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scapegoating putin once more...


Four suspects are to go on trial in the Netherlands charged with the murder of 298 passengers and crew on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, in what the Australian government says is the first significant step towards achieving “justice and accountability”.

In July 2014, MH17 was travelling over territory in eastern Ukraine when it was shot down by a Russian surface-to-air missile.

All passengers and crew, including 38 Australians, died.

he trials get underway on Monday and are the result of a five-year international criminal investigation – a joint investigation team comprising Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Malaysia.

The Australian government has consistently campaigned for a trial to bring to justice those responsible for the shooting down of MH17.

“While nothing can bring back those who lost their lives, Australia will continue to fight for justice for the victims of MH17 and their families,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Foreign Minister Marise Payne said in a statement on Saturday.

“We are supporting the Dutch prosecutions, including funding the victims’ families to participate in, travel to, or otherwise have meaningful access to the trials.”

“The Australian government remains steadfast in its commitment to pursuing justice and accountability for MH17”.


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can you trust the AFP? No...

The AFP (Australian Federal Police) cannot be trusted. The AFP was unable to find the source of a fake document used by Gus Taylor to bash Clover Moore. How can we trust it to mount a far more complex investigation in regard to the downing of MH17? One could say that the importance of both investigations is miles apart. MH17 killed a lot of people and the investigation is part of blame Putin campaign, while finding a fake document source could only bring Scott Morrison's government down.

The investigation of MH17 drama is incomplete and pre-determined. When threatened by Turdy Abbott to shirt-fronted him, Putin was scared. He was scared that Turdy would get hurt... Putin is a judo black-belt, a martial art expert, while Abbott was a thug — and as we all know (we should) a rabid liar. 


Remember also the Bali-9... The AFP knew the drug transfer was happening and told the Indonesian police about it. The parents of one of the drug-mules had begged the AFP to stop the drug run ON AUSTRALIAN SOIL before leaving Australia. But the theory in the AFP crazy idea stupid bag was that by letting the kids do the run, they would catch Mr Big. They never did and kids were sent to rot in Indonesian jails for nothing.


Remember that the AFP is also employed by the goverment to shut down sources of truth, such as the ABC, and, dare I say, one brave journo at the Murdoch media...


So can you trust the AFP? No. This is the view expressed by the Russian Ambassador to Australia:



The Joint Investigation team said the missile had come from a unit of the Russian armed forces.

Russia has long denied that accusation.

Dr Pavlovsky claims he "saw on the internet documents... indicating the Australian participants to the JIT (Joint Investigation Team) had some signals on the pictures presented as evidence being falsified."

The JIT was made up of officers from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine.Over five years, Australia played a key role in the investigation, conducting forensic analysis and liaising with the families of the 38 Australian victims.The AFP told 9NEWS, "This evidence has been validated ... and forms the basis of the court file".Russians Igor Girkin, Sergei Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov were among the four people charged by the JIT with murder last year.They will be tried in absentia when the trial starts on Monday.The Ambassador believes the accused and his country are innocent."So many fingers have been pointed at Russia in this context... for me it's quite enough to smell rat here."The Ambassador accused Australian authorities of holding an anti-Russian bias."I see the flaws of the investigation it is trying to provide the report, the result of which has been pre-determined."
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The Ambassador is correct. Read:

the reality behind MH17...

Some Emerging Truths About Ukraine and the Crash of MH 17 

On 17 July 2014 a Malaysian Airlines flight was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down over Ukrainian territory with the loss of all passengers and crew. The majority of the passengers were Dutch citizens, although there were significant other nationals represented, including in particular Australian citizens and residents. 

The Ukrainian territory over which the tragedy occurred was the centre of fighting between its largely Russian speaking inhabitants and Kiev government forces, acting on the instructions of the Kiev government that had earlier that year seized power in an American financed coup. 

An international group of countries set up an investigation into the crash. An early indicator that the investigation was likely to be less than objective came from its membership: the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine. As the countries suffering the largest casualties, the presence of The Netherlands and Australia was understandable. 

