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Only the fool cannot be controlled….” Vladimir Leonisky (cousin)

This is why “they” invented the straight jacket…” Gus Leonisky


We are incessantly under pressure from our “cultural” information and obligations.

We have many sources of influences, from daily news to religions. We “used to” drive petrol cars not because we chose to, but because there was a conglomerate of corporate cultures that made the choice for us, from extraction of oil to the retail at the gas station — all for profit and control of the “market”.

Eventually, we participate or we don’t. We become prepers or fully fledged democratic beasts. We become enthused or depressed about our future, individual and collective. We may hate being told what to do, but we will do it, if the style of the information cajole us into doing it — or if we are afraid of the stick. We may believe something that is true or false. 

WE CHOOSE, caught between social pressure and our “free will”… we are “advertising fodder”. We are under the control of decision makers…. themselves being politicians under the influence of the public service constructed loop, which to some extend protects the continuity of supply and controls the mechanisms of societies, despite the changing political culture. We rely on the gas supply. We flush toilets. The politics may interfere with the price of gas, but the system makes sure the gas and electricity are delivered. Otherwise there will be a revolution and anarchy.

The nomenklatura were a category of people within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in the bureaucracy, running all spheres of those countries' activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the communist party of each country or region. While in Russian language the term номенклатура has the same generic meaning as "nomenclature", in the context of the politics of the Soviet Union it refers to the "party and state nomeklatura", lists of persons vetted for key management, or "nomenklatura lists”.

We have the public service… and its many branches from health to education.


And we have to educate our kids — the next generation of managers and slaves. The “woke” culture is a disruptor of traditions, but it is still in the control of the state, despite seemingly challenging the state. Climate change (aka Anthropogenic Global Warming) is an issue that pushes our general culture towards a shift to “electric cars”… Many people hate the idea that we are “changing the climate”… it is difficult to understand this environmental relationship. We have exposed the problem here...

ARE we CHANGING? Is change necessary or culturally controlled from the top to contain anarchist tendencies by people who are a couple of metres away from challenging the established system(s)?

Imagine for a second that the sewage system stops working. I won’t paint you a picture… Cartoons from 1900 already exposed this problem…. 

So Switzerland won the 2024 NATOvision with a non-binary singer while the Israeli entry, Eden Golan, is now on the Ukrainian “kill list” (, because she sang at a contest in Crimea, Russia (till 1954 and re-joined in 2014) which the Ukrainian NAZI government claims was its own land since time immemorial, before Russia was even a backward pit conquered by the Mongols… or such historical deviation. Oh, the sin of the singer! 

Meanwhile we need to consider the following comment in a VERY controversial article :


In his book The New Ecological Order, philosopher Luc Ferry, the former French Minister of Education (2002-2003), shocked animal protectors, whom we shall henceforth call “animalists,” the counterpart of “humanists” for humans.[1]

[Luc Ferry, Le Nouvel Ordre écologique : L’Arbre, l’Animal et l’Homme, Grasset, 1992, p. 147-168. An English version is available: The New Ecological Order – August 15, 1995 by Luc Ferry (Author), Carol Volk (Translator).]

In a chapter of his book entitled “Nazi ecology: the legislation of November 1933, July 1934, and June 1935,” Ferry had the misfortune not only to praise the legal provisions of the National Socialists relating to animal welfare, but also to make overlaps between the philosophical theses of the German legislation and those of the contemporary animalist movements.

This sulfurous amalgam between the National Socialists and today’s animal lovers caused a huge scandal, the echoes of which can still be heard today. Deeply wounded in their self-esteem, these ladies of the animalist movement refused to admit that the Germans loved animals and nature as well as, if not better than them. Unable to face this terrible conflation between fascism and their movement, they set out to prove it wrong.

Thus, if the Germans of the time had the most progressive animal protection laws in the world, they did not apply them, according to the animalist’s philosopher in chief, Mrs. Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier, but used them only as a pretext “to adorn themselves with a supposed humanism.”

[Élisabeth Hardouin-Fugier, “La protection de l’animal sous le nazisme,” Luc Ferry ou le Rétablissement de l’ordre, Éditions Tahin Party, 2002, p. 129-151.]

Adolf Hitler’s notorious love of animals was ridiculed. It was claimed that he was photographed with animals only for demagogic reasons…

Protection of nature and animals under the Third Reich. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

… and that he wasn’t really a vegetarian. Even though, Margot Woelk, one of his regular tasters, is clear on this subject: “The Führer was indeed a vegetarian, eating neither meat nor fish, but mostly fresh products. He also forbade himself cigarettes and alcohol.”


