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a sick death... or the news you won't read in the western press...

sick deathsick death

"Nowhere are the stakes higher for our national security than in the field of biotechnology," Brennan stated. "Recent advances in genome editing that offer great potential for breakthroughs in public health are also a cause for concern because the same methods can be used to create genetically engineered biological warfare agents."

In April, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Health Affairs Acting Director Aaron Firoved testified in Congress that synthetic biology and gene editing offer terrorist organizations potential to modify organisms for malicious purposes such as manmade pathogens that can rapidly cause disease outbreaks.

Moreover, subnational terrorist entities such as Daesh "would have few compunctions in wielding such a weapon," Brennan noted.

Brennan called on the international community to create national and global strategies to counter such threats, along with the consensus of laws, standards and authorities that needed to counter the threat.

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the reality:

If you are not outraged or spitting chips at the US stance on biological weapons, you are a moron.


not a war crime due to "equipment failure"...


Washington (CNN)The Pentagon announced Friday that 16 military personnel will be disciplined for the deadly U.S. strike on a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, in October, but maintained that it was not a war crime because it resulted from unintentional human error and equipment failure.

The military said some personnel involved "failed to comply with the rules of engagement and the law of armed conflict," and that a general officer was among those facing discipline for their roles in the bombing of the Doctors Without Borders hospital.The punishments include suspension and removal from command, letters of reprimand, formal counseling and extensive retraining. These punishments would have adverse effects on promotion of the personnel involved, according to the U.S. military.Twelve of the punishments were administered by U.S. Forces Afghanistan, while the remainder were carried out by U.S. Special Operations Command.Gen. Joseph Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command, made the announcement at a news conference in Washington. The investigation had identified 16 service personnel that had "warranted consideration for appropriate administrative or disciplinary action."

Equipment failures, fake intelligence failures, moronic presidents, lying media, idiotic majorities, and decadence in general is a signal of our civilisation going somewhere... We have to be outraged...


defending his mate and the CIA apparatus...

Former head of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan unleashed a barrage of criticism upon US President Donald Trump over the latter’s unfavorable remarks about former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Venting his emotions on Twitter, John Brennan stated that Trump’s "hypocrisy knows no bounds" and that despite what the president said earlier, "Jim Clapper is a man of integrity, honesty, ethics, & morality."

The former CIA chief also claimed that Trump’s actions "diminish the Office of the Presidency" itself.

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not a pretty face...


By Peter Van Buren

It isn’t a pretty face, but one scarred from a dark past, repackaged now by the frenzy of “resistance.” Accusing Donald Trump recklessly, implying he knows more than he lets on, promising redemption: John Brennan is the face of American politics in 2018.

But before all that, Brennan lived in a hole about as far down into the deep state as one can dwell while still having eyes that work in the sunlight. He was director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He was Obama’s counterterrorism advisor, helping the president decide who to kill every week, including American citizens. He spent 25 years at the CIA, and helped shape the violent policies of the post-9/11 Bush era. He was a fan of torture and extrajudicial killing to the point that a 2012 profile of him was entitled, “The Seven Deadly Sins of John Brennan.” Another writer called Brennan “the most lethal bureaucrat of all time, or at least since Henry Kissinger.” Today, however, a New York Times puff piece sweeps all that away as a “troubling inheritance.”

On Twitter this week, Brennan cartoonishly declaimed, “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to and exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors. It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin.”

Because it is 2018, Brennan was never asked to explain exactly how a press conference exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors the Constitution sets for impeachment, nor was he asked to lay a few cards on the table showing what Putin has on Trump. No, Brennan is a man of his times, all bluster and noise, knowing that so long as he says what a significant part of the country apparently believes—that the president of the United States is under the control of the Kremlin—he will never be challenged.

Brennan slithers alongside those like Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker who said Trump is controlled by Russia, columnists in the New York Times who called him a traitor, an article (which is fast becoming the Zapruder film of Russiagate) in New York Magazine echoing former counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke in speculating that Trump met Putin as his handler, and another former intelligence officer warning that “we’re on the cusp of losing the constitutional republic forever.”

Brennan’s bleating has the interesting side effect of directing attention away from who was watching the front door as the Russians walked in to cause what one MSNBC analyst described as a mix of Pearl Harbor and Kristallnacht. During the 2016 election, Brennan was head of the CIA. His evil twin, James Clapper, who also coughs up Trump attacks for nickels these days, was director of national intelligence. James Comey headed the FBI, following Robert Mueller into the job. Yet the noise from that crowd has become so loud as to drown out any questions about where they were when they had the duty to stop the Russians in the first place.