There was no obvious reason for including Belgium, although that countries position as NATO headquarters provides at least one clue. Why Ukraine was included was also a puzzle. On the then known facts, or at least what was thought to be the facts, Ukraine was at the very least a prime suspect in the shooting down. The exclusion of Malaysia, the plane’s owner and operator, who also lost citizens, was at the time inexplicable. The reasons only became known much later. Malaysia refused to be a party to an extraordinary agreement between the other four nations that gave an effective veto to the Ukrainians against any adverse findings. 

Contrary to basic principles of investigation, the quartet of countries immediately blamed Russia, alleging that a Russian missile has been fired at the plane, causing its destruction and the death of all on board. Not then and never since has any remotely plausible argument been advanced as to what possible motive Russia could have for shooting down the civilian airliner of a friendly country. 

In the now more than five- and one-half years since the tragedy, the original blame game has not ceased. A new report has recently been released however, that has shed considerable light on what really happened. This report follows earlier revelations from the Malaysians that they had sent a team to the Ukraine to recover the plane’s black boxes, managing to do so with the assistance of local rebels fighting the Ukrainian government forces. 

Had the Malaysians not been successful, establishing the truth of what happened would have been much more difficult. Thanks also to the efforts of an independent Dutch group, a great deal more information has become available, none of which casts the original quartet of countries in a favourable light. 

The conduct of the inquiry, the evidence that was established and then suppressed by the original investigators, the allegations repeated without question in the western media, and the manifestly false allegations have now been revealed in a major study by an independent Dutch group led by the investigative journalist Max van der Werff. Their results can be read on the website 26 February 2020. 


That this report, with its devastating revelations, has not been reported in the western mainstream media confirms that rather than being an inquiry into the truth about a tragedy, the investigation always had as a primary objective, to blame Russia. 

It will be recalled that the allegations against Russia hinge on the alleged presence of a Russian missile system in the crash location on the relevant date. This allegation was actively promoted by the notorious mouthpiece of the United Kingdom security services who publishes under the nom de plume Bellingcat. 

Bellingcat was a major promoter of the version of events that a Russian missile crew had crossed the border from Russia into Ukraine, and then fired its missile with the devastating consequences of destroying the aircraft and killing all its passengers and crew, and then returning across the border back into Russia. 

Bellingcat published some photographs of the Russian missile system, and the western mainstream media duly reported the allegations that the photographs were of the offending missile system, without the least bit of fact checking, either with local citizens who would have witnessed the alleged movements of such a conspicuous weapon system, or any verifiable military records. It is now known that local eye witnesses were interviewed by the Dutch investigators. 

Those eye witnesses referred to seeing Ukrainian fighter jets operating in the sky at the relevant time. This directly contradicted the Ukrainian government claim that none of their fighter jets were operational on that day. Such an obvious and easily disproven lie raises questions about what else the Ukrainians may be lying about. 

As might be expected, the Dutch Military Intelligence Service carried out its investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash. Their investigation produced a report that has been leaked to the van der Werff investigation team. That data shows quite clearly that at the material time the flight path of MH 17 was outside the operational range of both Ukrainian and Russian missile systems. 

The report of the Dutch military investigation team (MIVD) quoted by van der Werff confirms that there were no Russian BUK missiles or radar systems in Ukraine on or about 17 July 2014. The Dutch report further confirmed that no BUK missiles were detected as having been fired on that day. Nor had anything been fired from the Russian side of the border. 

This information was consistent with data obtained by two Australian investigators, Shaun Ellis and Timothy Johns, conducting an inquiry under the code name “Operation Arkanella”. None of these findings, which clearly contradict the allegations of Russian responsibility, have ever been published in the western mainstream media. It raises the obvious question of why the lie of Russian complicity in the tragedy has been raised and maintained ever since, when it is clearly contradicted by the evidence the Dutch-Australian investigations discovered. 

