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In 2001, Michael Moore published his number one bestseller "STUPID WHITE MEN and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!". It nearly did not get published because of 9/11 as Moore took the piss out of G W Bush beforehand.


In the book, There is a list of, I guess, stupid white men who lead the world political system into the abyss of a crapper. There are also some black men. Overall, it seems, the human species is lead by idiots because, let's face it, Homo sapiens is a STUPID species. 


The list compiled in 2001 by Moore makes interesting reading. Of the 50 major countries leaders, only three are still standing by 13/05/2021.


A) Vladimir Putin of Russia — we all know (we all should) about him. More to follow.


B) Omar al-Bashir of Sudan


C) Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni has been sworn in for his sixth term as president, as police surrounded the home of Bobi Wine, his main opposition rival who decried the inauguration as a “sham”.

Museveni, who won re-election in January despite widespread reports of irregularities, took the oath of office on Wednesday at a ceremony in the capital, Kampala, that was broadcast on national television and attended by several African heads of state and other foreign dignitaries.

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In the chapter in which this list is inserted, it hurts Michael Moore to admit that America is the Dumbest Country on Earth. No wonder they hate Putin, possibly the smarter leader of them all, by necessity and an accident of history. We have explored much of Vladimir Putin on these pages such as at


More to come.

there, since 2000...


I want to laugh so hard, but I can’t stop crying at how ignorant people are these days. Take a recent RFE/RL story assuring all of “us” as to the reasons “why” Vladimir Putin feels so alone. Wait, stop your heads from wobbling, it gets crazier. The New York Times says Russia’s leader has been testing the world’s limits. As the pandemic that should have gone away with the 2020 summer sun rages through India, and with Colorado innovators set to mine sewers to heat buildings above ground, experts now worry about Putin’s solitude.

My, my, just when you figured the world could not get stupider. According to Business Insider, it is Vladimir Putin who is searching for convenient western enemies in order to distract his people from problems at home! Oh my God, give us a break J.W. Sotak, you’ve had way too much of the Kool-Aide lately, time to sit this dance out. This story had to be drafted by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s PR team and sent to the former US Army Civil Affairs Staff Sergeant given space to jabber jaw nonsense at Business Insider. What, BI cannot even locate a captain or major to parrot deep state, Pentagon, military-industrial complex propaganda? Wow. Sotak is the Editor in Chief of SOFREP, which allegedly supplies “military-grade content” to media outlets. There’s some opinion we can trust. Putin hunting more enemies, right.

Then there’s the previously mentioned RFE/RE story entitled “’Alone’ Among Allies? Why Putin Shunned The West In Victory Day Speech.” Russia desk editor Steve Gutterman accused Putin of trying to rewrite history at the May 9th celebrations in Moscow. Unfortunately, anyone with sense enough to scan a Wikipedia page can easily determine which nation contributed the most blood and guts to kill the Axis powers in World War II. Sadly, every war movie I ever saw as a kid showed a million Audie Murphy’s (American movie star and war hero) charging pillboxes in western Europe. Russians fighting Tiger tanks with Molotov cocktails in Stalingrad was never a feature film back when. Don’t you just hate it when people lie?

At Bloomberg, it is Putin who is daring to tread where no Soviet leader ever walked. Polish journalist, Ulrich Beck disciple, and devout Putin hater Slawomir Sierakowski raves and foams at the mouth over his keyboard in the daring Putin’s Sound and Fury, in the wake of Mr. Putin’s state of the nation address last month. This is one of the guys who said Putin could never build the bridge over the Kerch Strait. He now uses the same bridge project to suggest Putin and wasting money helping Crimea. I’m surprised Poland’s scholarships and grants prince has not blamed Putin and a Sputnik V for letting 400,000 Indian people contract COVID-19 every day. (Sputnik is ready for rollout there) The second wave of coronavirus is ripping India apart, Putin’s vaccine is one of the only bright spots there, but somehow the Russian president is the blowhard? Yep. Sierakowski is suffering from grant money journalistic rabies.

Finally, the network of ousted Yukos oil mafioso Mikhail Khodorkovsky is still hard at work helping American hegemons keep pace. Ukrainian psychotic professor Dmitry Shlapentokh does Koderkovsky’s bidding at the Institute for Modern Russia (IMR) in a long piece talking about the Kremlin’s policies being tsarist rather than fascist. ”Putin’s dangerous flirting with nationalism” is interestingly akin to each-and-ever-other Russophobic, Putin hating, NATO propagandizing, corporate elitist “report” coming from these media outlets and think tanks. I wonder, does this indicate anything to people? Is there something fishy about the droning narrative? Well, for some of us, there is.

There is good news though. In Denver, Colorado, USA engineers are reinventing how big public buildings are heated. They are using the temperature differences between city wastewater and ambient atmospheric temperature to heat or cool big buildings. They do this by pumping the air from sewers into a system of heat exchange. And no, the hot air is not stinky like propaganda about Putin either. Now if these same engineers could come up with a way to utilize the hot sting air from RFE/RL, Koderkovsky’s bunch, the US State Department, the Pentagon, and all the news outlets run by the billionaire elites, climate change would be fixed for good.



Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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Note: despite what one might say, the fact as seen from Gus's small windows is that Putin is the smartest leader of a large country on this planet. In the US, the presidents have to be removed every 4 or 8 years for fear of "exhaustion", corruption, mismanagement and possibly craziness or looniness — the previous case in point, itself replaced by an old senile liar who pleases crowds by not saying the same crap as the previous lunatic. In Europe, the only one who has stayed some distance has been Angela Merkel, losing traction lately. In the UK, they had the Blair-the-warmonger who should be in prison, his unlucky successors and now the mad Boris (possibly because the Poms love their eccentrics). The French had their sneaky Sarkozy who has been proven to be corrupt as well as a mad warmonger silly enough to get France back into NATO, followed by a weak ideologue who got replaced by a little rich kid of the right — as the left is always unable to hold on to the same stick together. Of latecomers, Xi of china, seems to understand the vision of Chairman Mao that unified a mega-country which suffered under colonialism and invasion.


And Vladimir is still there, making sure Russia stays Russian. Lonely? Possibly?... But Putin is able to delegate to great enablers, including foreign affairs Lavrov — himself the most intelligent and most honest of the breed. Lavrov and Putin are also master of languages, unlike many of the Yankees who can barely speak American, without making a threat to boot...