Wednesday 21st of February 2024

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US airborne drills, which include live-fire ground and air assault exercises, are being conducted just several miles from Romania’s border with Ukraine, where Russia continues its special military operation. 

The deployment of the US Army's 101st Airborne Division in Europe has caused waves on social media, with netizens blasting the move amid growing tension between Russia and NATO.

CBS News reported on Friday that the unit’s troops are conducting joint drills with counterparts from Romania, which hosts the war games. According to the broadcaster, the exercises are being carried out just several miles from Romania’s border with Ukraine, where the Russian special military operation is underway.


Twitter users were quick to respond, with some slamming the “stupid war mongers” from the US military and writing that “American hegemony continues to disrupt the international order for its own interests”.


These sentiments were echoed by another user, who warned that “this isn’t WW2” and that “nukes will start flying if America tries to get involved [in the Ukraine conflict] directly”.

Another netizen sarcastically noted - referring to the US airborne units - that “Dark Brandon's forces march to the Gates of Mordor,” while another cautioned: “Stop pushing WW3 dialogue”.


“Classic diplomacy move, having troops near the borders of two warring nations that America (should) have nothing to do with,” a separate message read.


The comments followed a 101st Airborne Division commander telling CBS News that they are “ready to defend every inch of NATO soil,” adding that the troops “bring that mobility with us, for our aircraft and air assaults”.

Moscow Warns West Against Arms Supplies to Kiev 

The unit’s war games in Romania come amid ongoing US military funding of Kiev, with Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin recently informing that President Joe Biden approved an additional $675 million package for Ukraine, which includes howitzers, artillery munitions, Humvees, armored ambulances, and anti-tank systems.

Moscow has repeatedly warned the West against its arms supplies to Kiev, which the Kremlin says further escalates the Ukraine conflict. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov cautioned that “any weapon, [and] any arms shipment on the Ukrainian territory" would be considered “a legitimate target” by the Russian military.

Lavrov referred to Ukrainian forces widely using the US-made military hardware and communication systems in hostilities, underlining that “the United States is not at all neutral in this situation" and that Washington is "a party to the [Ukraine] conflict.”

The view was shared by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu who earlier underlined that, “Ukraine has been picked [by the West] as an instrument of a hybrid war against Russia,” and that western arms supplies to Kiev contribute to prolonging the Ukraine conflict and causing more casualties.


In an address to the nation last month, Russian President Vladimir Putinemphasized that the West’s current goal is “to weaken, divide and ultimately destroy” Russia.

He referred to “some irresponsible politicians in the West,“ who “talk about plans to organize the supply of long-range offensive weapons to Ukraine, systems that are capable of launching strikes against Crimea and other regions of Russia.” The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, warned that the West’s supplies of such weaponry to Kiev would become “red lines” for Moscow, which the ministry said had enough instruments to retaliate.






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The world should make it clear to Russia that it would have to face immediate military response if it decides to use nuclear arms against Kiev, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told CBC and CTV broadcasters in an interview this week. The Ukrainian leader accused Russia of using “terrorist” blackmail tactics and said that Moscow only understands the language of force.

Zelensky accused Moscow of repeatedly threatening to strike “decision-making centers” in Ukraine, including with nuclear arms and said that the world should respond if such a strike does take place. “It does not matter if Ukraine is a NATO member or a non-NATO nation,” he said, adding that no one should be allowed to “blackmail [other nations] like a terrorist.”

According to the Ukrainian president, the world should tell the Russians: “If you strike Bankova Street [the Ukrainian President’s Office], there will be a strike at where you are.”

If Moscow does strike Kiev, there should be “a strike at the decision-making centers” in Russia the next “second,” regardless of the results of the Russian attack, he added. Such a stance would be, in turn, not a blackmail but a kind of self-defense that would supposedly prevent those issuing a threat from following through on their plans, Zelensky argued.

“One can talk about humanism for a long time,” the Ukrainian president told journalists, adding that his nation lives in a situation, where it has a “neighbor that does not understand anything but force.”

The Ukrainian president also squarely blamed all Russians for what happens in Ukraine. “The society of the Russian Federation must know that they attack our [Ukrainian] society,” he said, adding that the Russians “support a terrorist authority.” If the Russians “do not exert pressure” on President Vladimir Putin, “the world will isolate itself from you,” Zelensky warned, adding that nobody would talk to Russia since it only speaks “the language of threats.” The Ukrainian president also said that the world must itself decide who to talk to in Russia since “they are terrorists now. All of them.”

It is not the first time the Ukrainian leader makes such appeals. Earlier, he already called on NATO to carry out preventive strikes on Russia to deter the use of nuclear weapons. At that time, his words sparked an angry reaction from Moscow that accused Zelensky of trying to spark a third world war. Zelensky later walked back his remarks, claiming that he actually meant “preventative kicks” and blaming the ‘misunderstanding’ on the translation.

The Ukrainian president then walked back his statement, claiming it was mistranslated and that he really meant to say preemptive sanctions, not “preemptive strikes.”

Back in September, Putin said that Russia would defend its territory using all means available and would do “everything to ensure the security of its people.” At the same time, he also said that Moscow was ready for talks with Kiev and called on Ukraine to “to cease all hostilities” and return to the negotiating table.

He made his remarks at a ceremony for the signing of treaties on the inclusion of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics (LPR and DPR), as well as the regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye, which declared independence from Ukraine, into Russia. Moscow then said that the status of the four regions, which formally joined Russia a week later, is not to be negotiated as part of any potential talks with Ukraine.









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