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Gladys Berejiklian's own Treasury officials appear to have initially advised against setting aside $5.5 million for a grant pursued by Daryl Maguire, but the grant was later approved and came from a fund overseen by Ms Berejiklian, according to an internal government memo obtained by 7.30.

 Key points:
  • NSW Treasury appeared to not support approving a grant for the Australian Clay Target Association, an internal document shows 
  • The then-sports minister Stuart Ayres initially declined to support granting funding to the association
  • The grant was being pursued by former state MP Daryl Maguire

Last year 7.30 revealed that Ms Berejiklian oversaw a fund that set aside $5.5 million for the Australian Clay Target Association [ACTA] clubhouse and convention centre in Wagga Wagga when she was state treasurer.

Those revelations raised fresh questions about the Premier's role in facilitating grants in Mr Maguire's electorate, where he stood to gain a political benefit, and whether Ms Berejiklian ever declared a personal conflict of interest during the grant process.

After 7.30 first revealed details of the clay shooting grant in December last year, ICAC announced it was undertaking further investigation into Mr Maguire, who is currently the subject of an extensive probe into his business dealings.

Last month 7.30 also revealed that Ms Berejiklian intervened in the assessment of the $5.5 million grant and that Mr Maguire had written to Ms Berejiklian asking for her assistance to fund the project.

Since then the Premier has faced a number of questions at her daily press conferences about the ICAC investigation and whether she is a person of interest in the inquiry, which she has denied.

The circumstances of a December 2016 Expenditure Review Committee meeting where the funding was set aside — which Ms Berejiklian would have ordinarily chaired as treasurer — have become a source of intense political interest.

Legal experts have previously told 7.30 that if the Premier approved a funding reservation for the project at that meeting, it may amount to a conflict of interest.

The Premier has previously said her relationship with Mr Maguire was not of "sufficient status to" require disclosure.

7.30's questions about the grant last year sparked a flurry of internal government queries, with various government officials seeking to understand how the grant had been approved, after a submission was put forward by the Office of Sport while Stuart Ayres was sports minister.


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the fall gal for scomo's sports rorts?...


Gladys Berejiklian has announced she will quit as NSW Premier after the Independent Commission Against Corruption announced she was being investigated by the corruption watchdog.

Ms Berejiklian says she will also leave Parliament as soon as a byelection can be held.


“Resigning at this time is against every instinct of my well-being ... I love my job and serving the community but I have been given no option following the statement.

“I’m extremely confident that whoever succeeds me will be more than capable to continue the job.

“Please give them your trust and confidence. We will come through this. Stronger, more resilient and appreciating what really matters in life. I felt strong, energised and optimistic about the future of NSW.”


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ScoMo may have done far worse on a national scale, but there is no national ICAC in Kanbra... LIke Gladys, Scomo claims that he did nothing wrong... One goes — one stays with his submarines...



fairness for the liars and fudgers...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has doubled down on attacks against NSW’s anti-corruption body while defending former premier Gladys Berejiklian who is under an integrity probe.

The prime minister launched a tirade against the investigation in parliament on Thursday after Liberal backbencher Bridget Archer crossed the floor in a bid to bring on debate about a federal integrity commission.

Mr Morrison wanted a federal body to focus on criminal investigations and not “vexatious, baseless, politically motivated and time wasting referrals”.


“Our model does provide procedural fairness,” he told ABC radio on Friday.

“[It] doesn’t allow for coercive powers to be used in an inappropriate way, that does safeguard against vexatious, baseless, politically motivated and time wasting referrals.

“This should focus on criminal conduct, not who your boyfriend is.”

Ms Berejiklian resigned under investigation for potential breaches of public trust linked to her secret five-year relationship with former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption needed to get the balance right after taking the scalps of three NSW premiers.

“I make the point that three premiers lost their jobs [and] in the case of two of them, [there were] not adverse findings against them,” he told Sky News.

“[But] we’ve yet to see, obviously, the final outcome of the issues involving Gladys Berejiklian.”

Multiple attempts by Labor and crossbench MPs and senators to set up an integrity commission have been blocked by the government.


The government has released its own draft model for consultation but has not brought it on for debate in parliament.

The government’s model has been criticised for being a toothless tiger and setting the bar for corruption too high.


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