Tuesday 28th of May 2024

Hello all, Just thought I would submit a small thought, (Andrew Morton)

After what the conservatives are claiming as a resounding victory and supposed mandate for all that was ever mentioned during their 6 month campaign which began on budget night, we could all easily slip into a state of despair, and do nothing due to a feeling of despondancy.

This would be understandable. However, I learnt on election night that all is not lost. I was surrounded by a group of wonderful people who had gathered to help Brian Deegan attempt to unseat Downer, and it struck me that now is the time to begin action to destroy this heartless lying regime. All those who banded togethher over the last 6 months must continue if we are to be prepared for next time around.

The movement's filled with wonderful people and must regroup and continue the fight, as hopeless as it may seem.

NHJ!(HA): I agree Andrew, but I've also seen a bit of burn-out in my time. Tragically it's sometimes permanent. So it's quite ok to have a rest.