Thursday 19th of May 2022

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French far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour has launched his presidential campaign in front of thousands of cheering supporters at a Paris event marred by fighting during his speech.

Zemmour, a 63-year-old author and veteran television commentator, announced on Tuesday that he would run in next April’s election, joining the field of challengers seeking to unseat centrist President Emmanuel Macron.

He held his first event at an exhibition centre in a suburb of Paris where thousands cheered every mention of reducing immigration and booed every reference to Macron loudly.

“The stakes are huge: if I win it will be the start of winning back the most beautiful country in the world,” Zemmour told the crowd.

The breaks out

Fighting broke out and chairs were thrown at activists when they stood up with “No to Racism” written on their t-shirts, with at least two of them seen bleeding as they were ejected from the auditorium.

A crew from the popular but critical Quotidien nightly TV news show were also booed and removed by security, with hostility to the media a feature of the speeches at the event.

The rally was seen as a chance for Zemmour to regain momentum after opinion polls showed support for him falling during the last month as he attempted to maintain suspense about his intentions.

Zemmour, who has two convictions for hate speech, claimed there were 15,000 people at the rally, although organisers had previously talked of 12,000.

Polls show that voters currently believe Marine Le Pen, the veteran leader of the far-right National Rally party, would make a more competent president than Zemmour.


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je ne regrette rien...

Éric Zemmour announced his candidacy for the presidency of France in a videoTuesday. His announcement speech is grand in its scope, grave in its assessments, and martial in its resolve. Yet it is full of hope. 

Americans, too, can find some hope in candidate Zemmour. Like Donald Trump descending that golden escalator half a decade ago, he represents a frank (non, je ne regrette rien) recognition of the facts: that the few no longer take responsibility for the good of the many, that things are bad, have been bad, and will continue to get worse if what must be done is not done—and that this means it cannot be left to the professionals.  


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We spent a zillion decade trying to get rid of this caper called FASCISM. Fascism includes racism, homophobia, misogyny, religious hubris, pseudo-cranial intellectualism — and this guy comes back with all this combined? We're at a junction (we always are!) when our decisions will shape the "future"... The bourgeois don't care either way as long as they make money and can pay their taxes honestly .. Look this is a satirical site, can't you take a joke?...  So Zemmour is more far right than Marine le Pen... Hopefully they will annihilate each other... Meanwhile would the "left" in France (or what is left of it) UNITE? Yes, would you?...





zemmour, the fascist...

Meeting of Eric Zemmour: an open investigation into the violence in Villepinte

The investigations will focus on the violence suffered by SOS-Racism activists [SOS Racisme is an NGO which describe itself as anti-racist. The oldest chapter of SOS Racisme was founded in 1984 in France] and the molestation of the candidate by a man. Since Sunday, political reactions have multiplied.


An investigation was opened into "the acts of violence committed inside the meeting" of the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour, Sunday, at the Villepinte Exhibition Center (Seine-Saint-Denis), announced the Bobigny prosecutor's office , Monday December 6.

Entrusted to the departmental security, the investigations relate in particular to violence against SOS-Racism activists present at the first public meeting of the presidential campaign of Mr. Zemmour. After wearing T-shirts with letters making it possible to form the message "No to racism!" Several anti-racist activists were pushed around by supporters of the far-right candidate, then severely beaten, sometimes by several people simultaneously. The videos also show that they were targeted by several chair throws. In particular, an SOS-Racisme activist was filmed with her face covered in blood after the clashes.


Complaints from journalists


The investigation opened Monday also relates to the grabbing of Mr. Zemmour by an individual before his entry on the scene. The man was immediately taken out and then arrested by the police. The far-right candidate's entourage said on Sunday evening that he suffered from a wrist injury and had been prescribed a nine-day temporary break from work. The Bobigny public prosecutor's office, however, stressed on Monday that the certificate provided by the candidate had not been drawn up by a medico-judicial unit, the only one empowered to determine the ITTs for criminal prosecution. The police custody of the man suspected of "premeditated violence" against Eric Zemmour has been extended, the prosecution also said in a statement.

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Journalists were also attacked during the rally, including the crew of the "Quotidien" as well as two journalists from Mediapart, who were hit in the back of the head. The latter filed a complaint on Monday, according to a document consulted by Agence France-Presse.


For the right and the far right, it was a "provocation"


On Monday morning, right-wing and far-right elected officials considered the presence of SOS-Racism activists a "provocation". While condemning "any form of violence", the deputy of the North and spokesperson for the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu thus ruled, on Monday, on France 2, that there had been "unnecessary provocation" of the part of anti-racist activists. “It’s not responsible. When you are an activist totally opposed to an idea or a candidate, you do not come to a meeting and take the risk of altercations", he said. [Translator's note: this is not new. Meetings of moderate candidates have oten been roughed up by extreme right thugs].

For the candidate of the Republicans, Valérie Pécresse, "you have to keep your cool". “You need both freedom of expression; I am for the freedom of expression of all those who do not think like me (...). Provocations in meetings exist, it's never pleasant, I had them like everyone else," she regretted on France Inter. “Above all, we must ban violence from meetings, as much as possible. Either way, because you know that the far left can sometimes be ultra-violent in a rally, ”she added.

