Monday 22nd of July 2024

Masters Of War- University Of Adelaide Degrees

Tired of KBR getting all the engineering jobs?   Looking for a career in building Weapons Of Mass Destruction?  Adelaide Uni can help.  They're now training engineers for more advanced construction work, at least up to the technology level that Raytheon allows us local savages to access.

It's odd for the university to now announce that it has been been running the specialised maritime engineering  program for a year already,  instead of at the program's initial implementation.  Given that the start of the academic year was just before the South Australian elections I wonder if the story might have been considered politically inappropriate at the time.  To me it seemed that the whole concept of the Defence State, complete with number plates and BAE bus shelter ads, seemed to have been shelved in the last pre-election four weeks.  In such a context I can understand a reticence for publicity.

The ASC's head explains  that  "The Masters degree will greatly accelerate up-skilling and, in time, strengthen Australia's indigenous naval engineering capability."

Indigenous knowledge- we seemed to be hearing a lot of that sort of thing when everybody was announcing the AWD construction deal last year, especially from Defence Minister Hill.   The CEO of Raytheon Australia was a little more weasly regarding the "local knowledge" topic last year.  He explained to the Australian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce that  "All of our employees in Raytheon Australia are Australian, but if we need deeper specialist expertise or assistance in transferring technology to this country we can call upon any number of engineers and other experts to assist."

"We, in Raytheon Australia, use the term “Reach Back” to describe this key asset that allows us to draw upon Raytheon’s global resources."

In other words, the REAL knowdedge, the most important formulae and data pertinent to assimilating US warheads with local ships, will never be allowed near Australian minds.