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a poor tool in representing the real political demographics ....

It’s hard to completely fathom what happened in the UK with the general elections which installed Sir Keir Starmer, a lawyer by training, into Downing Street. Certainly, two key aspects of July 4th were critical though. One, a low voter turnout with many Tory voters simply staying at home; and, secondly, a protest vote from the conventional Tory voters either to Labour – in great numbers – and to some extent fringe parties like Reform UK.


Who exactly is Sir Keir Starmer? George Smiley being jointly run by Israel and U.S.?

    BY Martin Jay


But we should also ponder the system itself which is well overdue for an overhaul. The first-past-the-post voting system which simply requires a party get more than 50% of all of the seats is woefully inadequate and a poor tool in representing the real political demographics of, in particular, smaller parties. In the case of the far-right Reform Party led by the mercurial Nigel Farage, the 14th of the entire voting share would have given his party 100 seats in parliament in a proportional representation voting system used by many European countries these days. In the event, it only gave him 5 seats.

Yet perhaps the real point on Labour’s so-called ‘landslide’ – if it can be called this, as, in reality only 34 percent of the voting population opted for them – is that all of the superlatives about the vote itself pale into insignificance when you look at the international geopolitical implications of this government taking the keys to Downing Street.

Keir Starmer, and a great many of his cabinet, are receiving money from Israel according to recent reports from investigative journalists in the UK who can’t be considered mainstream. The payments are seemingly small and are presented to the electorate as travel expenses for a number of MPs like Angela Rayner for example, who have travelled to Israel on so-called fact-finding missions. In reality, much more money has been put in their pockets which has not been declared, which would lead anyone with any sense of rational to ask the perfectly reasonably question was Kier Starmer and the Labour party installed by the U.S. and Israel as part of a Zionist plot to serve both Washington’s and Tel Aviv’s interests?

Certainly Starmer’s background is worrying given that he was a lawyer who no one has heard of until he was head hunted for the top job of chief of Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) a job which gave him enormous powers as Britain’s top police regulator and one which put him in direct contact with Mossad, the CIA, FBI and of course Britain’s own secret police MI6 and MI5. Was was he chosen for this position by the Americans? Much of the evidence of what we know about him would certainly indicate that as his behaviour while in this post smacked of someone being controlled by the secret police. But whose? America’s or Britain’s?

His appointment as chief of the CPS in November 2008 was suspicious at best, only trumped by his odd departure in 2013 immediately after the director of Mi5 retired. And then less than two years later, after leaving a law firm linked to money laundering scandals, he mysteriously takes up the offer of a Labour MEP earning a fraction of what he was taking as a lawyer.

It’s worth noting that intelligence agencies need people to help them launder money on behalf of the undesirable people they employ, who some might call ‘terrorists’. Such people cannot be officially paid so they need to be given dirty money, acquired through drug sales, arms trafficking or the spoils of war. The problem arises when the top people in these organisations insist on the West to assist in laundering the money that they have been paid so that they can relocate to the U.S. with their families. It’s not enough to allow a terror group, for example, to sell stolen oil on the black market or even for it to be allowed to send drugs into the U.S. They need to be able to legitimise their stash.

And so Keir Starmer’s links to a law firm which is tarnished with a reputation of money laundering should start to ring bells. But it’s his actions – or lack of them – during his period earlier as CPS chief which should have alarmed a number of journalists in the UK pushing them to scrutinize who exactly is this opaque grey man in a grey suit whose chief skill is to be so dull that most people forget almost everything he ever says? Perfect skills to hone as a double agent working as an alias, most intelligence officers would argue.

No journalists in the UK did this though and it only stinks even further that he has until now avoided the statutory ‘hit job’ from even one of them which reveals all his skeletons in the closet. Starmer’s actions while CPS chief would, at a distance, seem to be the exact same as what you would expect the CIA to take if they were given the Assange dossier themselves. As the most powerful legal figure in the UK, when the Assange extradition case with Sweden came up – based on fake rape allegations trumped up by an overzealous Swedish prosecutor – he did all he could to try and get Assange extradited to Stockholm, knowing full well that the moment the Australian publisher entered a police station there America would have legal ground to nab him. Starmer even went as far as to deny the opportunity for Swedish police officers to come to the UK to interview him in London.

