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a rave of lies: a dying empire is truly the most dangerous.....

Although the entire official account of the Israeli authorities has proven to be false, any Western “expert” must, to remain audible, begin his remarks with a condemnation of the massacres of civilians, incriminating the two belligerents by referring them back to back, and carefully ensuring to remain in a comfortable vagueness, while knowing perfectly well that the only massacre during this day of October 7 is the Israeli army. The excessive caution, even cowardice, of the words of these “experts” and all their oratorical precautions have no other goal than to preserve their so-called credibility. RI




Israel's claims about October 7 are lies. All the decapitated babies, the rapes, the tortures and even the targeting of civilians are lies. These are the same lies used to suppress slave rebellions and anti-colonial movements. They treat the natives as savages the better to massacre them. Israel lied to create atrocity propaganda, and the Western world gleefully spread it. Together, they did everything they accuse Hamas of, and worse. Each accusation is in reality a confession.


The funny thing is that Israelis publish the truth – in Hebrew media and government statistics. Only once the Western media publishes the genocidal headlines does it no longer matter. The genocide has already been triggered. The truth is coming to light and will go down in the history books, but Israel doesn't care. They are taking the land and killing people now, which has always been the goal of colonization.


The fact is that the flood of Al Aqsa perpetrated by Hamas et al was a legitimate attack against an occupying army. Everyone is supposed to scrupulously condemn them, but for what reason? Escape from a concentration camp and beat up the guards? Far from targeting civilians, the Al Aqsa flood hit military targets. Many of the civilians killed were actually killed by Israel, in its savage and incompetent response. All of this has been admitted by Israel, as you will see below (or just by looking around).


To cover up its incompetence in violence, Israel has spread blatant lies such as "decapitated babies" and "raped slaves" to Western audiences, who have long been conditioned to hate Muslims the way they hated Native Americans and all those he genocided before. But if we consult the Israeli press and government reports, we see that there are leaks of the truth. Many of those killed in the Al Aqsa flood were military personnel, and large numbers of civilians were killed by the Israeli army itself. I can therefore rely almost exclusively on Israeli sources. They don't really care about what you know, they care about the facts on the ground. The genocide has already been triggered and they are already expanding their colonization of Palestine, which was the goal all along.


The flood of Al Aqsa


1036 names released by Israel, with active soldiers highlighted (via)


The facts of October 7 are that the Al Aqsa Flood escaped from a concentration camp to attack the guards – the military bases that encircle the indigenous population of Palestine. As you can see from the list of just over 1000 names (not the 1400 commonly cited), many are soldiers. Unless “Major” and “Sergeant” are common Israeli names. These are the military occupiers of Palestine and legitimate targets of the resistance. This is what the flood of Al Aqsa was – a legitimate strike by an oppressed people – while the colonizers try to sully it by presenting it as a sea of savages. These are literally the same lies used to suppress all slave rebellions and anti-colonial movements.


“Most of the Israelis killed on October 7 were of military age. By my last count, nearly 50% of them were uniformed soldiers on base and/or actively engaged in maintaining the siege of Gaza. This does not include those who carried weapons as private security or served as reservists.” Max Blumenthal


The classic colonialist lie is “they kill babies,” which was then, as now, used to mass murder indigenous children. Today, this is done with the support of the media. Almost every British tabloids carried the “40 beheaded babies” lie on their front pages, although it was poorly substantiated at the time and is an outright lie in hindsight. Blumenthal's graph (above) uses the death count compiled by Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, and there are not at all 40 babies dead, much less decapitated. The vast majority of those killed are of military age, as the Al Aqsa flood was a military attack.


By arming fake dead babies, however, Israel began killing real babies. On a staggering scale, directly bombing them and depriving them of food, water and electricity to slowly kill them through starvation and disease. At least 5,000 children have been killed as we go to press, and more are buried or slowly dying beneath the rubble.


The Gaza base


Gaza is nothing more than an open-air prison, a concentration camp for refugees from previous pogroms. This prison is (was) controlled from an office located near the Erez crossing point, which the rebels attacked. It was this prison “watchtower” that Hamas and its allies stormed, surprising incompetent Israeli soldiers literally dropping their pants. The commanders, unable to fight, then launched an air attack against themselves. As Grayzone reports, quoting Israeli newspaper Haaretz:


According to Haaretz, the commander of the Gaza division, Brigadier General Avi Rosenfeld, "hollowed himself into the division's underground war room with a handful of soldiers, desperately trying to save and organize the sector attacked”. Many soldiers, most of whom were not combatants, were killed or wounded outside. The division was forced to request an air strike against the [Erez crossing point] base itself in order to repel the terrorists.”