The excuse that “everybody believed Hillary would win” is in itself an example of collusion: things that now rise to treason, if not acts of war, didn’t matter then because Clinton’s victory would sweep them all under the rug. Only after Clinton lost did it become necessary to create a crisis that might yet be inflated (it wasn’t just the Russians, as originally thought, it was Trump working with them) to justify impeachment. Absent that need, Brennan would have disappeared alongside other former CIA directors into academia or the lucrative consulting industry. Instead he’s a public figure with a big mouth because he has to be. That mouth has to cover his ass.

Brennan is part of the whole-of-government effort to overturn the election. Remember how recounts were called for amid (fake) allegations of vote tampering? Constitutional scholars proposed various Hail Mary Electoral College scenarios to unseat Trump. Lawsuits claimed the Emoluments Clause made it illegal for Trump to even assume office. The media set itself the goal of impeaching the president. On cue, leaks poured out implying the Trump campaign worked with the Russian government. It is now a rare day when the top stories are not apocalyptic, rocketed from Raw Story to the Huffington Post to the New York Times. Brennan, meanwhile, fans the media’s flames with a knowing wink that says “You wait and see. Soon it’s Mueller time.”

Yet despite all the hard evidence of treason that only Brennan and his supine journalists seem to see, everyone appears resigned to have a colluding Russian agent running the United States. You’d think it would be urgent to close this case. Instead, Brennan admonishes us to wait out an investigative process that’s been underway now through two administrations.

The IRS, meanwhile, has watched Trump for decades (they’ve seen the tax docs), as have Democratic and Republican opposition researchers, the New Jersey Gaming Commission, and various New York City real estate bodies. Multiple KGB/FSB agents have defected and not said a word. The whole Soviet Union has collapsed since the day that some claim Trump first became a Russian asset. Why haven’t the FBI, CIA, and NSA cottoned to anything in the intervening years? Why are we waiting on Mueller Year Two?

If Trump is under Russian influence, he is the most dangerous man in American history. So why isn’t Washington on fire? Why hasn’t Mueller indicted someone for treason? If this is Pearl Harbor, why is the investigation moving at the pace of a mortgage application? Why is everyone allowing a Russian asset placed in charge of the American nuclear arsenal to stay in power even one more minute?

You’d think Brennan would be saying it is time to postpone chasing the indictments of Russian military officers that will never see the inside of a courtroom, stop wasting months on decades-old financial crimes unconnected to the Trump campaign, and quit delaying the real stuff over a clumsy series of perjury cases. “Patriots: Where are you???” Brennan asked in a recent tweet. Where indeed?

Is Brennan signaling that there is one step darker to consider? A Reuters commentary observes that “Trump is haunted by the fear that a cabal of national-security officers is conspiring in secret to overthrow him…. Trump has made real enemies in the realm of American national security. He has struck blows against their empire. One way or another, the empire will strike back.” James Clapper is confirming reports that Trump was shown evidence of Putin’s election attacks and did nothing. Congressman Steve Cohen asked, “Where are our military folks? The Commander-in-Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”

Treason, traitor, coup, the empire striking back—those are just words, Third World stuff, clickbait, right? So the more pedestrian answer must then be correct. The lessons of Whitewater and Benghazi learned, maybe the point is not to build an atmosphere of crisis leading to something undemocratic, but just to have a perpetual investigation, tickled to life as needed politically.

Because, maybe, deep down, Brennan (Clapper, Hayden, Comey, and Mueller) really do know that this is all like flying saucers and cell phone cameras. At some point, the whole alien conspiracy meme fell apart because somehow when everyone had a camera with them 24/7/365, there were no more sightings and we had to admit that our fears had gotten the best of us. The threat was inside us all along. It is now, too.

Peter Van Buren, a 24-year State Department veteran, is the author of We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People and Hooper’s War: A Novel of WWII Japan. Follow him on Twitter @WeMeantWell.


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miraculously surviving a painfully tumescent paroxysm of anticipation of some unimaginably horrible event...

revoking his security clearance...

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Wednesday that US President Donald Trump is revoking the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan.

"As the head of the executive branch and commander-in-chief, I have a unique constitutional responsibility to protect the nation's classified information," a statement by Trump read by Sanders at Wednesday's daily White House briefing explained, "including by controlling access to it. Today, in fulfilling that responsibility, I've decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency."


"Additionally, Mr. Brennan has recently leveraged his status as a former high-ranking official with access to highly sensitive information to make a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations, wild outbursts on the internet and television, about this administration," the statement said. "Mr. Brennan's line and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary is wholly inconsistent with access to the nation's most closely held secrets and facilities, the very aim of our adversaries, which is to sow division and chaos."


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reanimating the bones of the founding fathers...

After President Donald Trump revoked his security clearance, John Brennan arose as a Hero of Free Speech. On Twitter, he announced in terms that reanimated the Founding Fathers and marched them down Constitution Avenue: “This action is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech. My principles are worth far more than clearances. I will not relent.” Twelve former senior intelligence officials agreed, calling Trump’s revocation “an attempt to stifle free speech.”