Starmer also has a dark side when it comes to intelligence agencies as one of the first tasks he sets himself to do is build himself an international spy network dressed up in the auspices of British lawyers advising heads of state of Global South countries how to deal with human rights issues or torture techniques. It is hard to imagine that a man so absurdly bereft of imagination and creativity came up with this idea. Was it a brainchild of a CIA operative? Is that why Starmer got the CPS job in the first place? Certainly, his relations with intelligence organisations in the U.S. are well documented as is his stoic behaviour in defending British MI5 and MI6 officers from investigation of torture allegations. Each and every time all efforts by victims was blocked by Starmer, even going as far as to prevent a former MI5 director facing charges.

The number of cases of him covering up scandals and any flak coming the way of intelligence bosses is too many to dismiss. Starmer is certainly part of this family and his proximity to Israel as well only leads the humble journalist to wonder whether he is Israel’s creation which the U.S. backs, or in fact he is a product of years of Langley searching for a left-wing stooge who would finally rise to the ranks of Prime minister. Expect a lot of fake news about Israel and Gaza surrounded by smoke and mirrors for the dim-witted Westminster press pack who haven’t even picked up how he delayed an ICC judgment being carried out against a former Israeli minister while she visited London, when he was CPS boss – given her just enough time to leave the country unscathed.






UK Labour Defence Secretary visits Ukraine to back escalated war    by Robert Stevens


Within 24 hours of taking his ministry seat, UK Defence Secretary John Healey ensured his first foreign visit was to Ukraine to reassure the Zelensky regime of the new Labour government’s backing for war with Russia. 

Healey was accompanied by the UK’s chief of the armed forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin. Healey and Radakin made the Ukraine trip before Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer, Healey, and Foreign Secretary David Lammy flew to Washington on Tuesday to attend a three-day NATO summit centred on preparing an escalation of the war.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) issued a statement Sunday, to coincide with Healey’s trip, of a “new package of support to the country, including more artillery guns, a quarter of a million ammunition rounds and nearly 100 precision Brimstone missiles.” Also included are “50 small military boats to support river and coastal operations”; “61 bulldozers to help build defensive positions”; and “support for previously gifted AS-90s, including 32 new barrels and critical spares which will help Ukraine fire another 60,000 155mm rounds”.

Demonstrating how a government of Conservative warmongers has been seamlessly replaced, the statement explained that Healey has “directed officials to ensure that the promised package in April of military aid is accelerated and delivered in full to Ukraine within the next 100 days.”

The April support agreed by Rishi Sunak’s government was the “largest ever military aid package to Ukraine, comprising 400 vehicles, 1600 strike and air defence missiles, including additional Storm Shadow long-range precision guided-missiles, four million rounds of ammunition and 60 boats, including off-shore raiding craft.”

The MoD stated, “Having provided more than £7.6 billion of military support since Ukraine unprovoked invasion, the UK will continue to work with allies and partners to provide Ukraine with the equipment and weapons they need to win the war.”

With Ukraine having lost hundreds of thousands of lives, NATO is plotting how to reverse disastrous military setbacks that have shattered the Zelensky government.

Even while Healey was meeting with Defence Minister Rustem Umerov, they had to flee into the basement and “take cover in a bomb shelter”… “of a Soviet-era building acting as Mr Umerov’s temporary HQ” due to Russian missiles falling nearby.

Labour came to office with the backing of a ruling elite supportive of its “party of NATO” credentials and full backing for war against Russia and Israel’s genocidal onslaught against the Palestinians.

Starmer won the backing of the Financial Times, the first time that newspaper has supported Labour in a general election in 19 years, since it backed Tony Blair in 2005 following his support for the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Starmer was also backed by the Murdoch dynasty-owned The Sun and The Times, both demanding stepped-up war against Russia and austerity cuts to pay for a vastly increased military budget. 