The known Russian missile systems were in proximity to substantial population centres. There were no reports in any format of any missiles being fired on the relevant day. This conclusion is clearly reported in the official report of the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service. Their report clearly states: “it becomes apparent that flight MH 17 was flying beyond the range of all identified and operational Ukrainian and Russian locations where 9K37m1Buk M1 Systems were deployed.” 


Again, it raises the obvious question: how is this information reconciled with the propaganda attack on Russia, then and ever since? 

This report was published on 21 September 2016, i.e. more than three years ago. Not a word of it has been published by the western media who persist in their “blame Russia” version despite having no verifiable evidence let alone motive, to sustain such an allegation. 

If we are able to exclude a missile as the cause of MH 17’s demise, that inevitably leaves only either an accident (which may be emphatically excluded) or intervention by fighter aircraft. Even the Ukrainians and their Western allies have never alleged that a Russian fighter jet was involved. 

Rather, the Ukrainian government has always maintained that none of its military aircraft were flying at the time. This claim has long been disputed by civilians living in the area who have given repeated accounts of the activity of Ukrainian fighter jets in the area at the relevant time. 

The area where the shooting down of MH17 occurred was an active war zone. It is known that both United States and Russian satellites were in stationary orbit over the region at the relevant time. It raises the obvious question as to why these data have not been released. One can understand the US reluctance as the data would disclose the complicity of their ally Ukraine in the tragedy. It is less clear why the Russian authorities have not released their data. The evidence after all is in their favour. 

What the satellite data would show is exactly what was established by the Dutch and Australian investigators at the time. That is, MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets. 

Van der Werff’s report includes the transcript of an interview with one such key witness, a Brigadier of the Dutch Police. That witness gave detailed evidence as to the activities of Ukrainian fighter jets in the area at the relevant time on the day of the tragedy. Again, this clearly refutes the Ukrainian claims. 

When one adds together the known facts revealed in the Dutch documents as well as other sources, certain irresistible inferences can be drawn. The most obvious is that MH 17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet. That single fact, from which so much else followed, has never been reported in the mainstream media despite it being the irresistible inference drawn by Dutch investigators more than three years ago. 

That the suppression of the truth has been a major factor in the anti-Russian campaign waged by the Netherlands, Australia and Ukraine is obvious. That the lies, obfuscations and misinformation should be perpetrated by the mainstream media is a sad commentary on the deplorable state of affairs that media has now sunk to. 

James O’Neill
Barrister at Law and geopolitical analyst [email protected] 

a kangaroo court in amsterdam...

On Monday a criminal trial will start in the Netherlands with four suspects being accused of involvement in bringing down Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight in Ukraine in 2014. A series of events organized by critics of the trial were held ahead of the hearings.

The auditorium of the Old Lutheran church in Amsterdam was full on Sunday as dozens of people gathered at the “MH17-Quest for Justice” Symposium to discuss the upcoming court trial which is about to start at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Judicial Complex.

Even though the majority of news outlets in the country seem to be supportive of the version of events brought forward by the Netherlands-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which placed the blame in the MH17 case on "pro-Russian rebels", many people, including independent journalists, disagree with this narrative.

According to Sander Compagner – the editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper De Andere Krant, who dedicated the latest issue to the MH17 case and organized Sunday’s symposium, the media in the Netherlands is pretty much one-sided in covering the MH17 case, and those who doubt the official version of events face push-back:

“All people that are critical of the JIT investigation, who are critical on the coming court case, they are “the Kremlin trolls”, they are not loyal to the families of those who lost their lives, so there is a lot of push-back to such initiatives.”

On Saturday another MH17-related event was held in the Netherlands, with investigative journalists Max van der Werff and Yana Yerlashova presenting their research on the MH17 crash and the recent leaked document that they published as part of their Bonanza Leaks project. Both journalists spent a lot of time at the crash site in Donbass to talk to eyewitnesses and filmed several documentaries on the topic. They interviewed forensic experts, including court-certified Malaysian digital analyst Akash Rosen, who claims that the first phone recordings published by Ukraine’s security service (SBU), which supposedly show that pro-independence militia commanders were responsible for downing the MH17, were heavily edited.