Rather than fight, Israel resorted to indiscriminate bombing of its own base. The Al Aqsa flood revealed that the Israeli army is not the well-trained and deadly force it claims to be. They are a bunch of cowards who hide behind computer screens and are completely dependent on US weapons. The Israeli army is incapable of standing and fighting. They are basically cowards, used to beating children and bombing apartment buildings. You can see this by seeing the lengths they went to “save” their own civilians. They did not do it. They bombed them too, in total panic. Killing civilians is really all the Israeli army knows how to do.


The Rave

For some reason, the Israelis were organizing a rave near the concentration camp. It was not a “peace party”, but revelers, blithely ignoring the poverty that reigned a few kilometers away. Because the Israeli army collapsed, the rebels ended up here and took hostages. Why did they take hostages? In exchange for thousands of Palestinian hostages – including children – taken and regularly raped and mistreated by the Israelis. In this, the resistance underestimated the Israeli army, which had nothing to do with it. They then bombed the hostages, just as they had bombed the civilians on October 7.


As the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Aharanoth reports, "the pilots realized that it was extremely difficult to distinguish, in the outposts and occupied settlements, who was a terrorist and who was a soldier or a civilian... Cadence "The rate of fire against the thousands of terrorists was initially enormous, and only at a certain point did the pilots begin to slow down the attacks and carefully select targets." As the Israeli military told its own media outlet, Mako, "Apache pilots testify that they fired a huge amount of ammunition, emptied the 'belly of the helicopter' in a matter of minutes, flew to rearm and get back into the air, again and again. But it was no use and they understand that.” The commander of the Apache unit, Lieutenant Colonel E., told Mako in a separate report: “I understand that we had to shoot here and quickly,” “Shooting people on our territory – this is something that I never thought I would do.” This was all posted by Max Blumenthal on Grayzone, if you want to read the more obscure details in more detail.


I'm going to include another report from the Israeli media outlet ynet (self-translated) because it is revealing:


“After the pilots noted that it was extremely difficult to distinguish terrorists from soldiers and civilians in occupied outposts and settlements, it was decided that the first mission of Zik combat helicopters and drones armed would be to stop the flow of terrorists and the murderous crowds that were pouring into Israeli territory through the breaches in the fence. 28 combat helicopters fired in one day. The fights took place with all the ammunition they had in their holds. These are hundreds of 30mm cannon shells (the effect of one grenade for each shell) as well as Hellfire missiles. The rate of fire against the thousands of terrorists was at first dazzling, and only after a certain point did the pilots begin to slow down the attacks and carefully select targets.


It turns out that the Hamas army deliberately made it difficult for helicopter pilots and drone operators: the investigation revealed that the invading forces were told, during final briefings, to march slowly towards settlements and outposts or within them, and not to run under any circumstances, in order to make the pilots believe that they were Israelis. This deception worked for quite a while, until the Apache pilots realized that they had to ignore all restrictions. It was only around 9 a.m. that some of them began to spray the terrorists with their own cannons, without authorization from their superiors.


This shows the scale of firepower Israel has unleashed, without much intelligence to accompany it. They unloaded genocidally named Apache helicopters, then left to reload and do it again. This is millions of dollars worth of explosives fired from billions of dollars worth of attack helicopters. This is the US military-industrial complex in action, “shock and awe” on its own (occupied) soil. The Israeli army tries to blame the rank and file for this failure, but it is clear that the superiors had to authorize the reloading and engagement of the targets, unless they were totally incompetent. They also try to accuse the resistance fighters of being competent and not just running around and getting shot like good “terrorists.” In the end, we know who the real terrorist is. We can find out who shot at the site. Just look at the damage:


These are all the cars that the Israeli army destroyed and brought back as evil trophies. This is an image taken from a video, the line of cars keeps getting longer. The Palestinian militants, who leave the camp on foot and in pickup trucks, simply do not have this firepower. That’s the job of Hellfire missiles and Apache helicopters, as the Israelis tell you. The Israelis have just shot their own civilians like madmen.


What's tearing the internet apart right now is something Grazyone reported weeks (or years?) ago. Israeli helicopters target and kill people without anyone knowing who they are. You saw them saying they were shooting at cars, you saw the cars being burned, and now you see them doing it. It's unclear where these images came from, but they are clear enough.


Breaking News: Israel admits Apache helicopters fired on their own civilians fleeing Supernova music festival.