GUS: Hello?!

And Adolph went on killing 6 million Jews…

This was based on the superiority of race. Or interpretation thereof, to make the miserable common man (sometimes woman) feel that he (she) has to become a warrior, a torturer, a sadist, a killer to defend the ideal (we all can become nasty). You thus become a ruler of the “necessary” colonialism that ensue, including a master of slaves. Interestingly, apologies for past slavery has been in fashion for a while — and more recently:

Gabriel Attal presided over the ceremony commemorating the abolition of slavery in La Rochelle on Friday, announcing a “major national exhibition” in 2026 and praising the “spirit of resistance” of former slaves. More information with historian Françoise Verges, former President of the National Committee for the Memory and History of Slavery.

It pays to appear morally kind, while not understanding while others wage defensive action to protect people they care about…

This brings us to Vladimir Putin

He wants to be friend, not a slave of the American Empire, which since 1945, has committed more atrocities than the Hitler regime, possibly due to the timeframe of opportunistic years to do so. Our horrible (Western) fascist ways are classified under the “national Interest” and necessary exceptionalism of the Empire to “control” the unruly human species…

Personally, should I be Putin, I would not try to befriend such a nasty outfit… with which “friendship can be fatal”…


The article by Pierre Simon continues with some interesting reminiscences, which our OLD memory had forgotten due to a deliberate mangled-up airbrushing of history:


As for Canadian Prime Minister William Mackenzie King, he compared the Führer to Joan of Arc, no less:

My sizing up of the man as I sat and talked with him was that he is really one who truly loves his fellow men, and his country, and would make any sacrifice for their good. That he feels himself to be a deliverer of his people from tyranny… His face is much more prepossessing than his pictures would give the impression of. It is not that of a fiery, over-strained nature, but of a calm, passive man, deeply and thoughtfully in earnest. His skin was smooth; his face did not present lines of fatigue or wariness; his eyes impressed me most of all. There was a liquid quality about them which indicate keen perception and profound sympathy. He has a very nice, sweet and, one could see, how particularly humble folk would come to have a profound love for the man… As I talked to him, I could not but think of Joan of Arc.

[Robert Fisk, “The Premier Who Thought Hitler Was a ‘Joan of Arc,’” The Independent, October 23 2011.]


Even after the war, in 1945, there were still people who could speak well of Hitler. This is notably the case of the future president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, who wrote in his diary:

Within a few years, Hitler will emerge from the hatred that now surrounds him as one of the most significant figures that ever lived… he had a mystery about him in the way he lived and in the matter of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.

[John F. Kennedy, Prelude to Leadership: The Post-War Diary of John F. Kennedy: Summer, 1945, Quoted in Benton Bradberry, work cited, p. 171.]


As author Laurent Guyénot points out in his book The Unspoken Kennedy Truth, as a young man,…

Kennedy never saw Hitler as an evil man, let alone as a man responsible for WW2… In 1946, in his book, Profiles in courage, John praised Senator Robert Taft, for having at tremendous personal cost, denounced in 1946, the hanging of eleven Nazi officials as motivated by the ‘spirit of vengeance’ and as ‘a blot on the American record that we shall long regret.’

[Robert Taft, quoted by Laurent Guyénot in The Unspoken Kennedy Truth, 22021, p.99.]

With such a track record and reputation, why did the world gang up on Hitler? Was it because he invaded Poland? Was it about money, usury, economics? Those are some of the usual suspects that most well-informed people are familiar with, but what are the other possible suspects? There is only one, really, although it is linked to all the others, race is basically the crux of the matter.


The Hungarian journalist Louis Marschalko, a long forgotten but credible individual whose views should be taken seriously as Israel is bent on destroying Palestinians:

Hitlerism was not the only thing the World Jewry hated. They dreaded even more those [fascist] movements paving the way for a new understanding among the nations of Europe. Jewry’s main aim was to discredit these new [fascist] trends as well as to make them disliked by the rest of the world. While campaigning on one side for full cooperation, they tried to strangle on the other side all those who were collaborating with their enemies—the Germans.

“They unhesitatingly opposed even the slightest thought of making peace,” writes French writer Maurice Bardèche.