For the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, “all violence is unacceptable, and the right to demonstrate is essential. But, at the same time, provocation in a meeting can incite [violence] ”. "So I believe that everyone must find the paths to appeasement," Larcher continued on Franceinfo, calling for "respect of freedom of expression, such as the freedom and the right to demonstrate".


"I think of this young woman who admittedly has different opinions than Eric Zemmour, but who comes out bloodied. Quite simply because she came not to chant, but to show a no to racism, ”regretted on Europe 1, Monday morning, the president of the group La République en Marche to the National Assembly, Christophe Castaner. "We can see that the extreme right, whether it has the face of Eric Zemmour or others, does not change, the extreme right is carried by the violence of the attacks against its opponents, by the violence of the attacks against France," he continued.


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zemmour, the zionist...

The rise of a single Jew threatens the collective power of Jewish Clergy world-wide. The archbishops of the ADL the CRIF, the Keren Hayesod are trembling in the tundra of Birobidzhan and pouring sweat in the jungles of Manaus.

The gabbais who tell America where to point its guns, the gvirs who decide the contents of our laws, the hakhams who brainwash generations of children into compliant shabbat goys, are crumpled up whimpering in the growing shadow of an approaching giant.

Oy Gevalt! Will the world stop turning, will the sun rise in the West, will the Earth and Sky exchange places? 

Regular Jews are tempted by Zemmour like Christ was tempted in the desert – his example destabilizes the tradition of submitting to Communal strictures, it transgresses against the Hallakha of Communal Victimology.

Zemmour’s ideas encourage identifying with gentiles in novel ways, that are unalterable, assimilationist. Sympathy for the fortunes of one’s neighbors aren’t compatible with membership in the Cofraternity of the Eternally Holocausted. Zemmour will start by turning rock into water, air into earth, and finish by turning Jews into non-Jews. 


Zemmour has never attacked the Jewish Clergy directly, but every statement in defense of France, its White, Christian, Greco-Roman heritage has provoked their bile. Their sense of impotence and insignificance is aggravated by his very act of inhaling and exhaling. The Bosses know that their power over ordinary Jews is built on sand, that they are more indebted to the Anti-Semite than the Righteous Gentile, and that Zemmour threatens to undo centuries of this mind-numbing tribalism if he becomes France’s next president. 

In 2008 Zemmour penned the novel “Petit Frere.” It is a fictionalized account of the real-life murder of a Jew by his life-long Arab neighbor/friend, which impugns to the Jewish youth an irresponsible naiveté and idealism that brings about his own death.

The CEOs of B’nai B’rith, the Shoa Foundation, BNVCA, UEJF, and zillion other Jewish orgs concluded that Zemmour was holding them accountable for France’s immigration debacle, or in today’s vocabulary – for France’s Great Replacement.

Petit Frere” and the controversy surrounding it, are a thumbnail of Zemmour’s take on the role of Jewish political oligarchs in France’s current predicament. A take which antagonizes them to no end, and justifies their opposition to Zemmour’s very existence. 

Zemmour enjoys some support among a handful of influential and powerful Jews, but these are no match for the Clerics of the Jewish world. His opinions undermine Jewish communal solidarity, a solidarity that is key to Jewish control over the West’s political discourse. This is no small threat. No small crime. 

France’s Jewish Bosses have formed a uniquely and malevolently anti-Zemmour Union and their anti-Zemmour Crusade is already in full swing. The targets are Zemmour’s Jewish supporters, Zemmour’s potential Jewish followers, and every single opinion Zemmour has about France’s Jewish history. 


Jewish Leadership is bipolar. It suffers from a congenital case of Kanner’s Syndrome which it refuses to purge from its genes. It can produce Nobel Prizes but not common sense. Time and time again it wrecks wonderful relationships between Jews and gentiles, then cuts and runs leaving a bitterness in its wake along with the Hate Laws which secure it.

The Bosses seem to do everything in their power to set Jews apart from gentiles in such a manner that we are never allowed to bond in anything but short-term pursuit of mutually beneficial opportunism. Since Jews are the inevitable winners in such a relationship, the resulting envy, distrust, and loathing of Jews becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of persecution and violence.

Instead of being outraged at how their country of birth is collapsing under the weight of their own influence, wasted in decades of encouraging trends which increase France’s violence and insecurity, downgraded in favor of policing hate crimes and crime-speak, Jewish Clerics have doubled down on an inflexible view of the French past with which they plan to bludgeon Zemmour into a pulp.


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no amour from zemmour...

Journalist and essayist Eric Zemmour, who is running in the 2022 French presidential election, was fined €10,000 ($11,400) on Monday for inciting hatred against migrants on TV. 

A Paris court tried Zemmour for the remarks he made on a TV show in September 2020. 

While speaking about unaccompanied minors entering the country, the journalist said: “They’ve got no reason being here, they are thieves, they are killers, they are rapists, that’s all they do, they should be sent back.”

The broadcast took place days after a Pakistani-born Islamist went on a stabbing spree outside the former office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, wounding two people. 

The prosecution argued that Zemmour “crossed the limits of the freedom of expression.”  


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