Thursday 19th of May 2022

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entryarrivederci roma… welcome CIA…... Gus Leonisky14 hours 35 min ago
Blog entryzelenskyyy-y: a dictator and a war criminal…….. Gus Leonisky17 hours 30 min ago
Imagecriminal Gus Leonisky07 hours 36 min ago
Blog entrypotatoman has a leaky dicky brain…. Gus Leonisky08 hours 26 min ago
Imagedut Gus Leonisky08 hours 29 min ago
Imageroma Gus Leonisky09 hours 29 min ago
Blog entryUS can't stop meddling in central asia… to gain access to the heartland……. Gus Leonisky19 hours 39 min ago
Blog entrymac spoof and zionist fries with that……. Gus Leonisky19 hours 46 min ago
Blog entrykick king scomo in the nuts... Gus Leonisky09 hours 49 min ago
Imagemeddling Gus Leonisky010 hours 15 min ago
Imagemac Gus Leonisky010 hours 19 min ago
Blog entrymad crazy feckless nuts …….. Gus Leonisky221 hours 31 min ago
Blog entryturkey's blackmail wish list is looooonnnnng….. Gus Leonisky122 hours 2 min ago
Imagewish Gus Leonisky022 hours 12 min ago
Blog entrya fraud on the people…. Gus Leonisky222 hours 49 min ago
Blog entrythe US congress was undivided on many issues until trump placed his big shoes in the shit…. Gus Leonisky11 day 42 min ago
Imagenazilovers Gus Leonisky01 day 43 min ago
ImageCAPITOL Gus Leonisky01 day 57 min ago
Blog entrymodesty obliges…. AWOL during the bushfires and not holding a hose…. Gus Leonisky11 day 1 hour ago
Imagebulldozer Gus Leonisky01 day 1 hour ago
Blog entrybiolabs in ukraine and the greater picture of the USA conquering the HEARTLAND...…. Gus Leonisky11 day 3 hours ago
ImageHEARTLAND Gus Leonisky01 day 5 hours ago
Imagenixon Gus Leonisky01 day 5 hours ago
Blog entrythe major flaw of democracy: winners and losers…. Gus Leonisky21 day 6 hours ago
Blog entrythe price of "small" houses went through the roof…. Gus Leonisky11 day 8 hours ago