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of the anglo-saxon superiority complex…..

It is hard to comprehend why the French and the Germans would be enamoured with the Anglo-Saxon viewpoints, especially after the likes of Adenauer and General de Gaulle. But one can see how this has been achieved.

“The future of the world depends upon the gradual recognition, by the rest of the world, of the fundamental principles which lie at the heart of Anglo-Saxon civilization.”


Chums are chums:

The West needs to keep arming Ukraine instead of seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told French President Emmanuel Macron, according to Downing Street. Any attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully will lead to global instability, he said at a meeting on the sidelines of the G7 Summit on Sunday.

The military action in Ukraine is at a “critical moment,” the two leaders agreed, but there is still “an opportunity to turn the tide.” According to the statement, Johnson and Macron have agreed to continue supporting Kiev militarily to “strengthen their hand in both the war and any future negotiations.”

The prime minister also cautioned the French leader against seeking alternatives to resolving the conflict.


The Prime Minister stressed any attempt to settle the conflict now will only cause enduring instability and give Putin licence to manipulate both sovereign countries and international markets in perpetuity.


Johnson took a similar stance at a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday. “Ukraine is on a knife-edge and we need to tip the balance of the war in their favor. That means providing Ukraine with the defensive capabilities, training and intelligence they need to repel the Russian advance,” a statement from Downing Street read.

On Sunday, Johnson tweeted that Ukraine’s “security is our security, and their freedom is our freedom.”



This is BULLSHIT… We have to recognise by now, that Ukraine isn’t a single country. It is like Czechoslovakia. Ireland or Yugoslavia were: Conglomerations of various people with infighting ethnic/political divides. So, where does this deceitful and  rabid Johnsonism come from?


It has its roots in the “Gospel” of Anglo-Saxonism developed by Dilke, Fiske and Hawkins — then promoted by the Round Table Movement… the influence of which carries through till today, via various subgroups and mechanisms of (US) Empire, and the strong Anglo-Saxon superiority complex. This also uses zionism superiority and Christianity (Puritanism, Anglicanism and Catholicism) morals as justification of the conquest of the world.

Charles Wentworth Dilke’s liberal political views and literary interests brought him into contact with Leigh Hunt, the editor of The Examiner. He had in 1814–1816 made a continuation of Robert Dodsley's Collection of English Plays, and in 1829 he became part proprietor and editor of Athenaeum magazine, the influence of which he greatly extended. In 1846 he resigned the editorship, and assumed that of the Daily News, but contributed to Athenaeum papers on Alexander Pope, Edmund Burke, Junius, and others. His grandson, Sir Charles Dilke, published these writings in 1875 under the title, Papers of a Critic. Thanks to this, Dilke is also acknowledged as the author of The Source and Remedy of the National Difficulties, published anonymously in 1821, which exercised an important influence on Marx. "Marx's Pamphletist: Charles Wentworth Dilke And His Tract On The Source And Remedy Of The National Difficulties (1821)". Contributions to Political Economy.




Hawkins (Note this is the only valuable information to be found about a certain Hawkins in regard to the Anglo-Saxon hegemony) from his book: The Anglo-Saxon Race: Its History, Character, and Destiny.....

The Anglo-Saxon ... of the world; and the political find social systems which each represented, have passed, off the stage. Another and a different race is — now before us, one that is and ever has been distinguished for its energy, activity, love of individual liberty and of national independence. From its composite ancestry and character, it is now called the Anglo-Saxon, Our own country (USA) is, perhaps, its most promising and vigorous representative. The poet Cowley said to our fathers:



... Your rising glory you shall view with learning, virtue, discipline of war shall for ... in your world repair, And fix a long illustrious empire there!:


In sketching the history of a people whose infancy runs back two or three thousand years, authentic records arc wanting; but the affinity of languages often enables the student to discover and bring to light, the important, yet otherwise hidden, tacts of a nation's early life. The great antiquity of the Saxons compels us to resort to this source of itiformation. The various languages of Europe naturally range themselves into three distinct families or classes, the Celtic, the Gothic, and the Slavonic; each having characteristics peculiar to itself, yet showing a latent bond of union which indicates that they and the races speaking them had somewhere in the distant past a common origin. The cultivated nations of modern  Europe and of America are all of Aryan stock, or, as some writers call them, Japhetians, from Japhet, son of Noah; but 4,000 years have made wide distinctions in language, character, and name between the different branches of this great mother race. Sanskrit is, perhaps, the nearest to the Aryan, of any language now known; and philological investigation traces back to that source roots of all modern cultivated tongues, and indicates that their origin is not only Asiatic, but Aryan...


