Thursday 19th of May 2022

spotting the idiot .....

‘Even as he was telling Iran not to produce nuclear
weapons, President Bush was urging Congress to pay for a new nuclear weapon
designed to destroy underground military facilities. 

the nuclear "bunker-buster" is still on the drawing board, Iran can
be expected to charge the United States with atomic hypocrisy during the
current war of words.  

No less
than a conservative Republican from Ohio, Rep. David L. Hobson, has thwarted
Mr. Bush's push for the bunker-buster for the past two years. Mr. Hobson chairs
a House subcommittee that appropriates money for the nuclear weapons complex.
He persuaded the House not to spend a cent for research on the bunker-buster.
The Senate followed.  

worries him most about this weapon, Mr. Hobson has said, "is that some
might try to use it."’ 

Nuclear Hypocrisy Undermines Its Stance On Iran