“We found Mr.Rosen in Malaysia and he did make a report for our documentary from 17th of July of 2019 explaining in detail that the Secret Service of Ukraine had made fake audio taps and put it on the Internet at the moment when the wreckage of the Malaysian MH17 was still burning,” Max van der Werff said during the “MH17 – Awaiting trial” event, which was organized in the Hague on Saturday by the international platform “Global rights for peaceful people”.

Van der Werff added that even though these first phone taps were not used by the JIT in the official investigation, according to Rosen’s preliminary analysis, other recordings, which were published later and used as evidence, may have also been edited:

“He’s still busy analyzing and writing a report, but already preliminary he can say that there are edits, although the quality is much better than on the first day, which makes sense because they had more time to doctor them.”

Dutch mainstream media accused Max van der Werff of playing a key role in “the Kremlin media campaign” against the MH17 trial. He denied the allegations.

The critics of JIT say that according to documents leaked by Bonanza, the investigators may have been trying to use the media to their advantage by publishing certain documents, which, together with other similar occurrences which they saw after the crash, may point at "narrative management".

​Even though Russia was excluded from taking part in the investigation from the very beginning, Moscow shared a lot of information with the JIT, including radar data and BUK missile manufacturer reports. According to the country’s foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, a lot of this data continues to be ignored.

On Monday a panel of judges from the District Court of the Hague will start reviewing the case, in which three Russian citizens and one Ukrainian will be tried in absentia for allegedly playing a role in the downing of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight with 283 passengers and 15 crew aboard during the armed conflict in South-Eastern Ukraine on 17 July of 2014.

The Joint Investigation Team includes representatives from Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Malaysia. 


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gus bats for evil...

Investigative journalist Roman Dobrokhotov has spent more than five years researching the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, which killed 298 people in 2014. 

"I think there are not so many things in the world that are proven better than that Russia is responsible for shooting down MH17," Roman tells me. "We have photos, we have audio recordings of telephone calls, we have witnesses, we have interviews with people who were on the ground."

The trial of four suspects - three Russian men and a Ukrainian man, all ex-security officers - opened in the Netherlands on Monday. Most of the MH17 victims were Dutch.

The Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) says it has proof that the missile system used to shoot down the Malaysian Boeing 777 over eastern Ukraine came from a military base in neighbouring Russia.

But Moscow continues to reject all the evidence presented thus far, including photos, videos, intercepted telephone calls and social media posts that appear to link the Buk launcher to Russia, and the pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine to the Russian state. 

Russian officials dismiss the MH17 trial as "political". 

All four accused are still at large. They are: Igor Girkin (ex-FSB colonel); Sergei Dubinsky (ex-GRU); Oleg Pulatov (ex-GRU) and Leonid Kharchenko (Ukrainian, ex-rebel commander), the indictment says.

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Roman Dobrokhotov was selected for the 2019 European Press Prize shortlist with ‘Unmasking the Salisbury Poisoning Suspects: A Four-Part Investigation

Roman Dobrokhotov is founder and editor-in-chief of The Insider, Russian independent online magazine focused on investigations and debunking of fake news. Roman lives and works in Moscow. He has a Ph.D. in political science and used to be a civil activist and organizer of protest campaigns in support of human rights. The Insider was founded in 2013 and since than Roman Dobrokhotov has participated in many important investigations concerning Russian trolls and hackers, invasion in Ukraine, GRU operations in Europe, corruption of the Russian government and many others.
Okay, I am going to be the evil’s advocate. I am going to bat for Moscow. First, I have never been to Ukraine. I have never been to Moscow. So I am going to present an alternative investigation which is not mine per se, but has come from studying pictures and other analysis, including George Venturini and James O’Neil…

We have photos?
We have audio recordings of telephone calls?  
We have witnesses? 
We have interviews with people who were on the ground?


