Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Scott Morrison should resign from parliament forthwith……..

Former Howard government minister Fran Bailey says she forced Scott Morrison out as head of Tourism Australia because of a “complete lack of trust” and has called on him to quit federal parliament immediately.

In her strongest criticism of the former prime minister yet, Bailey claimed she felt bullied by Morrison and that he had not consulted her on key decisions as managing director of the nation’s tourism body.

“Essentially, it came down to a complete lack of trust – and when you no longer have trust in someone who is the managing director of an organisation, you have to move that person on,” Bailey told The Sunday Age columnist Jon Faine in an exclusive interview.

Morrison did not respond to the comments, but those close to him have always said his exit from the tourism body was because of a personality clash between him and the then-minister.


Sources also confirmed Morrison reached a settlement with Tourism Australia that included all performance bonuses.






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appointment extraordinaire…..

The Commonwealth Ombudsman called for a review of hundreds of Prime Minister and Cabinet appointments, including those by Scott Morrison, over concerns key officials have been illegally appointed.

A secret report obtained by The Klaxon reveals that just months before the federal election the Commonwealth Ombudsman officially called for Morrison’s Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) to conduct a review of all appointments over the past seven years.

The Ombudsman’s directive – the investigation itself was sparked by an illegal Morrison appointment – includes every appointment made by Morrison in his four-year term as Prime Minister.

The revelations come as the nation reels from news the former Prime Minister secretly appointed himself to five ministries, including Treasury and Finance.

Those secret appointments meant Morrison was in charge of each of the four departments and agencies that officially received the Ombudsman’s secret report.

The Ombudsman’s directive was the outcome of a secret investigation, concluded in December, into Morrison’s PM&C having illegally appointed a senior bureaucrat to two jobs at the same time.

Under Remuneration Tribunal law it is illegal for a full-time Federal Government employee to also be paid for any other government role.








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