The Israeli army simply lit up everything that moved, which, given its delay on the scene, was mainly its own population. They then used their own carnage as an excuse to go and kill even more civilians in Gaza in the same cowardly way. That's all the Israeli army knows how to do, kill civilians. They are too frightened to take to the field and face the much braver Hamas soldiers in a fair fight. They prefer to kill everything that moves and use it as an excuse to continue the genocide. It’s a real vicious circle. Lying and dying, over and over again.


The killing continues


I could go on. On the bombing of Kibbutz Be'eri, where the security chief "told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that when desperation began to set in, "commanders on the ground made difficult decisions - including bombing the houses on their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists at the same time as the hostages. Or “an Israeli woman named Yasmin Porat confirmed in an Israeli radio interview that the army “without a doubt” killed many Israeli non-combatants during firefights with Hamas militants on October 7. “They eliminated everyone, including the hostages,” she said, referring to Israeli special forces. But as you can see, I'm only quoting Grayzone, so you should read more about it, or even Middle East Eye.


The fact is that the evidence keeps piling up, but that doesn't matter. The lie went around the world before the truth could get its pants on. The fact is that there was no beheading of babies, but Israel did this and worse to thousands of babies with industrial bombs. There were no rapes, although there were well-documented cases of Israeli rape of prisoners and children in its illegal custody. There was no torture, although Israel detained and tortured Gazan workers, labeling them with numbers and even killing at least two of them. There has also been no targeting of civilians by the Palestinian liberation forces, even though the occupation does so in front of the whole world.


Every accusation is a confession. And that’s not hypocrisy, it’s hierarchy. This is how the colonizers are, and always have been. They want you to believe the grossest lies about indigenous people, so they can do much worse to them. For what ? To kill people and take over land. Same thing, different day, as my historical thesis says. When history is written, Israel's lies will be exposed. But for now, we must look at the bloody truth that lies before us. The open genocide of the Palestinian people by a state, Israel, that should not and cannot exist at all.


Israel is a lie that is only supported by massive American violence and propaganda. Without US bombs, it would collapse within a week and its violent ethnic state, based on division and conquest, would disappear. Jews, of course, could and should live as before, with Muslims and Christians and everyone else, without being separated from them. The fall of the American empire will be accompanied by that of Israel, but, unfortunately, it will happen in an inglorious way.


A dying empire is truly the most dangerous, especially when it has nuclear weapons and doesn't have many neurons left. The flag of the White Empire has always been death, and now they have nothing but death to offer, and nothing to live for. Just ask the Palestinians to be genocided, or the Earth to be ecocidated. It's the same phenomenon. This is a pyramid system that is violently tipping over before our eyes. We live in interesting times, as the curse says. It’s terrible to see the lies these monsters are seizing, and to know the historical truth. As Gramsci said, the old world is dying and the new world is struggling to be born. The time of the monsters has come.






the bibi show.....

Col. (ret.) Lawrence Wilkerson's last positions in government were as Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief of Staff (2002-05), Associate Director of the State Department's Policy Planning staff under the directorship of Ambassador Richard N. Haass, and member of that staff responsible for East Asia and the Pacific, political-military and legislative affairs (2001-02).

Israel May Lose Its Statehood | Col. Larry Wilkerson




wapo floosie.....

In a falsehood-filled attack, the Washington Post’s ardently pro-Israel Elizabeth Dwoskin attacked The Grayzone’s factual reporting with “research” from a spook-infested outfit closely tied to the Anti-Defamation League.Dwoskin also relied on an Israeli special forces vet heading a “Digital Iron Dome” campaign to censor social media criticism of Israel’s assault on Gaza.

On January 21, The Washington Post published an article purporting to expose a terrifying and “spreading” phenomenon: so-called “Oct. 7 truther’ groups” who “say [the] Hamas massacre was a false flag.” Unable to name those “truther groups,” the piece’s author, Elizabeth “Lizza” Dwoskin, cobbled together a random assortment of comments by 4chan and Reddit users to create the sense that antisemitic conspiracism was not only sweeping the internet, but taking over city councils across the country.

The piece took direct aim at The Grayzone, maliciously associating our factual reporting on friendly fire orders which led to many Israeli deaths on October 7 with Holocaust denial.

The Post’s Dwoskin went on to falsely claim that “articles on… Grayzone [sic] exaggerated” reports that Israelis were killed by the Israeli army “to suggest that most Israeli deaths were caused by friendly fire, not Hamas.” Yet no one associated with The Grayzone has ever claimed that “most” Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by the Israeli army, nor has it published any material suggesting October 7 was a “false flag.”

The author of the Post’s shoddily-sourced smear job, Elizabeth Dwoskin, is an ideologically committed Zionist who once referred to Palestinians as “desert Bedouins without a sense of national identity as we know it today.” 

