Wednesday 19th of June 2024

Comments on Troy Rollo's 'Where to Next' (Travis Franklin)

Your idea of a multiple independants promoting common principles of democracy is (I believe) the ONLY way to fix the huge dilemma that we face as a democracy. I have always voted the Major Parties last for that exact reason.

The title of NHJ is the reason I bought it. But in reality the problems that face our democracy would in no way be over if Johnny got kicked out. It would have been nice to see him punished for Iraq and Im still coming to terms with the disapointment and frustration.

Yes our media laws and senate would probably be safe for a while but if Big Party Liberal can do it then Big Party Labour can do it too. For a long time I have refferred to them as the Liberal/Labour Party. They are in real terms, idealogically, the same Party.

Another party built out of old parties would probably end up the same too because that is how people and power work together. A Network of Independant candidates could one day gain power to fix the holes in our democracy with permanant solutions. But we would even have to be carefull how to name it.

The NHJ candidate that went against Johnny didnt have a hope really and i think the Greens are not moving as fast as they deserve simply because the name seems to promote limited issues to those with minimal political interest ( ie the majority of voters.). If a genuine contest for power is to work it needs a name that somehow promotes the idea of representatives that actually represent thier electorates.

Also, how would such an independant network elect a cabinet? Would the Governor General let it take power? How the hell do you get started on such a massive project. I have many ideas for such a party as mentioned above but no idea how I could really contribute.

I would love to hear from anyone at NHJ or from those who frequent this site. Ive had my little cry over the election result now I would like to help.