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Where Plan A Left Ahmad Chalabi 

By Dexter Filkins

November 5, 2006

‘Many miles away in a more dangerous place the dream is ending badly. The bodies pile up. Good people stream to the borders. Leaders pile money onto planes. The center is giving way.

The apartment on South Street in London is an antidote to Baghdad in nearly every respect. Where the Iraqi capital rings with chaos and violence, the sidewalks of Mayfair are quiet enough to hear your own voice above the cars. Baghdad is treeless and tan; the South Street apartment opens onto a private park filled with the lushness of an English garden. Just across the way is the Anglican church where General Eisenhower, stationed here as the commander of Allied forces during the war, came to pray. A maid greets you at the door, an elderly Lebanese woman who doubles as an Arabic teacher for the children.

The parlor is neatly appointed and filled with art, most of it European, different from the Baghdad house, where most of it is Iraqi. There is "Sketch of a Woman," by Lucien Pissarro, the French painter who propagated Impressionism in London; it catches the light nicely. The furniture is expensive, the kind that makes you hesitate to sit down. But the place has a lived-in quality too; family members come and go, clutching bags and calling to one another down the hallways. No one seems the least bit awed by the man of the house, who is dressed in a bespoke suit and carries himself like a monarch, and who, until now, hasn't spent more than a day at a time here since before the Iraq war began.

For Ahmad Chalabi, Iraq is an abstraction again.

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The cartoon above clearly explain how the heist of the Iraq war was created. Challabi was paid 350,000 a month (including expenses) by the CIA to give information on Saddam's WMDs and he obliged ... fabricating what the CIA wanted fabricated. Would you not for that kind of cash?

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Meant to say: Saddam is to be hung... found guilty of crime against humanity for the murder of 180-something people... Will there be more trial about all the other people that he has "killed" by decree? And will the great "Deciderer" also be indicted for having created a situation, an illegal war for fake reasons, that directly killed al least 100,000 by invasion of Iraq, and another 500,000 indirectly — well not so indirectly, after that... I suppose in these situation it all depends on who is in the top bunk... Blair, Bush, Howard have done a disservice to the world... May their soul, if they have any, rot... in paradise or hell, it does not matter. May Saddam see the folly of his actions ... Unfortunately, the other mobsters mentioned here won't see theirs... Tonight on sixty minutes we were treated to a piece of propaganda about saving the lives of US soldiers injured in Iraq... What about removing them from there in the first place, rather than having to have to spend in the vicinity of a million bucks per injured soldiers? And may Bin Ladden's soul rot as well...

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"They misunderestimated George Galloway, as George Bush would have put it, when the US Senate accused him of trading in Iraqi oil.

He fried them in it. This one doesn’t age....."