The trip to Kiev was co-ordinated with the Sun whose Political Editor Harry Cole accompanied Healey—straight after he left Starmer’s first Cabinet meeting on Saturday—to board a Royal Air Force-chartered flight. During the flight Healey gave Cole an exclusive interview.

This was published under the headline, “FIGHTING TALK: Britain will stand with Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’, declares new Defence Secretary in direct warning to Putin”. 

It read, “He [Healey] insisted the new government is ‘totally committed’ to hiking UK defence spending to 2.5 percent of GDP but the ‘defence of Britain starts in Ukraine’”. Healey boasted that “within less than 24 hours after I was appointed I am on my way to Ukraine”, as it was time to “step up” Britain’s “special leadership” with Kiev. 

Healey told the newspaper, “We will deliver… an extra quarter of a million heavy ammunition for the machine guns they use to shoot down Iranian drones.” The “extra 90 Brimstone missiles” were “the most lethal bit of kit they use to take out Russian tanks and armoured vehicles.” The 50 boats were being provided “for Ukrainian marines, these are the marines we have trained, so they will use those for attacks in the Black Sea, they will use those for raids across the Dnipro river.”

The newspaper pictured The Sun’s Cole meeting Zelensky and in the room while Healey was discussing with Ukraine’s defence minister. The Sun followed up with an editorial stating, “From Day One of the Russian invasion, our last Tory Government was resolute in its support for President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people. It is hugely welcome that, in one of Labour’s first acts, new Defence Secretary John Healey travelled to Odesa to promise there would be no wavering in the UK’s position.”

The Sun welcomed “the commitment by the new Secretary of State to spend 2.5 percent of GDP on defence, even if the detail is scant.” 

The Times followed up with a demand for more. An article Tuesday, banner headlined, “Pressure on Starmer to raise defence spending,” reported that former head of the army General Sir Patrick Sanders had “warned that Britain’s armed forces were so worn down that they were only able to fight a small war for no longer than a month…

“Sanders said that even 2.5 percent of GDP was too small and called for spending to rise to ‘closer to 3 percent’.”

The General complained that military spending and security were “conspicuously absent,” from the general election campaign. “At the moment, the political debate in in the UK is trying to shield the public from the reality of the world that that we’re now finding ourselves in.”

Sanders warned, “You’ve got the potential for a conflict that won’t look like World War Two, but could spread like cancer, will be global, and will operate at different levels of intensity in all the operational domains.”

The type of war Sanders envisages being fought was clear in his grotesque relativising of the worst crimes of the 20th century, carried out by the Nazis. He designated Russia, China and Iran, “the new Axis powers”, with the Times adding that Sanders “argued that they pose an even more lethal challenge than the Nazi alliance in 1939 since ‘they are more interdependent and more aligned than the original Axis powers were’”.

The message was underscored by Lord West, a Labour-supporting peer and former First Sea Lord and ex-chair of the National Security Forum. He complained to the Times of Labour’s position: “I think we ought to say when we are going to get to 2.5 percent. ‘When the situation allows’ is not really good enough—Putin will not wait for our situation to be good enough before he attacks.”

With an eye to the November election in the United States, West stated that Labour naming a date to reach 2.5 percent mark, “would be a very good message to the Americans, not least to Donald Trump.”




Peace talks will begin when Ukraine ‘gets real’ - Moscow     Kiev’s current terms are a complete non-starter, a senior Russian diplomat said 

Ukraine must assume a more rational position for the peace negotiations to resume, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko has said.

A journalist with the news channel RBK asked Rudenko to comment on the recent report that presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China expect the negotiations to begin by the end of 2024.

The diplomat advised against “setting deadlines or outlining specific timetables” on the matter. He stressed, however, that “the proposals put forward by the Ukrainian authorities, which are controlled from abroad, cannot serve as a basis for any serious negotiations.”

The talks can only resume once Kiev “takes a more realistic position,” Rudenko stated.

On Wednesday, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban briefed EU officials that Putin and Xi anticipate peace negotiations before the year is out. Neither Moscow nor Beijing have confirmed this claim.

A vocal critic of the EU’s stance on the conflict in Ukraine, Orban has recently wrapped up his trip to Kiev, Moscow and Beijing, which he described as a “peace mission.”

