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Germany knows more about fascism than türkiye.......

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Tuesday that it was "absurd" for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to accuse Israel of fascism.

Scholz said Israel is a democracy and "a country that is bound to human rights and international law and acts accordingly."

"Therefore, the accusations against Israel are absurd," he said at a press conference in Berlin.

Scholz is set to host Erdogan in Berlin for talks on Friday. They will be joined by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.



fascists or terrorists?

by Khider Mesloub

In public opinion, nowadays it is customary to spontaneously associate terrorism and Islam. To consider that terrorism was born in the Muslim world. However, nothing is more wrong.

Certainly terrorism was born in the Middle East. But several centuries before the advent of Islam. At a time when Christianity was just beginning to utter the roar of its preaching, which was still inaudible to the profane ears of pagan populations.

Historically, terrorism arises in an essentially Jewish Orient. It is the work of extremist Jews. In particular from a sect called the Sicaires. Their name, given by the Romans, comes from the dagger that they used to commit their terrorist actions, in particular slitting the throats of their victims in the middle of the crowd, their punitive actions in public places at any time of the day to create a climate of psychosis, of vulnerability within the population .

The Sicarii appear in Palestine, a province recently administratively attached by Rome to Syria. Opposed to any occupation, renunciation of Hebrew traditions and, above all, payment of exorbitant taxes imposed by the governor, a Jew named Judas the Galilean decides to raise his compatriots against Roman power. He formed an extremist secret society, later named the Sicarii, to fight both the Romans and the Jews deemed too accommodating with the occupiers, considered “Collaborationrs”.

Convinced that the end justifies the means, the Sicarii advocate the use of the worst terrorist methods to eliminate traitors, apostates, lapsers, moderates and all those who do not adhere to their religious principles and “nationalist” cause. The Sicaires, formidable fanatics, favor terror to make their adversaries bend, surprise to unscrupulously carry out their murderous attacks. Intimidation, assassinations and terrorist acts are used as normative, natural means. For several decades, between the year 6 and 70 AD, these fanaticized Jewish commandos sowed terror in Palestine under Roman domination against accomplices, real or supposed, to sway the undecided into their camp.

The Jewish Sicari movement is considered the inventor of politico-religious terrorism. The ancestors of Daesh and Al-Qaeda (Islamist terrorist organizations created by Western imperialist powers). In his book Life of Jesus, Ernest Renan defines the Sicarii as “pious assassins, who set themselves the task of killing anyone who violated the Law before them". In other words, to their fanatical doctrine.

Thus, the Sicaires organized and carried out the first terrorist attacks in history. As soon as it was formed, the Sicaires movement quickly attracted many young fanatic dissident Jews driven by unprecedented murderous violence. First, the Sicarii engaged in a form of rural guerrilla warfare: they set fire to the homes of the Romans and the “Collaboration” or refractory Jews, they stole their herds, pillaged their food reserves, and massacred the inhabitants. Then they launch into urban terrorism by engaging in targeted assassinations carried out using their sica, their favorite weapon.

However, according to historians, the Sicarii terrorized their fellow Jews more than the Romans. They have developed particularly bloody terrorism. “Militant and intimidating propaganda», kidnappings, assassinations, hostage-taking, demands for ransoms, these are the first terrorist feats of arms of the Sicarii, perpetrated in the XNUMXst century AD. For the Sicarii, it was natural to slaughter their co-religionists who did not support their religious principles, their “nationalist” cause. Even more so the Romans, that is to say the goyim. These Jewish terrorist attacks foreshadow the terrorism of the modern era.

It was at this time, dominated essentially by Judaism, that terrorism appeared. Assassinations in broad daylight, in the heart of the city, during the holidays. Mingled with the crowd and carrying their daggers hidden under their clothing, the Sicarii were active at all times and in all places. Without scruple or remorse.

When they were mentioned, the people of Palestine were terrified. Terror reigned in all pacifist Jewish homes. Every resident expected to have their throats cut at any moment by these lawless Jewish terrorists. In this era of “sicarius” terrorism, distrust and suspicion poisoned the relationships of the inhabitants of Palestine. There was a climate of terror. An atmosphere of psychosis. Thus, the first suicide bombings in history were carried out by Jewish fanatics who sowed terror among the Romans and Jews after the Roman occupation of Jerusalem.

At the same time, a second competing terrorist sect emerged, the Zealots, followers of a rigorous religious practice. Likewise, this sect was born from hostility to the Roman occupier. It practices direct action, that is to say terrorism. Targeted assassinations of Jewish figures who collaborated with the Romans.

