Tuesday 9th of August 2022

censorship of russian media……..

US censorship of Russian media failed – Microsoft report


RT and Sputnik still reach US audiences despite Big Tech suppression on behalf of Ukraine


Silicon Valley’s efforts to suppress “Russian propaganda” – meaning outlets like RT and Sputnik – on behalf of Ukraine may have reduced their reach, but they still reach more Americans than before the outbreak of fighting in Ukraine, Microsoft has revealed in a report on the ongoing cyber-war on the side of Kiev. RT and Sputnik still get as many monthly page views as a major US corporate outlet, the tech company said.

Kiev has relied on a “coalition of countries, companies, and NGOs” for cyber defense, moving its digital infrastructure to the public cloud hosted in the West, according to the report titled “Defending Ukraine: Early Lessons from the Cyber War,” published on Wednesday and signed by Brad Smith, president and vice chair of Microsoft. 

The 30-page pamphlet seeks to label any news reports coming out of Russia as Kremlin propaganda and “global cyber influence operations” to support the war effort in Ukraine. They “combine tactics developed by the KGB over several decades with new digital technologies and the internet” to “take advantage of the longstanding openness of democratic societies and the public polarization that is characteristic of current times,” according to Smith.

Microsoft claims that “Russian cyber influence operations” led to an 82% increase in the spread of propaganda in the US and 216% in Ukraine, and that “the tech sector’s efforts in early March to curtail the amplification of narratives from RT and Sputnik likely helped reduce the spread of Russian propaganda back to pre-February levels.”

According to Microsoft’s estimates, RT and Sputnik still get anywhere from 60-80 million average monthly page views in the US, making alleged Russian influence “on par with a major publication like the Wall Street Journal.”

The company co-founded by Bill Gates bases these estimates and assessments on the Russian Propaganda Index (RPI), a tool developed by its “AI For Good Lab.” The lab has also used “a wide variety of internet sources and other identifying characteristics” to determine and even predict which sites might be considered Russian propaganda online, relying in part on outfits like NewsGuard and the Global Disinformation Index (GDI).

The US has a constitutional ban on overt censorship, but the Silicon Valley-based YouTube has blocked access to “Russian state media” channels across the globe since the conflict in Ukraine broke out. 

Having blocked RT and Sputnik in the European Union on March 1 at the request of EU governments, YouTube announced days later that it was expanding this censorship globally, and including all channels “associated with Russian state-funded media.” 

The EU’s Council of Ministers banned RT and Sputnik on March 2, citing the conflict in Ukraine, and said it would remain in effect until Russia stops conducting what it called, “disinformation and information manipulation actions against the EU and its member states.” Australia, Canada and the UK have followed suit. 






fair dinkum….


Dinkum Oil. A Volume Of Original Australian Wit And Humour

By The Twinkler" [Aka Fredk. J. Mills]



This is the book in which you can find :

"There are frequently no larger or more deceptive lies than those based on truth."




There are Russians living Ukraine for yonks.... TRUE!

They live mostly in the Donbass region of Ukraine.... TRUE!

There are Nazis fascist Banderites in Ukraine.... TRUE!

The Banderites (nazis) have been supported by the USA, in THE 2002 and 2014 "revolutions".... TRUE!

Ukraine is somewhat split between Germanic (Banderites, Scandinavian) AND Slavs (Russians, etc).... TRUE!

The Banderites killed many Ukrainian Jews during WW2.... TRUE!

Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi, billionaire has been the main promoter of Zelenskyyyy-y.... TRUE!

Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi, is a Jew supporting the Banderites against the Slavs.... TRUE!

Some part of the RUSSIAN (Slav) Donbass region declared autonomy in 2014.... TRUE!

The Banderites supported government murdered RUSSIANS in the Donetsk/Donbass area.... TRUE!

The Minsk Agreements were designed to allow autonomy of the Donbass in Ukraine.... TRUE!

The Kiev government refused to adhere to the Minsk agreements that it had signed.... TRUE!

Between 2014 and 2018, the Ukrainian government murdered about 13,000 people in the Donbass region.... TRUE!

Poroshenko admitted that he sign the second Minks agreements so he could "buy time" and weaponise Ukraine.... TRUE!

Between 2014 and 2020, the USA and the EU supplied a lot of weapons to Ukraine.... TRUE!

Zelenskyyy-y was elected on a platform of respecting the Minsk Agreements and rapprochement with RUSSIA.... TRUE!

Zelenskyyy-y reneged on these promises soon after being elected with 73 % of the votes.... TRUE!

By the end of 2021, Zelenskyyy-y popularity had dropped below 20 %.... TRUE!

In February 2022, documents appeared to the effect that Zelenskyyy-y was about to attack the Donbass.... TRUE!

The authenticity of these documents have been disputed — they probably were CIA creations — WHO KNOWS?

Yet, the nazi Azov battalion and 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers were being assembled near the Donbass.... TRUE!

Was this whole saga, a clever trap set up, BY the USA, to entice Russia to defend the Donbass region?..... PROBABLY!

Is the USA trying to WEAKEN Russia.... YES! (Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag...).... TRUE!

Do the USA want to destroy Russia and China (conquer the HEARTLAND)? Some serious historians say YES!

Documents and the study of US warfare trends, including the murder of JFK point to this "theory"?.... MOST LIKELY!

Could Russia wait longer and let Ukraine become a NATO member?.... NOT REALLY....


Who was the main instigator of NATO moving eastward? BILL CLINTON!


... and plenty more "Russian lies"......





of OSCE….

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was created in 1973 by the Helsinki Accords. It can only take a decision unanimously. It is, by definition, a neutral forum allowing all European States to discuss among themselves regarding the protection of their security.

However, in the course of the special Russian military operation in Ukraine, new OSCE officials were caught in Donbass in the act of spying. They were expelled by the President of the Lugansk People’s Republic [1].

The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly will hold its 29th annual meeting from 2 to 6 July 2022 in Birmingham (United Kingdom). London has just refused the necessary entry visas to the Russian delegation, thus preventing it from participating in the discussions, on the grounds that all its members are subject to European Union sanctions because of their support for their country’s invasion of Ukraine.

This decision contravenes the declaration adopted at the 2016 OSCE Assembly, requiring member states to issue the “visas or authorizations necessary to enter the territory of their country, at least for the duration of the event”. It hampers the correct functioning of the OSCE. The International Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation has made it known that, under these circumstances, it will not recognize the decisions taken by this assembly in its absence.








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