Tuesday 9th of August 2022

time for new games…...

The Olympics are now the summit of political games, sponsorship favourism, secrecy and drugs, including those that WADA is not looking for. It is a compliment to any team to manage to swim in these murky waters without spitting turds…


It’s time for the FREE world (the real one not the US dependent one) to create their own Olympic Games and give the miss to the old ones. When Charles Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin re-invented the ancient Greek games, it was to unite the nations of the world, regardless of their status and actions. But the US Empire has highjacked this ideal to turn it into a mean spirit. 


Of course the new games could not be called Olympics and the participants would have to find a title defining their hopes and sporting achievements. 


Here is a possible name: The FREEWORLD GAMES™. I am not going to propose other names as official morons in the USA would rush to trademark the bizos, just to annoy the shit of everyone else, because the US always want to own everything….


So as the world sporting bodies, enslaved by the US Empire, sanction this or that country — especially Russia — for not doing as the US say, forget them. Give these their marching orders. Create your own competitions. Imagine competitions without the USA complaining about other countries cheating with drugs while the USA are pumped to the gunnel with Crap™ and Exceptionalism©.


The list of countries for the FREEWORLD GAMES™: Russia — China — India — Pakistan — Brazil — Venezuela — South Africa — Iran — Iraq — and all the 129 other countries that are not part of NATO, not of the US Empire, nor part of FIFA, FUFO, FAFU or whatever acronym that spell sporting sanction with political hypocrisy. Free yourself of these overbearing organisms that leech blood and money and tell you who you can or can't play with. 


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW......................

forget the old…..




The new games would have four divisions: Men, Women, Gay and Trans to avoid confusion between sex and genders.



olympricks sanctionics…..

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has attacked “the escalation of anti-Russian hysteria” in sport as the organization leveled accusations of hypocrisy against international Olympic officials. The message came after International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Bach visited Ukraine at the weekend, where he was seen meeting athletes and being hosted by President Zelensky. The Ukrainian leader used the opportunity to demand the continued exclusion of Russians from world sport, arguing there is “no place” for them.

At the end of last week, Polish Sports and Tourism Minister Kamil Bortniczuk said that counterparts from more than 30 other nations had signed a declaration calling for even more restrictions on Russian and Belarusian sport, including the suspension of their memberships in international organizations and a ban on broadcasts of global events in the two countries.  

Responding to the latest developments, Russian Olympic officials issued a statement on Monday which condemned what they described as continued political interference in sport, to the detriment of Russian athletes.

“For more than four months, the ROC [Russian Olympic Committee], despite the unprecedented pressure on the Russian sports community and unlawful sanctions against Russian athletes, continues to prove its commitment to the letter and spirit of the Olympic Charter, to uphold the true Olympic values,” read the message issued on the ROC website

“Unfortunately, the forced escalation of anti-Russian hysteria continues. This happens in the absence of any reaction to the widespread interference of Western state structures in the affairs of NOCs [National Olympic Committees], which are ordered to support restrictions and suspensions on a national basis, and are forbidden to participate in competitions where Russians compete.”

The ROC said that despite the exclusion of Russian athletes from various competitions, it continues to promote the Olympic values of unity and friendship through sport. 

“It is noteworthy that just a week earlier, the Russian Olympic Committee held events in Kursk dedicated to the celebration of the All-Russian Olympic Day, which was attended by thousands of residents of the city and guests from neighboring regions,” said the statement. 

“As before, children, adults, and fans of Team Russia took part in amateur competitions, got to meet Olympic champions and prize-winners of different years, and tried various sports disciplines. 

“Despite everything, all this was for the sake of unity, friendship, mutual understanding – as always, the Olympic Day was dedicated to these universal values,” added the letter.

“And yesterday, Ukrainian rockets flew into residential areas of the Kursk and Belgorod regions. As a result of the shelling, dozens of residential buildings and civilian infrastructure were destroyed, citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukrainian refugees were killed and wounded, who may also have participated in the Olympic Day events.

“Maybe now colleagues from international sports organizations will also want to visit Kursk or Belgorod?” the message continued, appearing to take a swipe at Bach’s meeting with Zelensky despite the IOC’s claims that politics should not undermine sporting principles.