Sunday 25th of September 2022

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entryNATO bombs bomb donetsk……. Gus Leonisky134 min 40 sec ago
Blog entrythe empire hates REAL democracy……. Gus Leonisky24 hours 13 min ago
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Blog entry"le vainqueur du vainqueur de la terre"……. Gus Leonisky16 hours 5 min ago
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Blog entrybloody well about time… may be... Gus Leonisky014 hours 27 min ago
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Blog entrypolishing information with jerusalemic sanitiser…... Gus Leonisky114 hours 38 min ago
Blog entry"weapons of mass destruction" disinformation all over again…. the empire bullshits more in many languages…. Gus Leonisky114 hours 53 min ago
Blog entryfriends, foes, foxes, fun. fiddles, fumes…... Gus Leonisky117 hours 10 min ago
Blog entryafraid of the competition…... Gus Leonisky117 hours 22 min ago
Blog entrya hero to all of us… Gus Leonisky121 hours 17 min ago
Blog entrydumb americans….. Gus Leonisky11 day 2 hours ago
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Imagedisinformations Gus Leonisky01 day 4 hours ago
Blog entrythe cynism of hypocrite macroleon is in proportion to the price he's got to pay for russian "gaz"…. Gus Leonisky21 day 4 hours ago
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Blog entrythe surreal desire of the US empire to own everything….. Gus Leonisky11 day 19 hours ago
Blog entryat the comedie-bouffe of the nutcases…. Gus Leonisky11 day 19 hours ago
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Blog entrymore sanctions — less gas?…….. Gus Leonisky02 days 3 hours ago
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Blog entrythe addiction of the empire…... Gus Leonisky13 days 2 hours ago