After Orban’s visit to Moscow last week, Putin reaffirmed his June peace terms, stating that he wanted a comprehensive and final end to the conflict rather than a temporary ceasefire. Moscow’s terms include Ukraine becoming a neutral country and the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and the regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye. Russia insists that Ukraine must renounce claims on these four territories, as well as Crimea

Ukraine has rejected Russia’s terms, insisting that its territory must be restored to the 1991 borders.

READ MORE: War has become NATO’s agenda – Orban

The peace talks between Russia and Ukraine broke down in the spring of 2022, with both sides accusing each other of making unacceptable demands. Putin has said that the Ukrainian delegation has initially agreed to some of Russia’s terms, including neutrality, but then abruptly suspended the negotiations.




Russian forces have destroyed three HAWK air defense missile launchers, made and improved by the US, in the special operation zone over the past day, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

"Operational-tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile troops, and the artillery of the Russian Armed Forces, have destroyed an AN/MPQ-46 radar and three HAWK air defense missile launchers made and improved in the US," the ministry's daily briefing stated.

Additionally, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of storage facilities for Ukrainian unmanned boats, and strikes on enemy personnel and equipment in 131 locations.

Russian air defense systems have shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter, 4 ATACMS missiles, and 55 drones in the past day, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

"Air defense systems shot down a Ukrainian MiG-29 aircraft, 55 unmanned aerial vehicles, four American-made ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, three American-made HIMARS rocket system projectiles, and four French-made Hammer guided bombs," the statement said.




Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities have rendered precision-guided Western munitions “useless” in the Ukraine conflict, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. With their guidance systems scrambled, some of these weapons have reportedly been retired within weeks of hitting the battlefield.

When the US announced the delivery of GPS-guided Excalibur artillery shells to Ukraine in 2022, pro-Kiev outlets predicted that the $100,000-per-shot projectiles would make “Ukrainian artillery a whole lot more accurate” and “cause Russia a world of pain.”

However, the Russian military adapted within weeks, Ukrainian commanders told the Wall Street Journal. Russian signal-jamming equipment was used to feed false coordinates to the shells and interfere with their fuses, causing them to veer off course or fall to the ground as duds. 

“By the middle of last year, the M982 Excalibur munitions, developed by RTX and BAE Systems, became essentially useless and are no longer employed,” the newspaper stated, paraphrasing the Ukrainian commanders.

























a win is a "win"....

 Starmer’s hollow victory

This Labour ‘landslide’ has everything except voters.


Keir Starmer, [NOW] Britain’s prime minister, is a man who thinks – and certainly speaks – in political clichés. He has spent much of this dismal General Election campaign talking of ‘rolling up his sleeves’, ‘turning the page’ and ‘getting the job done’. During his victory speech this morning – at a short, small rally at Tate Modern; organised purely for the benefit of the television cameras – he channelled Tony Blair’s 1997 ‘a new dawn has broken’ speech, torturing the metaphor to within an inch of its life: ‘Walk into the morning, the sunlight of hope – pale at first, but getting stronger through the day, shining once again on a country with the opportunity after 14 years to get its future back.’

He was certainly beaming. And with good reason. He’s just won a huge majority. At time of writing, his Labour Party has won 412 seats. With only a few left to call, Labour’s tally is just shy of Blair’s 1997 New Labour landslide of 418. The last time Labour won an election was almost 20 years ago, in 2005. And Starmer has pulled this off not even five years after the combination of Labour’s Brexit betrayal and the toxic leadership of Jeremy Corbyn delivered Labour’s worst defeat since 1935 – an 80-seat majority for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, and one assembled from the bricks of Labour’s former Red Wall heartlands. Last night, the Conservatives showed Labour how the humiliating, record-breaking defeats are really done, just about scraping 120 seats. This is their worst result… ever.


