Saturday 23rd of October 2021

another miracle coming to the down-under shit hole...


More American troops and military manpower will be deployed to Australia after a new strategic alliance was forged with the United States and Britain.

Key points:
  • US officials say they will stand alongside Australia amid mounting pressure from China
  • The new trilaterial security partnership will build nuclear submarines for Australia's fleet
  • Meanwhile, the US has raised concerns about economic backlash from China

The centrepiece of the deal announced yesterday involves Australia acquiring nuclear-powered submarines and abandoning a deal with France to build a conventional fleet.

Under the arrangement, the United States will divulge its most-guarded naval nuclear secrets to Australia.

It has only done that with one other ally, the United Kingdom, in a deal that has run since 1958.

US to lift military presence in Australia

Speaking at a joint press conference after meetings between top US and Australian diplomats in Washington, Defence Minister Peter Dutton confirmed the pact would see the two sides significantly enhance their force posture cooperation.

That will see the partners cooperate when it come to overall military disposition, strength and condition of readiness of their forces.

As a result of the pact, more US warplanes of all types, including bombers, will come to Australia, along with a larger presence of maintenance crews and military logistics personnel.


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