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This whole pain-in-the-arse disaster? This lockdown? This disruption? Just so we don’t forget, it came from two things.

First, it came from a limo driver ferrying international flight crew from the airport who it is believed was unvaccinated. And an investigation is underway into whether he was wearing a mask. Seriously! How is that even possible? In terms of the bleeding bloody obvious – Anti-COVID 101 – do you reckon the state government might START with: everybody in the frontline of obvious COVID risks has to be masked and vaccinated? No ifs, no buts. But no, the whole thing has been an ambling, rambling, shambles.


And, second: eight months after vaccines became available, just 3 per cent of us have been fully vaccinated! Sally McManus was right. “This is not a vaccine rollout, it’s a stroll-out.” That is partly the federal government’s fault and, partly, the general lack of urgency from we the people. And from the Opposition – they should be pushing an alternative plan for getting us out of this mess with all guns blazing!

Listen, if you are in the queue and eligible for the vaccine, get it bloody done! If not for you, do it for the country. If as a country we don’t embrace it, this stuffing around will go on for years. How can it not?


And yes, after lucking out with my first jab three months ago when the queue in front of me suddenly disappeared with an AstraZeneca blood-clotting scare and brief suspension, I got my second jab on Tuesday evening last. I had a slightly sore arm for 12 hours, now good to go. And, of course, I was on the look out for anything that felt like a clot, but as the medical fraternity has pointed out, they have so advanced their treatment of blood clots should they emerge, it is much less an issue than it has been. I repeat, let’s get this done. And those who refuse to get it done, have no right to whinge about lockdowns because until we get to a critical mass of people vaccinated we are always going to be going in and out of these panic attacks.

In their debt

One other thing. Let’s talk briefly about the chief health officers. We see them on the tube all the time, and nearly without exception – lead by NSW’s own Dr Kerry Chant – they look frazzled and exhausted. And I just want to say a sincere thank you to them. In the wee hours, when you and I are lost in the Land of Nod, to my eyes it looks to me like this lot are staring at the cracks in the ceiling, working out the angles, the risks, how things might be done better – always aware that every move made has the potential for catastrophic consequences, and all they can do is their very best, because someone has to do it. Whatever happens, the rest of us are in debt to you and yours – and our families are safer, because you are no doubt seeing so much less of yours.


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wrong pub...

Australian health authorities accidentally placed a Sydney pub on a Covid-19 exposure alert list, mixing it up with another establishment of a similar name. The blunder was noticed and fixed almost a day later.

The New South Wales Health Ministry issued a new coronavirus alert overnight, providing a list of venues where visitors may have been exposed to coronavirus.
The notice is a warning to get tested for the disease and to isolate immediately for 14 days regardless of the test results for both the visitors and their families.

It listed the Crossroads Hotel, a local pub in Casula, southwest Sydney among the affected premises.

Nearly a day later, however, the health authority issued a correction, stating it actually meant the Crossways Hotel, an entirely different pub located some 25km from the original location.


The blunder attracted some criticism towards the health ministry, with many blasting it for the false alarm, which apparently sent multiple people into isolation – while individuals who may actually have been exposed to coronavirus roamed freely.



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Host Paul Murray questioned why people were not hoarding daily necessities such as bread, especially if people were housebound.

"I guess because we have Uber and Domino delivering food," Mr Dillon said.

There has been a resurgence in panic buying in regional and metropolitan suburbs again with three states and a territory currently under strict lockdown provisions.

Woolworths and Coles have been forced to reintroduce limits of two packs of toilet [paper] per person in NSW.

Meanwhile limits have also been applied for stores in the ACT and Northern Territory.


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'Mankind'… has no aim, no idea, no plan, any more than the family of butterflies or orchids. 'Mankind' is a zoological expression, or an empty word. … I see, in place of that empty figment of one linear history which can only be kept up by shutting one’s eyes to the overwhelming multitude of the facts, the drama of a number of mighty Cultures, each springing with primitive strength from the soil of a mother region to which it remains firmly bound throughout its whole life-cycle; each stamping its material, its mankind, in its own image; each having its own idea, its own passions, its own life, will and feeling, its own death.


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 ASX set to jump on back of Wall Street surge


The three major US stock indexes rallied to record closing highs to close the week as financials and other economically focused sectors rebounded.

The rally allowed the indexes to notch slight gains for the week, which also saw a sharp rally in US Treasuries as investors worried the US economic recovery might be losing steam as the Delta variant of the coronavirus spread globally.


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