Wednesday 19th of June 2024

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‘Almost 40 per cent of land used by Israel for its settlements in the occupied West Bank is the private property of Palestinians, the Israeli organisation Peace Now said yesterday on the basis of leaked official maps and other data.

Contrary to official claims that the land is state-owned and that private property is only seized temporarily for security reasons, the leak shows that privately owned Palestinian land has been repeatedly used to build and expand settlements.

The potential embarrassment to Israel is all the greater because it suggests that the use of private Palestinian land is especially prevalent in Jewish settlements which successive Israeli governments have made clear they are determined to keep.’

Palestinians 'Own 40%' Of Israeli West Bank Settlements

Moving the pegs...

Gus: we've already alerted readers a few months ago about the [|map of greater  Israel]... in which no Palestinian land appear since the lands are absorbed...

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Israeli, Palestinian leaders commit to cease-fire

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to a shaky cease-fire in Gaza Strip.

The move comes after Palestinian militants breached the hours-old truce by firing rockets into Israel.

Two militant factions have claimed responsibility for the firing.

Palestinian Prime Minister and leader of the Hamas Government Ismail Haniya says all Palestinian factions have been contacted and stand behind the agreement.

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel will show patience and restraint to give the fledgling cease-fire a chance.

Palestinian security forces have been deployed in the Gaza Strip to enforce the truce.

The surprise agreement to cease hostilities in Gaza came about after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas contacted Mr Olmert late on Saturday night.

Israeli troops left the Gaza Strip before dawn on Sunday bringing to an end a five-month assault that killed more than 400 Palestinians, almost half of them civilians.


Gus: We knew there were some solid "secret" new negotiations happening behind closed doors for the last six months... That an agreement has been reached is wonderful... but then the dour but knowing King tries to rain on the little parade...

Star of goliath

Palestinians shot dead in West Bank           

The ceasefire in Gaza is enforced by 13,000 members of the Palestinian security forces
A Palestinian fighter and a woman have been killed in an Israeli military operation near Jenin in the northern West Bank, Palestinian security and medical sources said.

Abdel Razek Nasser, a local leader in the Popular Resistance Committees, died during an exchange of fire with Israeli soldiers in Kabatiyeh.
The woman, a neighbour, was killed as she tried to help, the sources added.