Dexter Arnold Hawkins was an American lawyer and educator. He was an ardent champion, by speeches, pamphlets, and newspaper articles, of a system of free, independently controlled public schools.


Dexter Arnold Hawkins was born on June 24, 1825, in Canton, Maine, United States, the son of the Reverend Henry and Abigail (Fuller) Hawkins. He was a descendant of Sir John Hawkins. One grandfather had served in the Continental Army, the other had been under John Paul Jones. His father had been sent as a missionary Irom Providence, Rhod Island, to the province of Maine.


Dexter's education in the ordinary district school was supplemented by the teaching of his father, who was an active evangelist in the causes of education, temperance, and abolition. Before entering Bowdoin College in 1844, Hawkins had gained secondary education in the academy at Bridgton. Later he studied at the Harvard Law School and spent two years in Europe, which he divided between courses at L’École des Droits in Paris and a first-hand study of the judicial and educational systems of the various countries.


In the year of his graduation from college in 1848, Dexter Hawkins was appointed by the state board of education as lecturer on public instruction before teachers’ institutes - in which capacity during the next three years he gave a course of forty-five lectures attended by three thousand teachers. At the end of that time he was offered the secretaryship of the state board of education; but in spite of his great interest in educational problems the attraction of the law proved greater. Accordingly he entered an office in Portland, Maine. He opened his law office in New York City, January 2, 1854. By the time of the outbreak of the Civil War, he had built up an influential practice. An accident, received in childhood, prevented his active participation in the army, but otherwise he exerted his influence to the utmost in the cause which he so fervidly approved.

In 1867 Hawkins devoted his energies once more to the cause of education and was instrumental in the establishment of the Department of Education. Three years later - much to the disappointment of Hawkins, who wished the national head of education to be a powerful administrator - this department was relegated to the rank of a bureau in the Department of the Interior. To him education presented the truest panacea for social evils since it was the surest preventive of Pauperism.


In the case of the Southern states, whose educational backwardness he deplored, he advocated corrective interference by the national government. He was equally outspoken in his denunciation of political corruption and extravagance in New York City. In contrast to the corrupted leaders of municipal politics and parochial schools, the Anglo-Saxon American was praised by Hawkins as being and bidding “fair to be for centuries to come, the best composite, harmonious development, the highest perfection of humanity. ” Hawkins died suddenly at Groton, Connecticut.

READ MORE: https://prabook.com/web/dexter.hawkins/3766744



The Round Table Movement and the Fall of the 'Second' British Empire (1909-1919)

In spite of the general phobia of federalism, there is a strong federalist trend within British political culture. In three very different historical contexts, federalism inspired the action of political movements such as the Imperial Federation League, the Round Table and the Federal Union. Indeed, it was regarded as the solution to problems arising from the first signs of the possible collapse of Great Britain and its Empire.


The Round Table Movement played a particularly interesting role in this regard, attempting to reverse the rapid and inexorable decline of the British Empire. It was a political organisation with roots in all the major peripheries of the Empire and almost unlimited financial resources. This volume discusses the strategies and means employed by the group in order to maintain the British Empire’s global prominence.


The book’s main argument is that we did not have a “British century” – the nineteenth – and an “American century” – the twentieth – but, rather, four centuries of Anglo–Saxon supremacy, which witnessed the affirmation of the national principle – expression of the Continental political tradition – and its overcoming through its opposite, the federal principle, the expression of the insular political tradition.




Created in an effort to halt the decline of an Empire which had reached its apogee, and representing the most advanced and well organized expression of British nationalism, the Round Table with its actions produced precisely the opposite results on all fronts, by accelerating the break-up of the Empire and demonstrating how the federalist culture is the exact opposite to the nationalist one. In trying to reconcile opposites—Empire and federation—the Round Table in fact witnessed and to some extent produced the Empire’s crucifixion. And it was just the application of federalist schemes to former colonies which served to speed up its break-up. In the beginning, opposites attract each other, but in the end they exclude themselves each in turn. Hence the widespread phobia for federalism in Great Britain today. Once this contradiction exploded, there remained however on the field — over the rubble of the Empire, and of the Irish and Indian civil wars — a political culture which nurtured both the European federalist movements — with the birth of the Federal Union, with the federalist conversion of Altiero Spinelli, and with the action of Jean Monnet—and the Atlantic federalist movement, with the long loyalty to the cause by Clarence Streit.

