Monday 22nd of July 2024

of global warming....

“Not all entanglement-able particles will entangle” 

Gus Leonisky.

Now that I’ve got this Leonisky postulate personally observed complex controversy out of the way, let me say there are still people who think that “global warming” is a hoax. 

In order to prove it they include it as part of a list of suspected conspiracies coming from governments, the Jews, the underpaid scientists, the United nations, the WEF, the Bilderberg club and other secret societies — conspiracies which include Covid-19, the war in Gaza, the fake landing on the moon and electric cars… They won’t tell us why “global warming” is on this list, except that it’s part of the plot to make us tighten our butt and obey the dictating elites who want to feed us with artificial meat while sucking our brains.

If you have lived on this planet recently, you would have noted that the news is bringing in increasing collections of floods in China and Brazil, forest fires in Greece, tornadoes in Bunbury of all things, and rain-rain-rain in Sydney like you never seen since yesterday. If you roof does not leak, you’re bloody lucky.

But this does not indicate a “global warming”, just a bit of unseasonable weather like we’ve never seen before which could be attributed to “climate change”, knowing that climate changes all the time because of warmer winters and hotter summers.

It is difficult to make the giant leap to associate this climate change with anthropogenesis. 

There are many people who are working on finding a link. 

The most boring annoying analysts are the actuaries — those men and women who CALCULATE RISK.

If you work in banking, insurance and politics — or even plumbing — you need to know what are the risks of digging a hole where you are digging one. Someone has to pay for the damage if damage occur — and lawyers need to prove who is responsible so you can be sued — except in politics. 

So, the climate is changing… Who is going to pay for repairing your destroyed house in Lismore? Is it going to happen again? When is the next big one that will destroy New Orleans for good? Do you rebuild stick-houses in Tornado Alley? Are the oceans warming up? Why is it colder at night? Is the Arctic melting? Why are your favourite skying slope in Switzerland snow-less this year? Should we not be going towards a new Ice-Age, considering the price of fish? 

Suddenly someone, a SCIENTIST, 120 years ago calculated those risks with a SLIDE RULE (The slide rule was invented by William Oughtred in the 1600's, but only began to be widely used in the mid 1800's after a French artillery officer named Amedee Mannheim developed a version that became popular among engineers. By the early 1900's engineering students in the US were commonly taught to use slide rules. Gus still uses a slide-rule — and tea strainers — which helped him solve the postulate at top)

That scientific someone was Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist, who, with amazing precision (for the times), calculated the influence of CO2 (which he called carbonic acid) on the status of climate — ice age with less CO2 (180 ppm) and warm periods with a natural maximum of 300 ppm (part per million) in the atmosphere.

Not only this, Arrhenius indicated that the industrial revolution that had started a bare 50 years earlier — burning coal — was releasing a certain amount of CO2, that will eventually warm up the planet atmosphere by 2 degrees Celsius. 

So, contrarily, Pierre Simon tells (porkies) us:


It all started with Ira Einhorn, the satanic-Jewish-trunk-murderer of his girlfriend Holly Maddox, the founder of the environmentalist “Mother Earth” movement that was selected as the hippy front of the globalists Ira Einhorn, (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia) who wanted to promote and use environmentalism as their key method of establishing an end-times Marxist dictatorship for planet earth…


May be the concept of Mother Earth was fantasised here there, but the concept of global (spherical) earth (the earth isn’t flat) started much earlier, possibly with the Egyptian scientist, more than 2000 years ago, who calculated the circumference of the planet with more accuracy than the Napoleonic geometer who cheated on one of his steps between mountain peaks (we've mentioned this somewhere on this site).

Yes the earth is spherical and all is connected: the sea, the land, the air, the spin (not political propaganda), the angle of the tilt, the seasons, evolution, etc…

To some extend Arrhenius' study of ice ages influencers was  due to scientific curiosity rather than philosophical determinism. Measuring stuff like ice ages isn’t easy… Even in the 1920s, science was placing the extinction of the dinosaurs at 6 million years ago, while religion thought they disappeared when Noah forgot them during the big flood… We should know that via various techniques, the dinosaur extinction happened some 65 million years ago and that the big flood which started with the end of the last ice-age lasted from nearly 20,000 years ago to about 10,000 years ago. Yes, climate changes…

So what is the problem now? The warming that we are experiencing (and measuring accurately within respectable margins of error) now could be of the same magnitude as the last big melt, but towards even warmer climes, over a few centuries rather than milleniums. What does this mean? 

According to Arrhenius, the differences between ice ages and warmer period was a 6 degrees Celsius increase for an increase of 120 ppm of CO2 (180 ppm in ice ages and 300 ppm in warm periods).

So what is the present problem?

The observed present concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 420ppm. If you are a serious scientist, you shit in your pants.

The EXTRA CO2 already there is likely to increase the warming of the atmosphere by at least 6 degrees Celsius… When? this is the billion dollar question… to which the answer is SOON... WHERE  is this EXTRA CO2 COMING FROM? Human activities?… Arrhenius told us so… But he also added that such warming (2 degrees Celsius) could be profitable… to crops in the northern part of Europe (RUSSIA) and nefarious to crops in the southern part. 

Since Arrhenius made his study, we have developed more ways to measure the CHANGES and their implications. ACTUARIES are not jokers. THEY seriously STUDY RISKS. They know that we “are in trouble” even if we stopped emissions of CO2 today…




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subsidising doom....



The Dirty Budget: fossil fuel subsidies up 31%. What’s the scam?


by Kim Wingerei


A new report says fossil fuel subsidies will be 31% higher in this year. The increase is driven by fuel tax credits and concessions, and subsidies for coal mining and gas pipelines. What’s the scam?

The scam is that the $3.4B in additional subsidies counter Australia’s net zero commitments and ignore the OECD’s recommendation to reduce or eliminate fossil fuel subsidies.

The report, published by the Australian Institute (TAI), highlights a number of areas where both Federal and State Governments continue to budget for more fossil fuel production in Australia and not less.

The biggest increase is in Fuel Tax Credits (“the diesel fuel rebate”), which this year will amount to $9.6B – up from $7.5B the previous year, or 28%. The coal industry alone benefits by more than $1B per year from this subsidy. Aviation fuel concessions are up 36% to $1.6B.

State and territory governments contribute in various ways too. Queensland plans to spend close to $100M a year to support the highest-emitting coal mines. The Northern Territory continues to spend big on gas pipelines and, of course, fracking in the Beetaloo, while NSW has recently announced another $45M to extend the Eraring coal-fired power plant.

According to the TAI’s Rod Campbell,

The magnitude of these fossil fuel subsidies overshadows government claims about climate action. Our state and federal governments are failing to implement even the most basic climate policy – cutting fossil fuel subsidies.