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pentagon-hired contractors are everywhere on the battlefield. the russians would have known…..

Ukrainian forces have “had the American military at their side” from the start of the conflict with Russia, the magazine Causeur cited a “well-placed analyst” in French intelligence as saying. Pentagon-hired contractors are allegedly “everywhere on the battlefield.”

The claim was published by the right-leaning outlet last week in an analysis of the five-month-long Russia-Ukraine conflict, which, it stated, “is not the fight of David against Goliath,” contrary to what many people believe.

“In Ukraine, the Pentagon for the first time subcontracted large-scale warfare,” the magazine cited its source as saying. These “mercenaries”come in addition to the “gigantic” military aid provided to Kiev by Washington, and are not necessarily frontline fighters, according to Causeur.

As an example of ‘subcontracted’ warfare, it cited the widely-publicized supply of SpaceX satellite internet access for Ukrainian military officials. CEO Elon Musk initially framed this as an act of charitable support, but media reports later revealed that it was paid for with US taxpayer money.

The US decided not to involve its troops in Ukraine, claiming it did not want a direct confrontation with Russia. However, the French magazine said Washington is apparently ignoring the threat of escalation as it pours weapons and private manpower into Ukraine for the sake of “bleeding” Russia, which, the US government hopes, will result in a strategic defeat for Moscow.

The magazine also said that Russia appears to be slowly gaining the upper hand over Ukraine as its superior firepower is prevailing over Kiev’s eight-year preparations for a fight for Donbass. The heavy damage caused by Russian artillery and aerial forces have led to dissertations (sic) and insubordination among the Ukrainian troops, it said. If the Russian forces progress beyond the heavily urbanized Donbass with its unfavorable terrain, the balance of power could quickly shift in Moscow’s favor, the report said.

Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”




Jules LETAMBOUR is working on a full translation of the article.... The jist is clear nonetheless. Note Le Causeur is a right-wing leaning news outlet.


HERE is the beginning:


After five months of conflict, tongues are waiving and silence is broken. The analysis of the French military throws a new light the propaganda carried out by kyiv, Moscow and Washington. And if the outcome of this “complete” war is uncertain, what is certain is that it is here to continue.


On the news channels, blame rained down on the French high officers: "They did not see anything coming", then as soon as the invasion was triggered, "they professed that the 'Russian steamroller would eventually pass' - It did not happen "; moreover, "the military system works so badly that the Chief of the Defense Staff cut off the head of General Éric Vidaud, the boss of the DRM, French military intelligence"...

The prize goes to the "expert » who declared at the beginning of May on BFMTV:"The blindness of the French on Ukraine is explained by the Russophilia of the kepis of the generals. Is it necessary to specify that, most often, the authors of these cookie-cutter news-anchors know neither the war nor the French army. They content themselves with drawing their “science” from information and elements of language delivered daily, almost without filter since the beginning of the conflict by Washington and London.


“Not a European NATO state believed Washington when it prophesied that the Russians would invade Ukraine”


However, their voices have become rarer lately. If they had simply taken the trouble to listen to the former French defense attaché in Moscow, in mid-February, at the annual symposium on land military thought organized by the Army's Doctrine and Education Center (CDEC) of Earth, they would have swallowed their a priori. That day, this active general painted a rather gloomy portrait of his counterparts in the East. He spoke of a “disorganized”, “corruption-ridden” and “poorly supervised” Russian army, commanded by rigid and “under-trained” leaders. So many evils that came to light on February 24, no doubt contributing to the first Russian setbacks in Ukraine. Hard life-size relearning of the military art.


As for the means of the French intelligence services, it is true that they are very limited compared to those of the Americans. And that they were largely taken up by the war that France has been waging against Islamist terrorism since 2015, in particular to support the operations that our armies have chained like never before in the Levant and the Sahel.

No doubt it is also true that their "switchover" to the Eastern Europe zone was slow, although the DRM reoriented part of its sensors several months before the Russian invasion, if only to be able to evaluate American intelligence that is never neutral, sometimes deliberately falsified.

Also, as one well-placed analyst points out, “not a European NATO state believed Washington when it prophesied that the Russians would invade Ukraine.” Yes, like all its neighbours, France was surprised by the scale of the Russian operation. In the interview that General Pierre-Joseph Givre, the director of the CDEC, gave us for the May 2022 magazine Conflits, he admits this bluntly: "I thought, like other military experts, that if the Russians attacked, they would limit themselves – if I may say so – to widening the limits of the secessionist Donbass and, perhaps, to creating territorial continuity with Crimea, or even with Transnistria. A confession made at the end of March, a few days before Vladimir Putin formalized a strategic reversal of his operation against Ukraine....




Gus: WE HAVE EXPLAINED (OR TRIED TO) WHY PUTIN ORDERED A FULL SCALE INVASION OF UKRAINE RATHER THAN LIMIT IT TO THE DONBASS REGION. Two characteristics came to mind: a) demilitarise Ukraine by destroying most (up to 92 %) Ukraine military equipment and b) give Zelensky the opportunity to make a deal ASAP, by coming close to Kiev....

The Russians would have had to know of the US "military" involvement in Ukraine. This involvement OF THE US and the preparations by Kiev to attack the Donbass would have been a CERTAINTY for the Russian strategists, leading to the Donbass republics being defeated... The only choice for Russia was to hit hard. The US would have known — and made everything difficult for Kiev to make a deal, like returning to the Minks Agreements. Zelensky is highly unintelligent. He's a poor dummy who says things without thinking, with an acting skill......


It is to be said that the Russian commanders made a few costly mistakes at the beginning, but have soon learned the way to go. The Russians cannot afford to loose and they won't.......


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(amazing foresight by Thierry Meyssan — at 23 Apr 2021)

The Ukrainian population is divided between a part of European culture and another of Russian culture. This singularity offers Washington a playground against Moscow. For several weeks now, the drums have been beating, sounding war. But none of the allies want to die for Kiev or sacrifice themselves to Russia.


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