The Zealots also carry out psychological warfare, intimidation operations against Jewish populations opposed to terrorism with the aim of forcing them to support their terrorist actions, to join their movement. Thanks to their agility and discretion, and the support of a part of the population won by coercion to their cause, by surprise, the Zealots could commit their crimes anytime and anywhere. They acted in public places, markets for example.

From the 50s, the Zealots took much more violent actions against the “Collaboration” Jews and the Romans. The Zealots use political and religious assassination, terror. In the 60s, in association with the Sicarii, the Zealots committed a number of terrorist atrocities, attributing them to the Romans, in order to force the refractory Jewish population into entering the war.

These terrorist actions continued for sixty years, until the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70. In 70, these two Jewish terrorist sects preferred to destroy the city's food reserves to force the population to fight the Roman besieger instead. than to negotiate peace. The Jewish revolt of 66 ultimately led to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 by the Romans. As for the Sicaires, they committed collective suicide in 74 at Masada.

Ironically, terrorism was born in Palestine, but it was the work of extremist dissident Jews, Sicarians and Zealots, who developed the first terrorist actions in history. From a doctrinal point of view, the Sicarii, unlike their fanatical coreligionists the Zealots, had a “secular religion”. A point in common with the Zionists of occupied Palestine (Israel) composed of secularists and ultra-religious, the contemporary colonialist “Romans”. However, the Sicarii, like the Zealots, like Zionism, were political-religious movements. The religion-politics combination is inherent to the Zealots' revolt, to their terrorist actions, like Zionism, a politico-religious movement based on state terrorism.

This religious terrorism has just been officially reactivated by Netanyahu's fascist government. The Israeli Prime Minister, at the head of an ultra-religious government, delivered a martial speech with messianic overtones. Using religious rhetoric, he declared that the war launched against Hamas and the Palestinian population was an opposition between a “people of Light” and “a people of Darkness”. During his martial address, Netanyahu threatened the Palestinian people with destruction. “I am responsible for securing the future of this country and now my role is to lead Israel to a crushing victory» he declared, adding “we will fulfill Isaiah's prophecy". An ultra-religious rhetoric aimed at preparing new crimes against Palestinian civilians, to execute the bloody military invasion plan announced more than 15 days ago. “We fight animals and we act accordingly», had already warned the Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant, on October 9, to describe the offensive as Zionist state terrorism carried out against the Palestinians.

As of October 27, 2023, nearly 3000 children have been murdered by Israeli Democratic bombs launched by the Jewish terrorist state. Compared to the French population, this represents more than 80,000 children killed (for the Algerian population: 140,000 children killed). And 4,000 Palestinian adults murdered. In total, it is as if nearly 200,000 French inhabitants (or 360,000 Algerian inhabitants) had been murdered in a few days.

Thus, the Jews of Antiquity are the inventors of terrorism. A terrorism that the world will rediscover in the 20th century. Particularly within the Zionist movement which created three bloodthirsty terrorist organizations, the Haganah, the Irgun and the Stern Group. Long before the terrorism of the extreme left (Red Brigades, Red Army Faction, Direct Action) and Islamist terrorism, Jewish Zionist terrorism once again invaded modern society to commit the greatest heist in history, usurpation of Palestinian territory by means of terrorist operations, methods long used by the ancestors of the Zionists, the Sicarii and the Zealots, 2000 years earlier, at the beginning of our era. Like capitalism, born sweating blood and mud from every pore, Zionism comes into the world (and lives in our world) dripping terrorism and genocide through all its daily conduct, its ordinary activities.

Certainly, at the end of the 19th century there was sporadic Russian terrorism, a populist terrorism which aimed to rescue the Russian people from apathy, resignation and fear through attacks. That of the French anarchists, the Ravachol attacks.

But they did not have the same traumatic impact as systemic Zionist terrorism which resulted in the expulsion of the Palestinian population from their land, in the dispossession of their sovereignty. This systemic and systematic Zionist terrorism, expropriator and exterminator, has returned in force today in Gaza with unequaled genocidal technological means and the criminal complicity of Western countries (these countries with a long tradition of mass massacres, responsible for two butcheries world: 1914-1918 and 1939-1945), will be the subject of our next article. An organizational Zionist terrorism (“Irgunian”, “Sternian”) transformed since 1948 into sacrificial and ritualized state terrorism committed against the Palestinians by the descendants of the Sicarii and the Zealots, the occupiers of Palestine, the Zionists. State terrorism committed in the name of the Torah and the “Greater Israel” project, that is to say the colonization and annexation of all Palestinian territories, West Bank, Gaza (even the territories of Jordan, Lebanon , Syria, the whole Middle East?).

source: The 7 of Quebec


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