Still, ‘new dawns’ aside, Starmer’s victory appears to be the embodiment of one of the oldest saws in politics: that oppositions don’t win elections, government’s lose them. His ultra-cautious, policy-lite, stage-managed campaign certainly suggested this was his main strategy – to ride disaffection with the Tories all the way into No10. It has clearly worked a treat. But I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a victory as large and yet as hollow as this. Current projections suggest Starmer has secured this ‘historic’ majority on the basis of just 35 per cent of the vote, that’s five points lower than Jeremy Corbyn achieved in 2017 and only three points higher than in the disaster of 2019. As the BBC’s polling supremo, John Curtice, points out, this is ‘slightly below that secured by Tony Blair in 2005 and will be the lowest share of the vote won by any single party majority government’. Plus, the turnout, according to the BBC, appears to be around 60 per cent – the second-lowest level since 1885. Only the turnout in 2001 was lower than this, at 59 per cent.

Starmer’s ‘historic’ parliamentary majority, then, is based on a historically low turnout and a historically low vote share for a victorious party of government. This Labour victory seems to have everything – except voters. Labour’s modest, roughly two-point rise in vote share is almost entirely down to its stunning surge in Scotland – where Scots are returning to Labour, their traditional political home, following the total collapse of the once hegemonic, but increasingly scandal-hit and deranged, SNP. In Wales, Labour’s vote share has fallen by four points. In England, it has not budged at all. So, the Labour Party has more or less stood still, while the Tory vote has collapsed, thanks to an insurgent Reform UK to its right. Nigel Farage’s new populist outfit has secured four seats – including his new home of Clacton – on a whopping 14.3 per cent of the vote. The party also came second in almost 100 seats. This is an astonishing achievement for a new, underpowered party that was barely on the field when this election campaign began.





Why we must have proportional representation
Labour’s phoney landslide has made a mockery of the principle of ‘one person, one vote’.


After such a dispiriting and lacklustre General Election campaign, fought between two empty suits, it can be easy to lose sight of the radicalism of democracy. Indeed, the idea that all citizens must have the equal right to determine the affairs of the nation, that everyone’s views and interests should be taken into account, is downright revolutionary. After all, the vote of the plumber and the professor, builder and banker, trainee and TikTok influencer all have the same weight. Or, at least, they should, in a properly democratic system.

If you had any doubts that the UK’s first-past-the-post system for electing our MPs is dysfunctional, those ought to have been shattered by last week’s election results. This was Britain’s least-representative General Election of the modern democratic era.





end UK/zionist complicity....


NGOs Urge UK Labour Government to End 'Complicity in Israeli Crimes' in Gaza

"We are asking this government for leadership and to take a just decision, for the sake of Palestinians in Gaza who are living through 'hell on Earth,'" said six rights groups.




A week after the British Labour Party won control of the United Kingdom's government, six rights organizations called on Prime Minister Keir Starmer to bring the country "back from the brink" and restore its "credibility on the international stage" by ending its military support for Israel

"The Labour Party now has the chance to start restoring some credibility by ensuring the U.K. abides by international law, thereby extricating the U.K. from the indelible stain of complicity in Israeli crimes that deeply shock the conscience of humanity," wrote the British Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) and Al-Haq, based in Palestine.

The groups wrote the letter with the support of the International Center of Justice for Palestinians, War on Want, the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Addressing Starmer along with newly appointed Foreign Secretary David Lammy and Secretary of State for Business and Trade Jonathan Reynolds, the groups reminded the prime minister that following his election, he promised Britons that the "sunlight of hope was shining once again" after 14 years of Conservative rule, and called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to say there is a "clear and urgent need for a cease-fire."

"Calls for a cease-fire are evidently not enough, in particular when the U.K. is arming one party to the conflict," wrote the groups, pointing out that earlier this week Palestinians in northern Gaza reported that recent bombing there has "matched October 2023 in its intensity—with levels of destruction not witnessed since World War II, nearly all civilian infrastructure is completely destroyed."

"We are asking this government for leadership and to take a just decision, for the sake of Palestinians in Gaza who are living through 'hell on Earth,'" they wrote. "The world should have put an end to their unimaginable suffering a long time ago. Labour must suspend, revoke, and refuse all arms licenses for Israel now."