No less than Ben Wizner, a director at the ACLU, stated, “The First Amendment does not permit the president to revoke security clearances to punish his critics.” Republican Bob Corker, the retiring Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair, said, “It just feels like sort of a…banana republic kind of thing.” Admiral William McRaven, former SEAL and bin Laden killing superhero, said of Trump’s revocation, “Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children.”

Relax. The only danger here is to John Brennan’s credibility as a #McResistance pop idol.

Over five million Americans hold security clearances. When a cleared person honorably leaves government, he usually retains his status. Ostensibly this is to allow him to help out his successors, yet most people use their clearances to hop on the gravy train. High-level clearances take time and cost a lot of money to obtain. Retired, cleared federal employees can slide into a range of lucrative contractor jobs. They can also use their clearances to garner information from old colleagues and put it to vaguely legal use at think tanks, universities, and as media analysts.


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Brennan on the gravy train is more scary than Trump in office:

scary... scary

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revoke it, please...

the john lennon of the CIA...




Imagine prospects for world peace, prosperity, & security if Joe Biden were President of the United States & Alexei Navalny the President of Russia. We’ll soon be halfway there.


“Imagine all the people

Living life in peace

You, you may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one”




John Brennan was one of the main architects of the American policy of targeted assassinations by drones, which did not prevent him from speaking out on the conditions necessary for world peace, namely the Biden presidencies… and Navalny.



Learn more about RT France:




Read from top. This guy is the pits. And the top article on biowarfare was from 2016... Now, WE'RE IN FULL COVID SWING... Think about it...

traitor brennan...

The former head of the US Central Intelligence Agency has been accused of “siding with Iranian zealots” – after he labelled the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist as a “criminal act” and “state-sponsored terrorism.”

In a series of tweets, John Brennan – who served as CIA chief for four years under Barack Obama – said the roadside ambush of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was “highly reckless” and risked “lethal retaliation” and “a new round of regional conflict.”

Fakhrizadeh was long said by the West to head Iran’s military nuclear program – but, as Mr Brennan pointed out, he wasn’t a member of a designated terrorist group that would be a legal target. Such groups would include Islamic State or Al Qaeda.

Tweet from @JohnBrennan

Brennan – a fierce critic of the Trump administration – went further by calling on Tehran to hold fire, both literally and politically, and wait for Mr Trump to leave the White House before even communicating with the US.

He essentially urged the Iran leadership to wait and deal with Joe Biden:

“Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible American leadership on the global stage & to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits.”

Tweet from @JohnBrennan

Texas Senator Ted Cruz tweeted in reply:

“It’s bizarre to see a former head of the CIA consistently side with Iranian zealots who chant Death to America… Does Joe Biden agree?’

Mr Cruz later said that Brennan had violated the Logan Act, a 1799 law that prohibits unauthorized American citizens from interfering in disputes or controversies between the United States and foreign governments.

Predictably, there was a partisan Twitter pile-on, with many on the Left concerned that the killing could lead to war. Those on the Right accused Brennan of treason and selling out.

One Willem B Hook warned Brennan: “Treason is punishable by death John”.

One more confusing element to one big mess

The Brennan-Cruz exchange is a sideshow in a complicated and potentially catastrophic situation.

At the moment, the assassination of Fakhrizadeh is assumed to be the work of Israel. For one, thing, the killing itself has a commando-like feel about it. A truck loaded with explosives went up in smoke as Fakhrizadeh’s car made its approach.

This apparently was a strategy to take out at least some of Fakhrizadeh’s bodyguards. Gunmen then emerged to shoot the scientists dead. That this occurred near a town frequented by Iran’s elites was both brazen – and it also sent a warning that anyone in the regime’s upper echelon is vulnerable.

But the killing comes just two weeks after President Trump was talked out of launching a missile attack on Iran, and it’s assumed that the US and Saudi Arabia were aware of the impending attack, and may have had a hand in its planning.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has made plain that he wants to resurrect the  2015 nuclear deal that was struck between Iran and a group of world powers  known as the P5+1. These included the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany.

The deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – and regarded as Barack Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement by his admirers– was meant to end years of tension over Iran’s alleged efforts to develop a nuclear weapon. Iran insisted that its nuclear program was entirely peaceful, but the international community did not believe that.


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the semites love bombings... in more jewishly brazen after US presidential elections...


Here, smelling that Biden would make a "peace deal" with Iran, the Jews have made sure this would complicate the situation. I believe that the Jews (I don't call them Israel) did not act under order from Donald trump but might have had some blessings from the Pentagon which hates Trump.

memoirs of god's working for the devil...