During a phone call with The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate during their livestream, Dwoskin refused to discuss her Zionist sympathies and hung up when asked about her reference to Palestinians as “desert Bedouins.” She neglected to quote from the on-the-record call in her piece.

A close review of Dwoskin’s factually-challenged hit piece reveals her work was guided by a shadowy “think tank” manned by a team of former national security state apparatchiks, as well as current and former US intelligence officers. Known as the National Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), the pro-censorship outfit was founded by a former researcher for one of the Israel lobby’s key pressure groups: the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Washington Post relies on ADL spinoff behind hysterical reports on foreign meddling

According to the Washington Post’s Dwoskin, NCRI is a mere “nonprofit tracking disinformation.” 

The NCRI, for its part, bills itself as “the world’s foremost expert in identifying and forecasting the treat [sic] and spread of misinformation and disinformation across social media platforms.” Founded in 2018 by the Rutgers University based “counter-disinformation” operative Joel Finkelstein, the outfit has emerged as a one-stop shop for legacy media publications pushing paranoia about nefarious activity by foreign actors.

A quick glance at media reports dependent on NCRI research makes the organization’s purpose abundantly clear. A Fortune Magazine writeup of an NCRI study claimed with threadbare evidence that “Russian propagandists” are “trying to sow distrust of COVID vaccines,” while an “exclusive” piece in TIME — based largely on the organization’s flimsy claims — screamed in its headline, “Iran Steps up Efforts to Sow Discord Inside the US.”

The hysterical tone of this coverage is driven by the NCRI’s “research.” Its most recent report, bearing a typically bombastic and Strangelovian title, is instructive: “A Tik-Tok-ing Timebomb: How TikTok’s Global Platform Anomalies Align with the Chinese Communist Party’s Geostrategic Objectives.”

The official NCRI website previously boasted of “affiliations” with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the Charles Koch Foundation, and the Anti-Defamation League. The section of the site which referenced these affiliations was deleted in 2021 after a report by The Grayzone exposing the supposedly independent group’s connections to the US national security state. The “About” page was removed entirely from the site the following month.

The exact nature of the relationships between NCRI and its affiliates is unclear, but they appear to be quite intimate. As previously documented by Tech Inquiry, “according to NCRI founder Joel Finkelstein’s LinkedIn profile, he was simultaneously a research fellow with the ADL and running NCRI between December 2018 and October 2020.” In 2019, the ADL announced it was partnering with NCRI “to produce a series of reports that take an in-depth look into how extremism and hate spread on social media – and provide recommendations on how to combat both.”







Israeli guns....

At midday on 7 October Israel's supreme military command ordered all units to prevent the capture of Israeli citizens "at any cost" - even by firing on them.

The military "instructed all its fighting units to perform the Hannibal Directive in practice, although it did so without stating that name explicitly," Israeli journalists revealed last weekend.

The revelations came in a new investigative article by Ronen Bergman and Yoav Zitun, two journalists with extensive sources inside Israel's military and intelligence establishment.

They also revealed that "some 70 vehicles" driven by Palestinian fighters returning to Gaza were blown up by Israeli helicopter gunships, drones or tanks.

Many of these vehicles contained Israeli captives.

The journalists wrote that, "it is not clear at this stage how many of the captives were killed due to the operation of this order" to the air force that they should prevent return to Gaza at all costs.

"At least in some of the cases, everyone in the vehicle was killed," the journalists explain.

The Hebrew piece has not been translated into English by its publisher, Yedioth Ahronoth, a newspaper which translates many of its articles. You can read The Electronic Intifada's full English version, translated by Dena Shunra, below.

The secretive "Hannibal" doctrine is named after an ancient Carthaginian general who poisoned himself ratherthan be captured alive by the Roman Empire.

The order aims at stopping Israelis from being taken captive by resistance fighters who could later use them as leverage in prisoner swap deals.


The latest revelations confirm The Electronic Intifada's reporting since 7 October that many - if not most - of the Israeli civilians killed that day were killed by Israel itself, not Palestinian fighters.

Initial claims stated that 1,400 Israelis were killed by Hamas in the Palestinian assault that began on 7 October. But Israel has repeatedly revised this figure downwards, so that it now stands at "over 1,000."

It was also clear from the outset that hundreds of the dead were in fact Israeli soldiers.

Hamas maintains that they targeted military bases and outposts, and that their aim was to capture rather than kill Israeli civilians, and to kill or capture Israeli soldiers.

Based on interviews with those present, the new article says that top officers at Israel's underground military headquarters in Tel Aviv on 7 October declared in shock that "the Gaza Division was overpowered."