The U.K. licensed about £859,381 ($1.09 million) of weapons to Israel in the last three months of 2023, as the Israel Defense Forces relentlessly attacked Gaza and blocked nearly all humanitarian aid, leading to what 10 independent United Nations experts this week said is now famine across the enclave.

"The new Labour government's calls for a cease-fire are meaningless while it continues to arm Israel. British weapons have killed too many Palestinians," said GLAN lawyer Charlotte Andrews-Briscoe. "This government knows that the only lawful and moral decision is to stop arming Israel. Britons have voted for change: This government must deliver that change."

On social media, GLAN amplified a video posted by Starmer on Sunday in which he pledged to "restore politics as a force for good."

"We are calling on Keir Starmer to put these words into action," said the legal group.





friends of zion....

BY Declan Hayes


Israel wins the French and British general elections


Britain, as the Jerusalem Post helpfully explains, will have a pro-Zionist government for the foreseeable future and France will be in electoral chaos at least until its 2027 Presidential election.

Sir Keir Starmer’s thumping majority is due to the momentum Britain’s powerful Zionist lobby, working primarily through Tony Blair’s tried and trusted power brokers, put into Starmer’s sails. Though their most obvious contribution was, as the Jewish Chronicle helpfully explains, banishing Jeremy Corbyn, and all other Labourites with a granule of common decency, to the political wilderness, New Labour’s victory was, on the surface at least and, despite the Jewish Chronice’s scare warnings about the dangers of “sanitised Islamism”, more thorough than that.

As things currently stand, unless one is a morally bankrupt supporter of Israel, of Zelensky’s rump Reich and of NATO’s perpetual war mongering, one has no place in Labour, or in government or in policy making. That is an obvious win for Rupert Murdoch, for the Jewish Chronicle and for their wide circles of friends in high places that the Labour Friends of Israel and similar fifth columnist pressure groups coordinate.

Although Corbyn and a few like minded souls did manage to retain their seats, and although a handful of Muslims, standing on pro Palestinian platforms, won, they are of no consequence as the Labour Friends of Israel ensure they have no means of gaining greater traction. Though they will get their couple of minutes a month to ask soft ball Parliamentary questions, that will be the limit of their reach; Britain’s powerful pro-Israeli lobby will see to that.

And so will Nigel Farage’s Reform lot, who owe their existence to the threat such paper tigers present. The media friendly and media savvy Farage, with his prop of a half a pint of British beer in hand, will rail, in his ever so polite way, against the threat to British values (whatever they are) those who oppose genocide in Gaza present, and Murdoch’s pro Israeli media will do the rest.

As for all of those marching for Palestine, they are like an anarchistic army of headless ants, not like a colony of ants, all working towards a common goal. The British intelligence services, with their plants in the Trotskyist and allied groups, will see they never share a common, viable goal, and that they remain just a bunch of well-meaning losers, forever marching around in circles and forever being denounced and dismissed as anti-Semitic bigots for their efforts.

It is to combat such alleged anti Semitism that Blair’s pro Israelis rule the Labour Party and undermine whatever remains of British sovereignty. Forget the genocides in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq that these same Labourites are directly implicated in. They will, their cover story goes, protect everyone in Blighty from another Holocaust.

Although Hitler never made it to Pommy Land, it is worth commenting on his armies’ body bag count in France, which also recently had a farcical election. According to the French Defence Historical Service, 85,310 French military personnel were killed; 12,000 were reported missing, 120,000 were wounded and an incredible 1,540,000 were taken prisoner, with some 940,000 being held in Germany until 1945. They are huge numbers and a testimony to the unfathomable suffering France experienced during those years.

Although the Nazis murdered around 73,500 French Jews, more than 75% of the approximately 330,000 Jews in metropolitan France in 1939 survived the War; this is not only one of the highest survival rates in Europe, but should be juxtaposed with the much larger total of 567,000 military and civilian deathsFrance suffered during the War.

Not only that, but we should also remember that large swathes of the French population collaborated with the Germans, with the Vichy regime, of all groups, executing over 2,000 of their fellow French citizens for collaborating with Hitler. Pál Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa, the father of French President Sarkozy, was an active collaborator, as was President Francois Mitterand, neither of whom suffered the indignities French teenagers did for kissing a dashing Wehrmacht conscript soldier from the banks of the river Rhine.