But today we have definite proof that the Germans tried most earnestly to establish cooperation and partnership among the European elite. They were not looking for “Quislings” but for those who were considered good patriots in their own country, people devoted to the cause of their own native land. An almost exaggerated idealism pervaded the elite of the National Socialist revolution. In their own country, they stated what they believed to be the truth. They recognized that the individual has social rights. They demonstrated that this is the only satisfactory solution if Bolshevism was to be avoided.

They believed with revolutionary fervour that if they could succeed in liberating the European masses from capitalist exploitation, then peace would be secured for a long time. They had seen how Jewish “Nazism” interposed itself to disrupt the unity of the German people by means of its money power and its control of the press in order to secure exclusive domination over the entire nation. Having successfully done away with all this by their National Socialist revolution, they had high hopes of securing peace and also the cooperation of neighbouring peoples, once the influence of the supranational Old Testament “Nazism” was eliminated in those countries too.

This was “New Europe” in the making. And this was the very thing World Jewry had to prevent at any cost, even if it entailed reducing the Christian culture of Europe to the dust. Because should this plan succeed, more and more states would be released from the grip of Jewish domination.

Therefore, the mere thought of European Unity or of any possible cooperation had to be discredited. And because more than 60% of the press of the Western World is in Jewish hands, and according to American statistics, 85% of the American press and 100% of American films, this campaign was conducted on a larger scale than any other propaganda operation in the history of the world.

By misinterpreting the racial concept, the Jews pretended that the Germans were claiming sole supremacy for the German nation over all other nations. Thus, they succeeded in estranging the other nations from Germany. They distorted the racial theory by insinuating that Germany wanted to conquer the world and the basis of this theory was claiming world supremacy. The Nineteenth Century magazine in its issue of September 1943, during the height of the war, admitted on the contrary that:

“The general belief that Germany started this war to achieve world power, in our view, is a mistake. Germany wanted to become a first-rate power, but to be a first-rate power and to achieve world domination are two different things. Great Britain is also a world power but also does not rule the world.”

The Jews also misinterpreted the theory of “Blut und Boden” (blood and soil), i.e., the theory that a man belongs to his native soil, the concept of unity between a country and its inhabitants was so twisted as to suggest that the Germans claimed all the territories in which any inhabitants of German origin happened to be living. By this means they aroused the jealousy of all independent European nations where German minorities were to be found. Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Bohemia, Rumania, and other neighbouring countries began to regard with mistrust the German Reich.

They tried to explain Germany’s steadily growing export trade as a preparation for war and attempted to make the world forget that Goering’s slogan of “guns and butter” had a precedent in the boycott by American Jewry. They ridiculed the sincerely pro-British parts of Mein Kampf, at the same time working on the fears of both East and West by quoting certain passages of this book out of their context.

The poisoning of the mind was thus stimulated on a gigantic scale throughout the world. When the German administration tried to stop this trouble-making, it was promptly accused of dictatorial tyranny. As a background to all these forms of anti-German propaganda there was, of course, the undeniable fact that the abolition of the reign of gold together with the peaceful cooperation between capital and labour was a real shock for Jewry. World opinion was induced to believe that the German worker’s living standard was rising only because of rearmament. But, in fact, they knew very well that large workers’ settlements were everywhere under construction, and that the existence of workers and satisfied families was a living refutation of those things [communism] taught by Jewry for over a century.

“What can have happened?” They asked one another in fear, “Have these hated Nazis really wrecked the splendid theory of the Marxist class-struggle theory which was serving our ends so well? As Bettelheim expressed it, can great cities such as Berlin, Vienna, and Budapest get along without Jews? Can a nation really live without exploitation, without a Jewish national press, without the films, theatre, and the Jewish ’mercenary spirit? After all, we have kept the whole world under our influence for centuries by suggesting that without our cultural activities, our business sense, and our supercilious intellect all nations would perish and all “progress” would cease. And now Germany prospers without us—with a prosperity which is the living negation of our arrogant nationalism. Anyone looking at these steadily growing garden cities, at the satisfied and happy people, and the prospering intellectual and economic activities can see that our great nationalist writer, Bettelheim was wrong when he predicted that world civilization would perish without the Jews. So far, these Christians are becoming more and more satisfied, while we Jews are losing more and more ground. If the rest of the world learns about this on an international level, and if the foreign tourists and the world’s proletariat see that all this is possible without us, indeed, even against us, they will realize that we have lied to them. Our politicians, journalists, trade union leaders, capitalists, and labour leaders will all become liars! Therefore, we must destroy the proofs! Therefore, these beautiful homes with their gardens, together with the new factories, nurseries, hospitals, and youth camps, must be wiped off the face of the earth. For we have at our disposal our secret nationalist weapon—the same used with such effect at the siege of Jericho. Let us, therefore, sound the trumpets for our world propaganda.”