Former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan, who will be remembered by many as a defender of the use of “enhanced interrogation” practices on al-Qaida* suspects, has recently grabbed worldwide attention after slamming the November killing of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as “a criminal act.”

The ex-CIA director under the Barack Obama administration, John Brennan, said during the interview with Israel’s Haaretz that late Iranian Top General Qasem Soleimani was his personal “nemesis” during his work for the agency.

Brennan, however, slammed the assassination of the senior general, who was murdered in a Trump-authorised drone strike in Iraq in January this year. According to the former Obama staffer, the killing of “a senior Iranian government official” was a “very arbitrary and dangerous” act which came “without any type of international, lawful basis, without being at war with Iran and without a Security Council decision.”

“I’ve said, and I was criticised for it, that I was not supportive at all of the US strike against Soleimani. I do not disagree that Soleimani had blood on his hands: He was responsible for supporting terrorist groups, as well as for actions they carried out,” Brennan explained.

“He was a very dangerous actor, but again, for the United States to kill a senior official of a foreign country is not in keeping with its commitments to the international system.”

Former CIA chief has expressed remorse for the fact that Soleimani’s assassination was applauded in the United States “on both sides of the political aisle”, ignoring the fact that Trump administration had basically violated the international standards and norms with the move.

Speaking to the newspaper via Skype, Brennan argued that he “wouldn’t be surprised” to find out that Israel “encouraged or even provided some support for the operation.”

Killing of Iran’s Nuclear Scientist Fakhrizadeh

Brennan’s interview was conducted shortly before another high-profile assassination of an Iranian senior official, nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, near Tehran late last month.

On 27 November, Fakhrizadeh, who was dubbed by Israel as “head of Iran’s nuclear weapons programme”, was fatally wounded in a gun and bomb attack in a road ambush near Absard town and later died in hospital. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Iranian leadership has wholeheartedly blamed the scientist’s death on Israel.

Shortly after the assault, John Brennan took to Twitter to criticize the killing as a “criminal” and “highly reckless” act that would endanger the region's stability.

“Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible American leadership on the global stage & to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits,” he wrote on 27 November.

His comments prompted a strong response from Republican Senator for Texas, Ted Cruz, who accused the Obama-era official of siding with “Iranian zealots”. Brennan replied by suggesting instead that Cruz’s approach to the national security matters was “lawless” and “simple-minded”.

Is Netanyahu a ‘Liar’?

In his conversation with Haaretz, Brennon referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “not a very principled or ethical individual” when asked to clarify whether he believed that the politician was a “liar”, as reportedly once described by Obama and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“He is a very cagey and wily political operative and politician,” Brennan argued. “He has, I think, a very, very astute understanding and manipulation of Israeli, domestic politics.”

“Did he lie to me personally? He just, I think, embellished the facts,” the ex-CIA head said, noting that honesty and keeping “his word” were not among Netanyahu’s “strong suits.”

“I found that his depiction of reality distorted the truth, but in that regard he’s very typical of a politician,” the ex-intelligence officer added. “He is, as I said, a strong political operative who will change his views, his position, and not follow through on his commitments if he feels it’s in his best political interest not to.”

Discussing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Brennan noted that the “two-state solution”, a type of settlement that would see independent state of Israel existing alongside the State of Palestine, does not seem “viable” to him in the longer term based on the current approach of the Israeli government.

However, he said, if Netanyahu thought “a two-state solution would benefit his political interests, he probably would pursue it.”

Was Israel Involved in Osama Bin Laden’s Killing?

Asked about whether the assassination of al-Qaeda’s founder Osama Bin Laden in 2011 by Obama-ordered operation was assisted by Israel, Brennan said that it was American act, although not one without vital information from Tel Aviv.

“… the intelligence that went into the ultimate successful raid against that compound in Pakistan was the result of many, many years,” Brennan said. “And the thousands of bits of pieces of intelligence do include some which were provided by the Israelis as a result of their intelligence operations.”

“So it was a great big puzzle that was put together, and, you know, Israel has always been one of the main providers of those puzzle pieces to US intelligence,” he concluded.

Brennan’s Legacy

The interview came in the light of recent publication of Brennan’s memoir “Undaunted: My Fight Against America’s Enemies, At Home and Abroad", which has covered 40 years of his work for the United States at a variety of posts, including CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia, chief of staff of CIA Director George Tenet, director of the national anti-terror center and homeland security adviser to ex-President Obama. In 2013, Brennan was appointed by Obama as CIA director.

During his work, the intelligence officer faced some scrutiny for earlier defending the CIA’s practice of torturing Al-Qaida terrorist suspects, described by the agency as “enhanced interrogation techniques”. In the book, which was published in October of this year, Brennan said that he regrets his decision not to oppose the controversial methods and not to caution his then-boss George Tenet about the grave consequences his decision to allow the practices would have.


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