At this point it would be up to the Americans to continue the agenda of the British Empire through the establishment of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission in league with Chatham House.



Then came the influence of Hollywood, in its promotion of the US superiority in many spheres, such as morality, success, warmongering, glory and “freedom”, accompanied by the American fast food industry, the hamburgers plus the powerful manipulations of the CIA and of the Pentagon. Can you see “Top Gun Maverick” coming from, but an alliance between Hollywood and the US armed forces?

The American Empire was born as the progeny of the English Empire — to continue the Anglo-Saxon conquest of the World

Fighting Russia and risking WW3 over a piddly divided country called Ukraine isn’t the ultimate purpose. The ultimate goal is to acquire the HEARTLAND, as defined by Sir Halford John Mackinder in 1904, and Joe Biden’s teleprompter is not kidding about involving China as an enemy of the US Empire as well, while China has the right to exist and befriend whoever China wishes. 

We Australians, should be aware of this nefarious Anglo-Saxon history, still in operation, one which led to two world wars and many other little wars — some still active, like in Yemen and in Africa — resultant in many million deaths for which the US Empire should be charged with genocides.

Remember that once in the bottle, wine can turn into vinegar but one cannot get it out to become wine again… By following the US, Australia is turning into vinegar. WW3 will be ugly.




It's time to tell Boris Johnson to suck his own dick.

I would not be so impolite, should these guys be honest. But the G7 is a bunch of dishonest ratbags, bullies followers of the DANGEROUS US hegemony. Hopefully, Macron will be the first leader to disengage after realising the deceit he has been involved in... I am not holding my breath....



FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW.....................

more ukrainians to be killed before deadline…..

Zelensky sets deadline for Russia-Ukraine conflict – media


Speaking to G7 leaders, the president reportedly insisted the war must end by winter and called for tougher sanctions on Moscow

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has insisted that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine must be finished by the end of the year. Speaking to the G7 leaders on Monday, Zelensky also called for tougher sanctions against Moscow, according to Reuters, which cited two EU diplomats.

Speaking to the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the US via video link, Zelensky reportedly stated that Ukrainian troops would have a much harder time fighting against Russian forces once the harsh winter conditions take hold, urging the G7 to do their utmost to end the conflict by the end of the year, while asking for anti-aircraft defense systems, as well as security guarantees.

Zelensky also pleaded for tougher sanctions on Russia, insisting it is necessary “not to lower the pressure” and continue imposing “heavy” punitive measures.

According to Jake Sullivan – US President Joe Biden’s national security advisor – Zelensky is intent on gaining the upper hand over Russia as quickly as possible. “He was very much focused on trying to ensure that Ukraine is in as advantageous a position on the battlefield as possible in the next months as opposed to the next years, because he believes that a grinding conflict is not in the interest of the Ukrainian people,” Sullivan was quoted as saying by CNN.

As the Ukraine conflict dominates the agenda of the ongoing three-day G7 Summit in the Bavarian Alps, a draft communique seen by Bloomberg indicates that the world’s top economies will soon announce indefinite support for Kiev in its fight against Moscow.

“We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support and stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” a draft of the leaders’ statement read.


The US reportedly plans to deliver a new batch of advanced weaponry to Kiev, and G7 leaders have also apparently agreed to maintain the economic pressure on Russia amid the ongoing offensive in Ukraine.

The governments of the UK, US, Japan, and Canada announced earlier that they plan to introduce an import ban on Russian gold. The US, which first floated the idea, claimed it would deprive Moscow of around $19 billion in annual revenue, but Germany put the brakes on the measure during the G7 Summit, arguing it would first have to be discussed with the EU.

Russia attacked the neighboring state in late February, following Ukraine’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, first signed in 2014, and Moscow’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The German- and French-brokered protocols were designed to give the breakaway regions special status within the Ukrainian state.

The Kremlin has since demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc.