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‘The Bush administration has declared war on the world. The 450 changes that Washington is demanding to the action agenda that will culminate at the September 2005 United Nations summit don't represent UN reform. They are a clear onslaught against any move that could strengthen the United Nations or international law.


The upcoming summit was supposed to focus on strengthening and reforming the UN and address issues of aid and development, with a particular emphasis on implementing the UN's five-year-old Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Most assumed this would be a forum for dialogue and debate, involving civil society activists from around the world challenging governments from the impoverished South and the wealthy North and the United Nations to create a viable global campaign against poverty and for internationalism.

A running gag

A running gag

Take care, John

I had an uneasy feeling this morning (SMH 01/09/05). I agreed with Miranda from the start. All those pollies who blamed the media for the demise and suicide attempt of former Liberal Leader in New South Wales, John Brogden, were just trying to shift the centre of reality. Some pollies, including our “there-is-a-lot-of-laughing-in politics

a little dab will do ya

Maybe it was just the August winds or the prime meanster simply laying false trails again, but someone sure put something in the Liberals’ drinks this past couple of weeks.


When federal liberal backbencher & former leadership aspirant, Bronwyn ‘Boadicea’ Bishop, recently posited that the recruitment age for the ADF be lowered to 14, her suggestion received all the serious attention that it deserved.


Fist fight with the white house...

In his novel “2007

fire & brimstone

Pat Robertson’s basic assumptions echo those of the Bush administration’s foreign policy, including that the ends (the dominance of the United States) justify virtually any means & that securing oil reserves is tantamount to preserving US national security.


The Bush administration has declared that previous restrictions outlawing assassinations as a legitimate US foreign policy instrument were not relevant to a nation at war. The administration has resorted to the notion that all is fair in war to justify pre-emptive murder by the United States & Israel, even when the targets could have been captured alive.

death by numbers

In the wake of the dreadful Bali bombings that killed 202 people in October, 2002, including 88 Australians, the Australian government introduced stringent new anti-terrorist measures to minimize the possibility of the third world war, the “war on terrorism

Halliburton's Adelaide


 Reprinted from Margo Kingston's Webdiary, this  piece serves well as an overview of the last few months of blogging

While Australians have sat in their trees like manna-gum-'stoned' koalas, the economic landscape has changed around them dramatically.  The new King and Queen of the Southern Defence Colony, affectionately known as Condy and Rummy, will be crowned by Alexander Downer in Adelaide this November, with most of us none the wiser.

Sure bet

Sure betl
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