Monday 22nd of July 2024

Gus Leonisky

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Blog entryno bibi attack on retiring joe.... Gus Leonisky31 hour 9 min ago
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Blog entryas the western media laud the american wars, we need the experts to get the truth.... Gus Leonisky53 hours 7 min ago
Blog entrythe clintons support harris, obama supports unknown.... Gus Leonisky33 hours 11 min ago
Blog entrytelling more fairy tales about AUKUS to swallow the nukular subs... Gus Leonisky67 hours 53 min ago
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Blog entryspace cowboy..... Gus Leonisky28 hours 54 min ago
Blog entryignoring the olympic spirit, the EU elites want war because they have forgotten the damage of WW1 and WW2.... Gus Leonisky49 hours 4 min ago
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Blog entrythe ugly main stream mediocre media de mierda still hates trump..... Gus Leonisky29 hours 33 min ago
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Blog entry"swiss neutrality" should not allow zelensky's "peace conference" in switzerland..... Gus Leonisky1510 hours 19 min ago
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Blog entrycensorship and the corruption of advertising...... Gus Leonisky111 hours 15 min ago
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Blog entryrefunds, compensations, penalties against crowdstrike? Gus Leonisky51 day 1 hour ago
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