AFTER FIVE YEARS OF INVESTIGATION, is this the best you can do?

Photos, when examined carefully, would indicate damage to the wings of the plane done by 30 mm bullets not by shrapnel of an exploding Buk missile… The damage is too regular and neatly precise to fit the 30 mm bullets.

The plane was diverted to fly ABOVE A WAR ZONE, by Ukrainian authorities.

The radar recording made by the Russians, available within hours of the disaster, showed that two Ukrainian jet fighters were within a couple of kilometres from the doomed aircraft. These recordings have not been accepted by the JIT.

After five years, the reality on “phone call recordings” is rubbish. Technology these days is easy as piss: a voice can be recreated, edited to say whatever one wishes. It is not a “proof”.

And we have social media posts that appear to link the Buk launcher to Russia… Excuse me. When was the last time that the West has taken social media post as evidence of truth? EVERY DAY in the West, social media is bashed as untrue, as fake news, as manipulated rubbish… No? So why trust these "ones”? Because they suit the narrative? Ah yes, do you mean the posts from "Bellingcat"?????

If I am correct, no-one in Ukraine saw a trace from a Buk missile in the sky. The trace would have at least lasted from 10 minutes as a sharp line of white vapour, slowly vanishing away… No-one saw it.

The Buk launcher, the recording of which was shown as early evidence of shooting down MH17 was on Ukrainian soil, at least 50 kms from the Russian border. Now we are told that the Buk missile was shot FROM RUSSIA. Buk missiles maximum vertical flight distance is 45 kilometres. At an angle, to reach 50 kms away, the Buk missile would have fallen off to the ground before reaching the MH17 target. Therefore it COULD NOT HAVE BEEN FIRED FROM A MILITARY BASE INSIDE RUSSIA. 

The Buk missile evidence presented by the JIT point to an OLD BUK MISSILE FROM THE LATE 1980s , the serial number PROVING it had been acquired by the Ukrainian army then from Russia.

The video of the Buk launcher presented early as evidence (saying it came to the Donbass area, shot MH17 and was then moved to Russia) had been shot at least a couple of month before the downing of MH17. This can be proven.

Roman Dobrokhotov is a peddler of fake news, even after "five years of investigation" — including Unmasking the Salisbury Poisoning Suspects: A Four-Part Investigation’.  By now you all know (we all should) that the Salisbury “poisoning” was 99 per cent a "false flag” event. The many conflicting pieces of information coming from the police, MI6 and MI5 should alert you to an impossibly confused narrative designed to blame Russia — a country which was later on very successful in staging an impeccable Soccer World Cup that the West political class resented... but that the ordinary folks enjoyed...

So so far, there is not a single proof that stacks up to proper analysis… 

The JIT is far more diabolical than the Russians on this...
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the AFP was hacked by the ruskies?...

Russian intelligence services likely hacked and leaked an Australian Federal Police report about the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, a court has heard.

Misinformation masquerading as news allegedly spread via a Russian-linked website which had selectively published only parts of the government-held documents that questioned the authenticity of video footage of the Buk-TELAR missile launcher used in the attack.

That’s according to prosecutor Dedy Woei-A-Tsoi who told the murder trial of three Russians and a Ukrainian over the crash, which killed 298 people, that “parts of the (AFP) report that confirm the authenticity of a video were not published” to cover up Russia’s involvement in the downing of MH17.

They included an analysis of four photos of the Buk missile launcher by the AFP who initially believed were manipulated because the modified date of the files was earlier than the creation date.

Despite the AFP being able to later corroborate its authenticity with the help of video footage, that information which was obtained in February was not published by Russian military intelligence, the GRU, the court heard.

Rather a selective batch of classified documents from the Joint Investigation Team — formed by Australia, The Netherlands, Belgium and Malaysia – served “as part of a cynical misinformation campaign that has gone on for more than five years now”, Ms Woei-a-Tsoi said.

“This website’s goal is therefore not to share information in a responsible, journalistic manner, but rather to spread disinformation,” she said.

“We must take into account the possibility that the published (AFP) documents were obtained following a successful GRU hacking operation in one of the four JIT countries mentioned above.”

Russians tried to hack the Malaysian police and attorney-general’s office and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ offices in the Netherlands to obtain information about the case, Ms Woei-a-Tsoi added in her statement to the court.

The court heard several witnesses in the MH17 trial were terrified about the repercussions of speaking out, with one witness fleeing his home in eastern Ukraine after being visited by two armed members of the GRU.

AFP Detective-Superintendent David Nelson confirmed the AFP and the wider JIT had stepped up IT security since the documents were released.

“We’ve all considered our own systems and taken the necessary steps,” he said.

Det-Supt Nelson said the incident was the only known unauthorised release of documents about the investigation.

“The prosecution service spoke about an instance of disinformation and how disinformation is being portrayed in the media and to the general public,” he said.

“I don’t wish to comment too much further on what the (Dutch) Prosecution Service said other than to say that (the disinformation campaign) is not helpful for the next of kin, I don’t think it assists their grieving and ability to follow the trial and know what the facts are.”

Bryan Clancy, who lost his brother Michael and sister-in-law Carol on MH17, said Russia had gone to unbelievable lengths to avoid scrutiny.

“They’re murderers and they’re trying to cover their tracks,” he said.

Russians Oleg Pulatov, Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinsky and Ukrainian Leonid Kharchenko are also being tried in absentia for murder and the destruction of the civilian airliner.

The trial has been adjourned until March 23.


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the russians did not do it...

By Andrew Korybko
American political analyst

The MH17 tragedy is back in the news after the start of this case's show trial in the Netherlands, which isn't about bringing the alleged perpetrators to justice or helping the victims' families find closure, but waging information warfare against Russia in an attempt to "conclusively" pin the blame for this crime on its supposed proxies in Eastern Ukraine so as to ruin President Putin's international reputation once and for all.

The world is once again talking about the MH17 tragedy after the start of this case's show trial in the Netherlands, where four of the alleged perpetrators are being accused of murder. It's unlikely that they'll appear before the court, so the entire process is more about show than substance. In case the reader doesn't remember exactly what happened on that fateful summer day on 17 July, 2014, the author recommends that they review his most recent analysis on the issue from earlier this year titled "Latest MH17 Documentary By SBU Whistleblower Shares Some Shocking Truths", which covers what he believes to be the most convincing version of events that transpired immediately before, during, and after the passenger jet was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. In short, the conventional narrative that the Russian-aligned rebels there were responsible is debunked as a convenient cover-up for masking Kiev's culpability, which in turn also makes that government's Western backers -- and not Russia -- indirectly responsible. It's therefore understandable that a lot of powerful forces are invested in making their manufactured version of the "truth" the "official" one, hence the show trial, which is nothing more than an attempt to "conclusively" pin the blame for this crime on Russia and its supposed proxies in Eastern Ukraine. 

Before going any further, it needs to be said that victims' families have every right to be upset about what happened, and that everyone should respect their right to draw their own conclusions about what took place even if one doesn't ultimately agree with them. The author doesn't believe that Russia or the Eastern Ukrainian rebels were responsible, but acknowledges that some of the victims' families think differently, especially after some of them staged a silent protest outside of the Russian Embassy in The Hague over the weekend. Nobody should criticize the victims' families and thus make this all the more harder for them to deal with, but there's also nothing wrong with talking about how their reaction to this tragedy is being exploited by those who are relying upon it to convince others that their interpretation of events is the only correct one. Politicizing the suffering of innocent people is wrong no matter who does it or why, which is why it's morally reprehensible that others are taking advantage of them under the guise of "giving them a voice" in order to push their narrative onto the broader public. The ongoing trial isn't about bringing the alleged perpetrators to justice or helping the victim's families find closure, but waging information warfare against Russia, the purpose of which is to ruin its international reputation and that of its leader once and for all. 

