Tuesday 9th of August 2022

the end of western colonialism and its arrogance?……...

Screaming and kicking, the West is being brought to heel. Colonialism, superiority, currency manipulations via deceitful world banking organisations, enrichment of the rich, control of various populations, wars and hypocritical conducts are being gamed down — slowly. 


Is it for the best? We have created history with a few goals in mind, yet the thrust of our information is geared to hide the ultimate goals with moralistic fudge. We want to own everything.


Yet, scientifically, we have decreed that the earth, our little space, is in trouble. We understand “global warming”. Yet the momentum of our industrious evolution and revolution is difficult to turn around. Gas, coal and oil have to be phased out much faster than we are prepare to do. We gamble the future on a losing streak.


As the West and some other countries like China, without much success nor conviction, tries to wean themselves from fossil fuels, new middle class aspirations around the globe are quickly overcoming this weak effort.


We, us, the old folks at the end of our lively stint, can see troubles that we have accumulated like junk and rubbish we don’t know what to do with. The plastic problem is also killing the planet. Yet we produce more of it by the millions of tonnes and tonnes….


Here by “the planet”, we only mean the thin surface that we have called the biosphere with its limits of temperature, of quality of processes and of atmospheric pressure. It’s a fragile yet resilient space as our knowledge of its more than 4 billion years history can tell us. We know about the five mass extinctions that nearly wiped life from earth… and, according to scientific observations, we are entering the sixth extinction — this time self-inflicted by humans…


Some people like Musk and Bezos try to place a happy spin on going to colonise Mars and turn it into our next terraformed Garden of Eden. This is the worst deception possible. As we are unable to look after own little space, how are we going to overcome an inhospitable deadly space that has no prospect of success as a new paradise? The challenges on Mars range from the lack of atmosphere, the lack of anti-solar winds magnetosphere, the range of very low temperatures that we can barely survive here on earth and more torrid conditions. 


Some people have done the real sums. It would take more than 10,000 years and a billion times more energy than we can produce on earth to create a few square kilometres of vague terraformed ground that could barely be enough to sustain a tiny population of brave, rich and stupid humans.


Presently, the arrogance of the West stems squarely from the American spirit. 


This laudable can-do-anything attitude soon becomes laughable as it cannot even be unified by peace. The American Empire needs to focus on the fear of enemies, to function. Hopefully, we are at the end of this delusion. 


The deliberate arrogance of an old woman, pushed by a selfish grandiloquence has shaking the status quo that a fragile peace has been. The West is arming a losing side in Ukraine — because we would hate to see Putin win something. WHY? And of course, the West, under the grip of the Anglo/Saxon dream, still want to destroy or at least conquer Russia and China by whichever means of deception. This is the ultimate goal, that only an ultimate war can now win, by sheer destruction of us all.


The West is like a trapped wild beast that built its own cage. The anger and the rage is palpable, as yet another drone killed a “terrorist” in Afghanistan, while a dotty delirious senile US president tells the tale of “wherever you are blah blah blah… we’ll find you and kill you.” Hello? And we swallow this pile of arrogant dung, because our media love the smell of self-importance?


The arrogance is stretched to the limit and about to come undone like a snapping elastic band. We are becoming irrelevant to the point that others are ignoring us to the point that we have to send an old bag to Taiwan to show we still exist. It’s pitiful and embarrassing. And we will steal as much as we can so they don’t benefit peacefully from their new trade partnerships.


It’s time for the West to tone down and share, rather than rob. Meanwhile, we need to know that the change of climatic parameters that we’ve unleashed on “our space” will carry on influencing our survival for at least another thousand years. And it won’t be pretty. Are we too clever in our invention of dreams to see reality?


Yes, I’m afraid that we are led by bullshit artists….




Rabid human.




empire bullshit….

The US did not come up with any proposals regarding an arms control agreement that could potentially replace the landmark New START, or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday.

“At the current state of foreign relations development, they didn’t even propose to renew these talks… No requests on reopening this negotiating process have been made,” Lavrov told a press conference during his trip to Myanmar.

He noted that the West “has developed a habit of making announcements on the microphone and then forgetting about them.”

Lavrov also commented on the possible participation of China in arms control negotiations, saying that the decision will be made only by Beijing itself. “The Americans know our stance on this matter perfectly well,” he said.

According to Lavrov, the latest talks on replacing New START after it expires in 2026 were held last year. After two rounds of discussions on the matter, the US side took a break, he said.

The Russian foreign minister’s remarks come after US President Joe Biden said that Washington is ready to negotiate “a new arms control framework” with Russia.

“Today, my administration is ready to expeditiously negotiate a new arms control framework to replace New START when it expires in 2026. But negotiation requires a willing partner operating in good faith,” Biden said on Monday, referring to the landmark document that puts caps on the number of strategic nuclear missiles and warheads held by Russia and the US.

Biden also urged Beijing to join the dialogue on nuclear disarmament, saying that China “has a responsibility” as a nuclear weapons state “to engage in talks that will reduce the risk of miscalculation and address destabilizing military dynamics.”

Moscow has repeatedly called on the US to unconditionally extend the deal for another five years, while Washington during Donald Trump’s presidency floated various proposals on its amendment, saying in particular, that it wants China to join. Shortly before the treaty was set to expire in February 2021, it was extended after Biden was sworn into office.

Beijing, however, rejected attempts by the former US administration to drag it into the framework and declined to join talks on the expansion of the US-Russia agreement. China has argued that its nuclear arsenal is too small compared to the stockpiles maintained by the US and Russia.








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