upper management employment echelons must settle their accounts for termination.


I don't like the way that thngs are going at the moment.