Monday 22nd of July 2024

Hillbilly Justice

The Twenty First Century
Twenty twenty two, in fact
I'm watching the Beverly Hillbiliies
to keep my mind intact

Seeing stuff that as a kid
I couldn't understand
with fifty years of life between
we never saw the Hand
Dystopian non-democracies
came from Orwell's mind
Asimov and Arthur Clarke
Futures were defined

It was a different place
when I was a Tacker
Twenty years since World War Two
when the Japs almost took our right knacker
till America saved our bums
Blood Debt makes a Bestie
Blood Debt travels Time, my chums
then you lose the teste

I flick through broadband channels
and Youtube's brilliant streams
and realise this lifestyle is
beyond the wildest dreams
of the Kid who watched the Hillbillies
too young to follow this-
The joke is on Society
and the Hillbillies take the piss!