Saturday 23rd of October 2021

the road to damascus for uncle rupe...

jerry winsjerry wins

Power and money: That’s all the old boss cares about (“Climate change shift at News Corp is long overdue”, September 7). On climate it’s a misinformation juggernaut: it divides countries, states, workplaces and families – even his own – and it sells. Everybody fights and he’s already picked his side. Blessed is the country without Rupert Murdoch – like New Zealand.

 Sue Young, Bensville


News Corp has sniffed the wind and decided to get on board by campaigning to recognise the need for action on climate change. Who would have thought? But where does this leave the Morrison
government as cover for its inaction will now disappear from the Murdoch papers.

It’s likely that, once again, the government will be dragged by the nose to do something. Time after time this government only acts when public opinion forces it to do so. On the big issues it’s default position is to do nothing. 


David Tunny, Turramurra


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