Monday 25th of September 2023

Sanity Clause

People in America grumble and grump
cursing the Democracy that gave them Donald Trump
But down in Australia, in the town of Adelaide
they're proudly showing everyone how Donald Trumps are made
It's been a pretty crappy year for all of South Australia
Bushfires and Lockdowns turned happy plans to failure
But Christmas is coming, with a Christmas Parade
and good times will come again to the streets of Adelaide
Christmas is coming, with pollies getting fat
Parade's in a stadium, nothing wrong that
except that lots of local kids won't be allowed to come
because our Politicians dance to the corporate drum
They've kept the numbers down, to keep us safe and well
but reckon watching with us could be a living hell
and so they'll sip on chardonnay, these smart political foxes
sitting with two thousand toffs they've given corporate boxes
While kids on Kangaroo Island watch from caravans
the Rich will clink their glasses and celebrate their plans
Children in Elizabeth with Dads on the Dole
stay home to make room for a Corporate North Pole.
This is how the next Trump will be made-
too many lemons, and no lemonade
and watching fat cats having fun
It's either that, or find a gun

Gate shut after horse bolted


Ticket sales were stopped after the State Goverment had made $375,000 from ticket sales, which they're going to keep to pay for 'event costs".  The folks who already have their seats can keep them. 
Not Enough.  Far from.