President Putin is generally despised by the West but loved by the non-West because of his domestic and foreign policy successes over the past 20 years, which greatly contributed to bringing the emerging Multipolar World Order about. Even his detractors recognize that he's an epochal figure whose legacy will certainly be studied for generations to come by people all across the world, they just regard Russia's return to international prominence as being detrimental to their countries' zero-sum interests. Nevertheless, they also wisely understand that soft power is more important than ever before in today's interconnected, globalized world, especially after the information-communication technology revolution of the early 2000s, so they have a driving motivation to defame the Russian leader any chance they get. Regrettably, the MH17 tragedy is cynically seen as the "perfect opportunity" to ruin his legacy by forever associating him with what happened even though he played no role in those events whatsoever, nor did his countrymen. All that's important to the "perception managers" who manufactured this weaponized narrative is that the lingering suspicion of President Putin's possible involvement "credibly" exists, which explains the infowar importance of the ongoing show trial for supposedly "confirming" that. 

Back to the show trial itself, it's predictable that the accused will probably be found "guilty" for the aforementioned political reasons of pinning the blame for that tragedy entirely on Russia and the Eastern Ukrainian rebels so as to defect from the "inconvenient" facts that have since come to light implicating Kiev and its Western backers, which was explained in the author's analysis that he cited in the opening paragraph of this article. The overall soft power impact of this seemingly inevitable conclusion will likely be minimal, however, seeing as how most people have already made up their minds about who was really responsible. Those who are convinced that Russia played a role will feel "vindicated" by the anticipated verdict, while those who have remained skeptical this entire time could use the newfound attention to this case to share the "inconvenient" evidence that was just touched upon with others. The takeaway from all this "legal" drama is that tragedies will almost always be politicized for information warfare purposes, especially if the case can remotely be made that Russia or any of the West's other geopolitical rivals might have had even an indirect role in whatever it is that transpired, so these countries should brace themselves to expect more such show trials in the future and take steps to ensure that their side of the story is heard by as many people as possible.


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The Russians did not do it.

blame the russians first, then your grandmother...

Swedish Minister's Claims of 'Russian Troll Attacks' Turn Out to Be 'Ordinary Swedish Grandmother


Anders Ygeman's claims of an attack on his Facebook page by “Russian trolls” over the future of 5G networks were previously dismissed by the Russian Embassy as paranoia. In reality, the over 2,000 comments turned out to have a local explanation.

Swedish Minister of Energy and Digital Development Minister Anders Ygeman has accused Russia of “destabilising the Swedish 5G debate” and targeting him in a Facebook attack. However, Swedish national broadcaster SVT found no foreign clues, as the over 2,000-comment long thread turned out to have been originated by an “ordinary Swedish grandmother”.

Earlier this year, Anders Ygeman said that every time he mentions 5G on social media he is attacked by hundreds of 5G-negative comments. He suggested that “Russian interests” were behind the attacks.

“There is a Russian competition political interest in disrupting and hindering other countries' development of 5G”, Ygeman ventured. “Obviously those comments can generate concern for ordinary Swedes. That must be the purpose of them”, Ygeman said.

While Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden's leading dailies, ran an article called “Ygeman targeted in Russian attack”, Ygeman's allegations were dismissed by the Russian Embassy as paranoia.


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The US might have crucial satellite photos of the missile used to bring down MH17 six years ago but the images are classified, a court has heard.

Prosecutor Thijs Berger told the District Court of The Hague the missile that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 wasn’t detected on Russian civilian radar, but experts told investigators it might have been too small or fast.


Read more rubbish:



The court knows very well that:



b) THE RUSSIAN RADARS NOT DETECTING A MISSILE (?too small, ?too fast) is as fanciful as Santa Clauss doing wheelies with Rudolph at the north pole on December 24...



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