Wednesday 19th of June 2024

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The Second China Defector

"Mr Howard needs to make a choice of who he has dinner with, and that is, he has dinner with the powerful merchants of the world who he collaborates with under the 'Free Trade Deal' with China, or he decides to dine with the humble people involved in meditations seeking peace for the world, who, when returned to China, face the same fate as 5,000 others before them. Mr Howard can no longer avoid telling the Australian people who he lends his support."

A call from Judi Moylan

Judi Moylan MP is overwhelmed with the amount of personalised and thoughtful messages of support from within and outside her electorate - more than 2500 now - and just twenty of these were expressing disapproval.

Decent advice from Carmen

Hi folks Check out Web Diary - Margo Kingston is on the ball in terms of the outcome of this morning's Libs/Nats party room meeting where the Georgiou/Moylan Bills were debated. Here's some pretty decent advice from Carmen Lawrence. I hope you can do your bit - if you haven't already. - Jack

The ALP: who can we trust?

Let's make a list of Federal Parliamentary ALP Members who we can trust on truly restoring decency in asylum seeker policies. I'll start with Carmen Lawrence, who stepped down from the front bench over asylum policies two years ago.

Beazley and the Georgiou Bills

Will Beazley and the Federal ALP take the opportunity to throw Howard in detention over his inhumane policies, or will the Bomber again be missing in action?

Vanstone's Ministerial Accountability

It's a tough cookie, running the Department of Immigration (DIMIA), and to be frank, the DIMIA foibles won't be over until The Fat Lady Sings.
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