Monday 4th of December 2023

Horsemen Long Gone

I was born on Cup Day
The year Lightfingers won
and Jeanie Shrimpton wore a skirt
that bared her legs in the sun
My grandpop was an extra
in Fifty Thousand Horsemen
Light Horse Captain in real life
and all his horses loved him.

He rode a horse into a bar
He knew without a doubt
that seeing as he owned the pub
he wouldn't get thrown out.
He listened to the races,
had a little bet each day
Knew the trainers, jockeys too
and their journeys to today

He's been gone a while now,
but his heart would swell with pride
to see his great-granddaughters
out riding side by side
But if he'd read the news around
the Melbourne Cup today
I have have a feeling he would have
a couple of words to say

Today I'll don my Op Shop suit
and my spiffing ten dollar top hat
I'll watch the race, I'll sip champagne
There's a reason for all that
I'll celebrate the spirit of
the horsemen long gone
Thanks to Melbourne Cup Day
it still carries on