[Louis Marschalko, The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals, Britons Publishing Society, 1958, pp. 85-88.]


After the war, the Master Race made sure that their alleged god given racial superiority would never again be challenged. With the charter of human rights, the UN, the Nuremberg trials, they poisoned the well of racial consciousness with anti-racism, individualism, liberalism, consumerism, democracy, and the particularly powerful Holocaust venom, which they injected in the minds of every White person on the Globe.

(GUS: Is this why, the ICC is a bit shy in telling us that Israel is committing a GENOCIDE?)

Simon continues:

In seven years, from 1933 to 1939, Hitler, the most popular man in the world at the time, put seven million unemployed people back to work, ended class warfare, put work (production) instead of money at the centre of the economy, eliminated usury and finance capitalism, expelled the rogues of stateless finance, closed down the Masonic lodges, put the German Communists out of business and restored order to the utterly depraved society of the Weimar Republic that was briefly surveyed in Sex with Animals in a Weimar Democracy.

As a result of this public health work, within two years Germany had no more debt or inflation and its currency was solid and stable. After the ordeals of the Treaty of Versailles and the hunger blockade (which killed as many children, women and old people as the Iraqi blockade of Israel’s Washington foreign minister Madeleine Albright), the entire German people had regained their pride, dignity, and happiness. It is no exaggeration to say that the Good, the true, and the beautiful reigned supreme in the National Socialist kingdom of the pre-war period.

Voted “Man of the Year” in 1938 by Time Magazine, which featured him on its cover in 1936, Hitler was adored by his people and admired by many, including Winston Churchill, who said of Hitler in 1935: “…One may think what one likes about these achievements, but they are undeniably among the most remarkable in the history of the world.



THE CLASH between Western civilisations was about to come (1939-1945/6). Presently the CLASH is between the West and let’s not be shy, SAY ONE MAN, Putin. The WESTERN media equate PUTIN to Hitler, for effect, while Putin — himself having achieved a renewal of the Russian Spirit against all odds (the American Empire's interferences) — is nothing like Hitler, despite his Military Operation in Ukraine. PUTIN WANTS TO DEFEAT FASCISM, WHICH IS STILL OPERATING AS NAZIS IN UKRAINE, to protect the RUSSIANS who lived in Ukraine, now in reattached Donbass region (RUSSIAN till 1922) AND BY DOING SO, HE hopes to minimise the present FASCIST SPIRIT IN WASHINGTON AND BRUSSELS, FROM FRANCE TO GERMANY. Good luck!….

The West (aka the American Empire allied with the Jews) and Ukraine in this affair ARE THE BAD GUYS.

Enter this in your brains and the world will make sense.

Our media will say otherwise.

In the days of Shakespeare’s King whatevername and number, we, humans did not have the possibility at hand to blow up the planet. WE now DO…  THIS IS WHY I KEEP HARPING ABOUT MAKING A DEAL:




















soldiering in neutral countries in prep for war against the rooskies...




Gus Leonisky

Political cartoonist since 1951.

Atheist and Existentialist.

bomb away!....

Jerry Seinfeld's Israel Support Draws SCRUTINY and PROTEST







fighting the mediocre mass media de mierda.....

It may look a lot like it’s happening the way you’re told it is. But take another look.

It looks a helluva lot like an evil dictator in Russia decided one morning to wake up and invade his neighbor for no good reason and that brave America has come to the rescue of the plucky Ukrainians.  

We were told the monster was getting destroyed on the battlefield, but now somehow he’s threatening all of Western Europe; and if we aren’t careful, his tank may soon show up in your driveway.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this, given that the most influential media machine in history has been employed to make it look that way. 

Making people believe anything is easy, if you leave out important parts of the story: the U.S. backed a coup overthrowing a democratically-elected government in Kiev; the coup-government started a civil war against Ukrainians who rejected the coup; the West pretended to agree to a peace agreement to end the civil war to create time to arm Ukraine to the teeth; the U.S. and NATO rejected a treaty proposal to prevent the invasion and ensure security in Europe; and the U.S. wanted regime change in Moscow through an economic, information and proxy war that has utterly backfired. 

Where have you read any of that?  

Probably in Consortium News.


OR HAVE READ since 2005.....