Friday 24th of May 2024

South Australian Govt Resigns, Defence Consortium To Run State


Found this on a South Australian site this morning

ADELAIDE (1/4/11) Indicating that a special Defence Cabinet would now govern South Australia, Premier Mike Rann will announce this morning that he and all of State Cabinet would be presenting their resignations to the Governor later today.

"You'll hardly notice any difference." Mr Rann told onlookers at the Norwood Pie Cart last night. "The Yanks know what they want, and we've been rubberstamping their stuff for years. The bloke running the shipyard used to be a Halliburton boss, if there's anything that needs sorting out, he'll manage."

Defence Minster Kevin Foley is tipped to be the only survival of the regime change, as Government Services Facilitator. In the cubicles of a South Parklands toilet last night, a voice resembling the former Treasurer's was heard to say "Who's laughing now?"

Former Halliburton/KBR GlobalVice President for Infrastructure, and now Defence-SA boss Andrew Fletcher was unavailable for comment, referring queries to the Regime Change department of KBR's headquarters in Houston.

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april the first...

Yes April first always has a few many funnies... Cheers. G

did the earth moved for you...

The British media have a unique affinity for pulling April Fools' pranks, matched only by the British public's unique ability to fall for them. On April 1, 1976, BBC Radio 2 astronomer Sir Patrick Moore gave listeners some bunk about how, at 9:47 a.m., Pluto and Jupiter would align in such a way as to temporarily reduce Earth's gravity. Moore told listeners to jump at exactly that time to experience the once-in-a-lifetime effect. At 9:48, callers flooded the lines, eager to describe how they had briefly floated. News that Moore had played them no doubt brought everyone crashing back to earth.

Read more:,28804,1888721_1888719_1888650,00.html #ixzz1IFsZFvUg
I suspect this is another one...

Scientists say that strange ripples observed in the ring systems of Saturn and Jupiter were caused by comets.

The ripples, which the researchers say resemble the undulations of corrugated metal, were detected in both Saturn's rings and in Jupiter's lesser-known rings.

The ripples in Jupiter's rings are believed to have been caused by the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, which struck the planet in 1994. Details are published in two separate papers in the journal Science.
Who knows, it could be this one:

BBC motoring writer Jorn Madslien is one of the first people outside Rolls-Royce to have driven the company's newly built electric car. So, is it any good?

The silence is, if not deafening, than at least spine-tingling as the 2.7 tonne Rolls-Royce Phantom effortlessly takes off down the drive of the carmaker's Goodwood factory.

The only sound is a slight tyre noise, and even that is barely audible inside the luxury car's insulated cabin.

Seated deep in the soft, hand-stitched leather seat, accelerating along narrow Sussex country lanes, the car feels marginally less stable than the conventional Phantom, especially as it conquers the bendy road beyond East Lavington.


and back in oz

A geologist sitting on a bush toilet in a remote part of the Northern Territory has discovered a potentially lucrative mineral deposit.

Rum Jungle Resources chief executive David Muller said the company was already looking for phosphate on a site near Barrow Creek, north of Alice Springs, but it was not expecting to find anything of value where it had set up its camp toilet.

"One observant geologist was sitting on it one day and kicking the rocks around and he suddenly identified some nodules and he thought, 'Oh we better assay this'," he said.

"And they put the hand-held spectrometer over it and sure enough it was full of phosphate, which is what we were looking for - and we thought we were on sterile ground."

Mr Muller said the discovery of phosphate under the toilet encouraged the company about the size of the phosphate deposit.

This dunny story smells of April's fool too...