The relevance of this is to say that when the French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, whose Jewish father survived Auschwitz, described the Rassemblement National, which was then led by Marine Le Pen’s father, as the ideological “heir of Pétain,” she was, as even Macron admitted, largely talking through her derrière, as the skeletons uncovered during and since the trial of Marshal Pétain clearly showed. Not only did the French invent the misleading concepts of left and right during their bourgeois 1789 Revolution but their leaders have been muddying the lines between them and scrambling the brains of French citizens ever since. As regards French collaboration and French complicity with the fate of the Jews and other minority groups, because there is far too much blame there to go around, the French wisely kept quiet about it for decades after 1945.

If France is ever to make headway, she must ditch those obsolete political clothes pegs and find herself even the most primitive of moral compasses. Such a compass is not to be found in the hands of Macron, of Borne or of their Trotskyist fellow partners in crime, who have no concept of the meaning of work, of toil or of wealth accumulation. Although the weaknesses of Le Pen’s hand are obvious, so also are those of the rag tag of opportunists and self-servers who oppose her.

France is in the same sort of political chaos she was in before Germany’s 1940 invasion and cheap hucksters like Borne and opportunists like Macron will not save her, no matter how many knock off 1930s’ style popular fronts they concoct to save what remains of their own political skins.

Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National (RN) is a popular front in its own right, as it has largely supplanted the French Communist Party amongst the French working class and allied rural groups. As things currently stand, the RN has a solid and united bloc of 143 MPs, whereas the Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP) and Macron’s Ensemble, though they respectively have 182 and 168 seats, cannot agree on anything, except that RN must be deprived of power. This is the chaos of 1940 all over again, the difference being that the Wehrmacht has been replaced by the no less loathsome von der Leyden and that Estonian Kallas cuckoo.

On top of all that, France not only stands divided but paralysed and, as with the United States and Britain, France’s pro-Israeli lobby is happy with the result. Although the CRIF, France’s main Zionist lobbying group, tends to be more discreet than their more obviously obnoxious American or British equivalents, they are just as effective. Although CRIF and Consistoire, which provides religious services and employs the country’s chief rabbi, have consistently plumped for Macron, they are just as able to hedge their bets, as are their confreres in the Anglophonic world.

Although Jewish far-right politician Éric Zemmour, who commands the support of both the CRIF and Consistoire, is no less loathsome than the worst of Le Pen’s knuckle draggers, most French Jews consider his policies to be kosher. If Zemmour serves any purpose, it is to show that France’s thuggish Israeli lobby are as nakedly hypocritical as are their British and American partners in crime.

But it is not just Zemmour. The Times of Israel here reports on France’s Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, like a somewhat dim-witted schoolboy, sheepishly telling CRIF’s command staff that the “anti-Semitic Mélenchon and their other new-found left-wing buddies are “encouraging the stark rise in antisemitism” and taking “us back to the dark times when we saw that such actions can lead to a great disaster.”

But it was not anti-Semitism that led to all the collateral damage of France’s 1940 fall, but France’s lack of national unity and national purpose, traits which remain as absent on this 2024 Bastille Day, as they were 84 years earlier, when the swastika and not their own tricolour flew from Paris’ steeples on 14th July.

As the French, along with their old British sparring partners, dust themselves down from these latest elections, they should give consideration to what flag they wish to serve and who best to give their loyalty to. Although those flags should be those of their national countries, and their leaders should be those, who can best promote and defend their interests, the results in both elections have shown that the interests of Biden, von der Leyen, Netanyahu and Zelensky have emerged triumphant and, ipso facto, that the British and French have both lost. And so it will remain until those foreign forces like Labour Friends of Israel, CRIF and all those who fund them, have their wings well and firmly clipped. Unless and until that day arrives, the political landscape of both Paris and London will be every bit as grimy as the swamp POTUS Trump falsely promised to drain by the banks of the Potomac prior to the Yankees’ long-forgotten 2020 election.